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Top 10 Best Marriage Proposals on Youtube

There has always been a certain pressure involved with a wedding proposal. The anxiety of not knowing what the other person will say, where it will be, or who is involved, can all be incredibly overwhelming. Thus it is even more of a shock that what is trending these days …

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Ten Political Social Media Bloopers

Like any marriage, the union of politicians and social media either becomes a match made in heaven or it turns into Armageddon. Some politicians have the knack for social media engagement. Others, not so much. Some political analysts refer to social media as the “central nervous system” of campaign organizations. …

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Top Ten Home Decorating Blogs

There is such a wealth of excellent home decorating blogs to be found on the Web today that it’s difficult to come up with a definitive list of the Top Ten. It’s enough to make a poor amateur interior decorator’s head spin. And that’s a good thing, the more original …

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