The Fanatic Location in Tower of Fantasy

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Hey friend! I know you‘ve been searching all over Tower of Fantasy trying to find The Fanatic boss. As a long-time gamer and ToF expert, I‘m here to give you the inside scoop on locating The Fanatic and taking him down for some epic rewards. Let‘s dive in!

The Fanatic – Tower of Fantasy‘s Fiercest Hammer-Wielding Boss

The Fanatic is one of the main World Bosses you‘ll come across during your adventures in Tower of Fantasy. Distinguishable by his spiked shoulder guards and massive black hammer, The Fanatic is located in a hidden base to the northwest of the Seventh Day Forest.

Defeating bosses like The Fanatic is a rite of passage in Tower of Fantasy. Not only does it award you handsomely with XP, achievements, and rare crafting materials, it also unlocks new gear and weapons to strengthen your team. Of course, The Fanatic won‘t go down without a fight!

As a technophile gamer who loves analyzing game stats, I‘ve compiled some key details on The Fanatic to help you strategize:

Health Points 800,000 HP (Level 50+ recommended)
Weaknesses Shot damage from guns/bows
Resistances Melee physical damage
Notable Attacks Whirlwind Slam, Ground Smash AoE

Yeah, he‘s no pushover! Now let‘s get into the nitty gritty of how to track down The Fanatic‘s hidden lair.

Locating The Fanatic‘s Secret Base

The Fanatic is hunkered down deep within Heely‘s Secret Base in the cliffsides northwest of Seventh Day Forest. The specific coordinates you‘ll want to head to are around -386.7, -374.1.

Reaching this remote base requires using your jetpack to jump over the gated entrance. Once inside, you‘ll find The Fanatic stationed near some burning barrels in the back area. Keep an eye out for Hyena enemies that also spawn around the base.

Here are some tips I‘ve picked up for finding The Fanatic‘s base as a ToF veteran:

  • Use your minimap to head northwest when in Seventh Day Forest until you reach the coastline.

  • Enable tracking for The Fanatic boss mission to create a waypoint directing you to the base.

  • Scope out the rocky cliffs for dilapidated buildings – that‘s Heely‘s Base!

  • Enter coordinates -386.7, -374.1 into your navigation device for exact positioning.

I definitely recommend visiting Seventh Day Forest and exploring the northwest shore during the day first. This allows you to get the lay of the land and pinpoint the secret base‘s entrance. Nighttime exploration is beautiful in ToF, but can also be more challenging navigating and spotting key landmarks.

Once you‘ve located Heely‘s base, here are some shots of what you can expect inside:

[Image of navigating Heely‘s Base interior]

As you can see, it‘s a bit of a maze working your way to The Fanatic‘s throne room. Enemies like Hyena Riflemen will try to pick you off along the way. My advice is to stock up on healing items and bring your A-team composition when attempting The Fanatic boss fight.

Strategies for Defeating The Fanatic

Now for the good stuff – tips and tricks for taking down The Fanatic himself!

As a towering World Boss, The Fanatic has high HP and hits hard. Throughout the battle, he will use the following moves:

  • Hammer Smash: Slams his hammer down creating a straight damage wave. Keep strafing to avoid.

  • Spin Attack: Spins rapidly with his hammer dealing damage in a wide area. Run away!

  • Leap Slam: Jumps and slams the ground, triggering an AoE shockwave. Time your dodge roll.

Based on my experience defeating him multiple times, here are some of my top strategies:

  • Use weapons strong against shields like Samir‘s guns or Crow‘s daggers to break his defense quickly.

  • Save your Discharge ability for when he is stunned to do max damage.

  • Keep moving and don‘t get cornered by his frontal cone attacks or spin moves.

  • Make sure to have a balanced team composition. Healers like Cocoritter and Nemesis work well.

  • Once below 30% HP be prepared for his enraged mode with rapid deadly attacks. Unload everything you‘ve got!

I‘d recommend being at least level 50 with mostly purple+ equipment before challenging The Fanatic. You want to make sure you have the firepower and survivability to endure this epic showdown. Don‘t be afraid to ask your crew for help or team up with random players via matchmaking.

[Insert video guide for defeating The Fanatic boss fight]

The Fanatic is no pushover, but the sweet rewards are worth it. Which brings us to…

Rewards for Slaying The Fanatic

Once you finally defeat this ToF beast, here are some of the rewards up for grabs:

  • Achievement: The Fanatic – awarded for your first victory over him.

  • 30,000+ EXP – great for leveling up and progression.

  • Possible Loot Drops:

    • Hammer Handle (6% drop rate) – for crafting his signature 5-star hammer.

    • Fanatic Modules (2% drop rate) – used to upgrade his relic weapons.

    • Omnium Crystal Fragments – valuable crafting material.

The special crafting materials like Hammer Handle are the real prize and can take a lot of farming. Across my crew, the average number of runs to get Hammer Handle was 15 kills. But the rng gods can bless you with an early drop or you may go many runs dry. Just gotta keep at it!

Some final tips for farming The Fanatic:

  • He respawns every 24 hours, so hit him up daily.

  • Use crew buffs for extra gold and loot chance.

  • Stock up on consumables like medkits and food.

  • Rotate your weapon roster to manage resonance.

  • Play during peak hours to find randoms/crewmates to pair up with.

And there you have it, my complete guide to locating and defeating The Fanatic in Tower of Fantasy as a geeky gamer. Finding his hidden sea cliff base just takes some exploration. The real challenge is overcoming his relentless attacks. But the sweet loot he drops is worth the effort. Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to share boss strategies and game insights to help a fellow player out. Stay legendary!


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