How to Solve Temptation Eve Rejects Apple in Storyteller – A Complete Step-by-Step Guide

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Have you been trying to solve the Temptation Eve Rejects Apple storyline in Storyteller but feeling stumped? Well, you‘ve come to the right place! As a gaming expert and Storyteller master, I‘m going to walk you through how to complete this puzzle step-by-step.

Grab some popcorn, fire up Storyteller, and let‘s do this!

An Introduction to Storyteller

For those who are new to this charming game, let me give you a quick overview. Storyteller is all about crafting interactive narratives using comic book-style panels filled with different characters and settings.

You construct stories by placing the right mix of characters and backdrops in the correct sequence. Their interactions, expressions, and actions help convey the story beats you‘re aiming for.

Each panel can contain 1 background setting and up to 3 characters. You choose from tons of delightful options – heroes, villains, star-crossed lovers, funny animals, sci-fi robots, and more.

Storyteller boasts a truly impressive library – the latest version has over 150 settings and 250 characters! With all these elements, you can bring tales of romance, comedy, mystery and fantasy to life.

The game was developed by a company called Daily Magic Productions with gorgeous hand-drawn art by artist Denis Loubatonov. It was released in 2020 to positive reviews, with players praising the creativity, humor, and charm.

Now let‘s get into the nitty gritty of how to solve these Storyteller challenges!

Key Strategy Tips

While the puzzles may seem confusing at first, there are some general tactics that can help:

  • Read the story title and description carefully – These often contain valuable clues about which characters and settings you‘ll need to construct the narrative.

  • Start with key roles – Determine the protagonist, antagonist, love interest, etc and place them first. Then build the story around the main characters.

  • Experiment and eliminate – Don‘t be afraid to try different character combinations. By process of elimination, you‘ll figure out what works.

  • Examine interactions – Pay close attention to the facial expressions, body language, and actions between characters. Let these guide you if you‘re on the right track.

  • Consider motives and personalities – Get into the minds of each character and think about their personality traits and motivations as you choose scenes.

  • Use humor logically – Comedy stories require witty and unexpected character pairings. But think through the logic carefully.

  • Tap into archetypes – Recognize classic story tropes and archetypes to help construct your narrative.

Let‘s apply these strategies to solving Temptation Eve Rejects Apple!

Walkthrough: Temptation Eve Rejects Apple

The key to acing this puzzle is arranging the panels to tell the story of Eve being tempted, judged alongside Adam, and then tempted again. Here are the steps:

Panel 1:
Setting: Tempt
Characters: Adam

This establishes Adam alone facing temptation. The apple tree backdrop visually conveys the Garden of Eden.

Panel 2:
Setting: Judgement
Characters: Adam, Eve

Now both Adam and Eve appear, indicating they‘re being judged together for falling to temptation. Their expressions show shame and regret.

Panel 3:
Setting: Tempt
Characters: Eve

Back to the temptation scene, but now just with Eve. This signals that Eve alone was tempted a second time.

Arranging the panels in this order clearly conveys the storyline of Eve rejecting the apple once but succumbing after a second temptation. Analyzing the progression of characters and settings is key to solving any Storyteller challenge.

Let‘s check out some examples of other classic tales and how to crack them…

Solving More Signature Storylines

Part of the fun with Storyteller is how it reinterprets iconic stories in clever ways. Here are some other famous storybeats and how to translate them successfully:

Romeo and Juliet

Settings: Love, Feud, Crypt
Characters: Romeo, Juliet, parents

Show Romeo and Juliet in love, feuding parents disapproving, then the tragic ending with both lovers in the crypt. Choosing "star-crossed" looking characters helps set the mood.


Settings: Home, Ball, Palace
Characters: Cinderella, Stepmother, Prince

Convey Cinderella at home in rags, dancing with the prince at the royal ball, then being whisked away to his palace after losing her glass slipper. Use the trademark pumpkin coach for the ball scene!

Sherlock Holmes

Settings: Detective, Clues, Solve
Characters: Sherlock, Watson, Moriarty

Show Holmes and Watson at detective work, sifting through clues, then Holmes having a breakthrough to solve the mystery and defeat Moriarty. The magnifying glass props add a nice touch!

Now that you have the hang of analyzing stories and characters, let‘s look at how you can create surprising plot twists just by tweaking the combinations…

Crafting Plot Twists and Alternate Endings

One of the coolest parts of Storyteller is experimenting with slight changes to radically alter the narrative. For our Temptation storyline, consider these ideas:

  • Have Adam be tempted first to eat the apple instead of Eve. This casts him as the one who fell from grace.

  • Portray Eve rejecting the apple multiple times, depicting an internal struggle against temptation.

  • Introduce a sneaky serpent character who convinces Eve to accept the apple against her better judgement.

  • Make the God character angry when judging Adam and Eve to show his wrath at their disobedience.

  • End with Eve looking longingly back at the apple tree, suggesting she may still be tempted again someday.

See how just switching up one or two elements can give totally different story arcs? In Storyteller, subtle tweaks add up to dramatic results.

Now that you‘ve got the inside scoop on excelling at this game, let‘s recap the key points:

In Summary

  • Analyze story titles and descriptions for clues on necessary characters and settings

  • Identify key roles like protagonist first, then build around them

  • Observe interactions and expressions to judge if you‘re on the right path

  • Think about motivations and personalities when choosing scenes

  • Start simple then tweak elements to create surprising plot twists

  • Relate narratives to classic tropes and archetypes

The more you play, the better you‘ll get at crafting creative tales. Storyteller is the perfect outlet to flex your writer‘s muscle and inner gamer.

So grab some fun characters, cook up inspired storylines, and imagine the possibilities! Just remember these tips when tackling Temptation Eve Rejects Apple or any other puzzling storyline.

Now get out there and write some masterpieces! This gaming expert believes in you.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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