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Punctuation and Character Emotions

Punctuation plays a vital, though subtle, role in showing a character’s feelings during a scene. Punctuation operates in a text the way that stage directions function in a live performance. However, instead of actors following the specified directions, readers use the directions provided by punctuation to interpret character’s feelings and …

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Finding inspiration for online articles

Inspiration is an elusive ingredient that is necessary to produce good writing, but it’s not uncommon for it to either gradually or suddenly dry up, leaving the writer confused and scrambling for solutions. If you’re a freelance writer experiencing a lapse in inspiration, there’s no reason to worry; it happens …

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Write Family History

Every family has stories. What about yours? I’ll bet you have treasured anecdotes, family stories that get better with every telling, or bring laughs or tears with the memory. Each story has an audience eager to hear it. Your story is unique. You can talk about these things to your …

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How to Sell your own Blog Ads

There is a lot of money to be made in blog advertising but unfortunately the easy way to finding advertisers doesn’t always make the most money. Anyone can monetize a site by throwing up a few Google Adsense contextual ads and a banner at the top, but far fewer bloggers …

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Techniques for Crime Fiction Writers

Detective fiction has been purposefully crafted with an obvious streak of escapism. It is precisely this escapist nature which gives it an immense appeal to its readers, because “so many of them do not read critically, but read for escape” (Prchal, 31). The author often presents to the reader, a …

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