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How to Stimulate Creative Writing

There may be a great many outwith the writing game who genuinely believe that creative writers just sit down at their desk or PC and write. They will genuinely believe that the writer performs his task just as anyone else will start their job in the morning and write constantly …

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Starting a Review Blog

Book reviewing blogs are becoming more popular with each passing day. This is both good and bad. On one hand, it gives authors more publicity options but on the other, it makes it so much harder to make a name for yourself. Over the year and a half or so …

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Ten Top Tips to Boost your Writing Skills

1. Apply seat of pants to chair, and write. Many aspiring writers spend a disproprotionate amount of time thinking about writing, learning about writing, discussing their writing, and fantasizing about the great stuff they are going to write. Dreaming, visualizing, networking, and planning are all important, but they don’t do much good unless they …

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Ways to Increase Writing Opportunities

One of the easiest ways to build a freelance writing career is to increase the opportunities to actually get paid to write. Freelance writers need to be able to develop ways to not only increase those writing opportunities but to do so in a frequent manner. Increased opportunities mean increased …

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