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Ten Reasons to Develop a Visual Content Strategy

Content marketing is not just about text. It embraces images, videos, infographics, slides and  other types of visuals. An effective visual content strategy supports your words and helps you educate, entice and inspire potential clients. Here are 10 reasons to use it. 1. Build Your Brand Identity Brand identity requires …

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10 steps to finding rich long tail keywords

It used to be that everyone fought over short phrase keywords such as ‘women’s fashion’ or ‘plasma television’ and while of course these type of keywords are still popular today, interest amongst businesses and SEO specialists has been growing for some time over long tail keywords. Part of the reason …

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10 Ways to Improve Bounce Rate on Your Website

The key to running a successful website is maintenance, and it’s not always about having the latest security updates. In order to be successful, it’s important to monitor your analytics account and keep an eye on key metrics. Bounce rate is one of those. The first thing website managers focus …

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How to Get More Views on YouTube

You made a video for your business and uploaded it to YouTube, but you are not getting as many views as you want. This must be a disturbing point for you. Because the sole purpose of uploading a video on YouTube is to increase brand awareness among the viewers and …

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How to Improve Local SEO Results

As more websites aimed at local markets go live on the internet, the competition to attract local shoppers and customers increases. It’s no longer just a matter of creating a local website and waiting for visitors to turn up and contact you. Below are some of the best ways to …

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10 Guest Blogging Strategies

One of the best ways to establish and spread your presence online is through guest blogging. Other than being an effective method of acquiring more traffic to your site, guest blogging can also help you earn recognition and show your authority in a certain field. But to enjoy all these …

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