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The Benefits of being an Author

This writer has been a writer for half a lifetime, yet it’s only now that she considers heryself to be an author. Why should this be so? Well,once you start to make a living from your writing, you become an author rather than just a writer. Now that’s established, what are the benefits of being an author?

You get paid for doing what you love

In the unlikely event that a genie came out of a lamp to grant three wishes, most people would wish to earn their living from what theyenjoy doing most. Writers write for the love of it, and to be paid for doing what they love to do is like a dream come true.

You’re the boss

As an author, you’re the Managing Director of the company that is you. You decide on the output, you control the quality and the quantity, and you choose your markets. You’re in the driving seat, and it’s a great feeling.

Your workplace is where you want it to be

Authors do not need to brave the rush hour, or face a long commute to get to work. Your workplace is where your computer is and, if you have a laptop, your workplace is even more flexible.

You decide your working hours

If you want to work between the hours of midnight and 5.00am, you can do it. If you decide to work for 15 hours today and 2 hours tomorrow, you can do that as well. As long as you achieve your personal writing goals, everything is fine, and you don’t have to justify yourself to anyone else.

You’re on a perpetual learning curve

The best writers spend at least as much time on reading and research as they spend on writing. Each new writing project is a potential discovery trip, and you’re always coming across new knowledge. Knowledge is power, so it follows that the author must be powerful.

Your opinion matters

As an author, you can articulate and communicate your thoughts more effectively than most people. This means your readers will be interested in your opinion and the arguments you use to support it.

You’re more observant of the world around you

When you’re an author, everything that happens around you is a potential story, screenplay or article. You may analyse a particular sequence of events to understand what happened and why, or you could imagine yourself in an accident victim’s shoes. However you choose to play it, you have a different take on life to most people.

Finally – Anything is possible

You’re the author, so you call the shots. The scenarios you construct are only limited by your imagination. You can create a whole new world through the power of your intellect. That is the single most important benefit of being an author.

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