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Ten tips on starting a blog!

Starting your own blog can be a great way to get your brand, both personal and professional, seen by the world. We see them every time that we go onto the internet. They look simple to run, right? They can’t be too difficult to make popular, right? Well, as it turns out there are a variety of things that you need to do to ensure that your blog is a success. Let’s take a look at the top ten tips we recommend on how to start a blog.

Know what you want to write about!

There is nothing more aggravating to see than a blogger who doesn’t know what direction to take his/her writing. Some bloggers try to cover every topic in the world: from politics to sports all the way back to their own little business. Some folks can make that work, but not everyone can. Assuming you aren’t some sort of celebrity or superstar blogger, you will need to find the niche that you will be writing for before you start blogging. This becomes real easy if you are trying to run a business because you can gear your writing towards your business and the industry surrounding it. If you are getting into blogging for other reasons then try to find what makes you passionate and post in that directions.

Enhance your blog with an optimized layout!

One of the most important aspects of your blog will be its interface. Nobody wants to spend time reading posts on an ugly website. If you either code, or purchase, a spectacular blog layout then you will have viewers more willing to give your writing a shot. It seems sort of unfair for us to beg you to make your cover pretty, but if you don’t nobody will ever open the actual book that is your blog.

Spice up your blog posts!

There are two terms that pretty much sum up internet users. The first term is an acronym and it goes: TL:DR. That means “too long, didn’t read.” The other term is: “wall of text”. If you want your blog to avoid these two negative labels then you need to get in there and spice up the actual posts. A starting blog, especially, needs to have a huge hook to keep readers interested. Add in correlating images, graphs, and even hyperlinks to enhance your posts. These new colors and details will make your blog pop.

Lock down a great domain name

When I decided that I wanted to start my own blog the first thing I did was to decide on my domain name. Your domain name will be the address of your website so it has to be catchy, short, and symbolic of what you are offering. Don’t just start a blog and throw down any garbage domain name like: “johnsawesomeblog.net”. If you are a gardener, for example, you could incorporate plants or something in the name. “johnblogsplants.net” is a generic example. There are a ton of great domain providers that you can use to accomplish this task.

Hook your readers with a killer title!

The first mistake that people make when starting a blog is that they forget to make themselves interesting in the headline area. “Saturday Update” would not be a good headline, right? It’s boring, it’s dry, and it’s worthless. If you are blogging about a new product you are selling then you should spice up the headline like it’s a miniature commercial. Sell the reader with the headline and then deliver that promise in the body of the post!

Interact with your readers!

When you go to start your own blog, you need to realize that you are participating in a fascinating game of social media. Unless you are some grumpy shut in, yelling things into your webpage, you probably made your blog so other people could read it, right? So now that you have your readers, you need to interact with them! When they leave comments, respond back! When they email you, give them the time of day! It’s such a simple concept but it completely changes the way your blog will feel. We have seen bloggers go to the next level through their audience participation.

Join your fellow bloggers!

It’s pretty much a given that there are no unique ideas anymore, at least in the blogging world. So someone out there is probably writing something very similar to you. Rather than taking a negative stance toward this idea, try to start blog relationships. Find bloggers who are talking on similar concepts. Connect with them and try to send traffic back and forth!

Make your blog searchable.

The most important thing to know when you try to research how to start blogging is this: Optimize your blog for the internet! You wouldn’t hide your business on some dark street corner without any signs, lights, or directions–right? Invest some time in learning how to utilize meta-tags, anchored links, and SEO posting. These techniques will bring your Google ranking up towards the top of results, thus nabbing you more readers! It’s like math, if you work at it hard enough you will find the right answer.

Don’t lose focus, update regularly!

The internet is booming and bustling, true, but it is also a gigantic graveyard of forgotten blogs. Don’t let your blog fall apart and die to inactivity. Make yourself a blogging schedule and stick to it. Try not to take time off or skip posts. Even a little message that states why you may miss your next post is better than nothing at all.

Be yourself!

There are too many blogs on the internet to try and put a number to them. Somewhere, someone, is writing something more interesting than you. It’s fine, don’t worry about it! They don’t have the one thing that makes your blog special: you! By writing in your own voice and personality you will be able to hook more viewers than you’d think possible.

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