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Fiction Writing the Importance of Summary

SUMMARIZATION: An Unfairly Maligned Fiction-Writing Mode. If the late comedian Rodney Dangerfield had been a fiction-writing mode, it would have been summarization. As illustrated by the old writing maxim “Show-Don’t Tell,” summarization gets no respect. Summarization is the fiction-writing mode whereby story events are condensed. As described by Evan Marshall …

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How do i Cure Writers Block

I hate being blocked. It is, unfortunately, a fact of being a writer that some days you simply can’t face the blank page or the blinking cursor. Even in this state, if you are anything like me you still feel compelled to bash out/scrawl something, anything out. As annoying as …

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Dangerous Blogs

How harmful could that blog of mine possibly be? What could possibly be wrong with trying to stay connected with friends on the wonderful world wide web? All I do is get a personalised web page with a catchy URL of my choice that will best represent me, make it …

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Social media buzz: Promoting books online

It may feel like a tremendous task to write a book but actually the real work starts after you have finished writing it. Many different options exist for authors today, whether they use a print on demand publisher or work with a traditional publishing house; author’s today must occupy themselves in selling …

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Portmanteau: A ‘subtlactice’

The term “portmanteau” conjures up visions of Victorian murder mysteries, with the suspect caught at the train station, carrying a suspicious trunk that can open into two halves. The word originated in the late 1500s and literally meant “it carries the cloak.” It quickly became a common British term for …

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Cliffs Notes – Yes

The use of Cliff’s Notes by students is academically honest, if used the way they were intended to be used. Literary supplements like Cliff’s Notes were never meant as a substitute for assigned academic reading. Instead, they are designed to offer a greater appreciation for classic literature, which for modern …

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