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10 Good & Low Cost Small Business Ideas for Men

Today, some men prefer starting their own home-based businesses. There can be several reasons for the increase in this trend. Perhaps not everyone has enough money to purchase a new property for business or even pay the rent. There are many home business ideas that require less investment, with regards …

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Meadow: Weed On Mobile

A long time medical marijuana user David Hua has turned his necessity into a startup called Meadow. It allows medical marijuana users to quickly order and receive medical marijuana through a mobile app, usually it takes less than an hour from order to delivery. Meadow and many of its competitors …

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10 Free Business Plan Templates for Download

The true value of creating business plans is not in possessing the finished products on hand. Instead, this value lies in thinking about your business and researching it in an analytical and systematic way. Planning assists you in thinking things through more thoroughly. Spend time studying and researching any aspects …

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10 of the Best Social Media Campaigns

Imitation is the best form of flattery, right? Well, if you’re looking to emulate the results of the most successful social media campaigns, you first must look at their strategy. What exactly did these companies and agencies do right? How can you, not copy their plan, but use the concepts …

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