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The Importance of Promoting your Work as a Freelance Writer

The importance of promoting your work as a freelance writer can never be understated and should never be underestimated. This is for the fact more than any other that it is your name and your reputation as a freelance writer that you are promoting, every bit as much as your work.

Freelance writers in pre-Internet times and still to a certain extent today would generally submit their work to a variety of different publications. When they did so, the first thing any editor would be likely to consider was whether they had ever heard of the writer. If they were familiar with the writer and knew that the writer had a reputation for producing quality work, the submission was given an immediate boost on the road to acceptance even before the editor began reading. This was only achieved by the freelance writer promoting their work and thus themselves on an ongoing basis.

The world today with the advent of the Internet has only heightened the importance of promoting your work as a freelance writer. The mighty search engines such as Google essentially determine the flow of the vast majority of traffic online and if the freelance writer wishes to obtain at least their fair share of same, it is up to them and no other to actively promote their work and themselves in an appropriate fashion.

When a freelance writer publishes online, dependant upon the site on which he or she publishes, it is entirely possible that the site upon which their work appears will undertake to promote it as much as possible on the freelance writer’s behalf. This is because it is in the site’s own interest to do so in the fact that it generates traffic to the larger platform. This is not done as a courtesy or favour for the writer, so the freelancer should not depend upon this method of promotion alone.

What the freelance writer has to do in this respect is promote and essentially link to their work and their bio pages wherever and whenever they can around the Web. Every freelance writer should have their own website and – or at least – a blog and this is an excellent place to start promoting their work. They should also develop a high profile presence on all the major social networking sites and remember to contribute regularly to same and in a way which adds quality and respectability to their presence.

The freelance writer has to think of promoting their work as a permanent feature of their day to day professional and personal life. They should forever be on the lookout for new and legitimate ways in which to do so and be in no uncertain terms aware that their very success as a freelance writer depends on this practise perhaps more than any other.

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