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The right Niche for your Writing

Words are living things; they progress as we progress.Your writing will change as you change, and its not always easy finding that particular niche as the title suggest that you do. It may be your writing is important to you in ways that only you know about. You may be a highly successful doctor and know your stuff, but in your off time, few and far between hours here and there, you write science fiction.

You did not set out to become a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde character, it just happened. You want to continue on in your chosen profession, but you want the rest of the world to read your amazing science fiction. What should you do. No problem. Get yourself a pen name and an agent and do both. By the time you retire you will have your second career already in place, and filing cabinets of stories to finish and to be written and to published.

William Carlos Williams comes to my mind here. He was a successful New Jersey pediatrician who wrote poetry on the side. He is known now not for the children’s lives he saved but for the poetry he even wrote one to give him self courage. Or, at least that is why I think he wrote it.

(TO WISH MYSELF COURAGE: On the day when youth is no more upon me / I will write of the moon and the leaves in a tree top!/ I will sing then the song, long in the making / when the stress of youth is put away from me… //Then I will rise up in my great desire / Long at the birth, and sing me the youth-song?)

This poem has three stanzas, but when I read this poem I see a weary doctor who longs to write but must put aside these thoughts and look in upon a diphtheria ridden child, or another with a sore throat and coughing and another and another; most of whom would just as soon bite him than open their mouth and stick out their tongue.

In the last two lines is he longing to get on with his thinking and his writing and leave such sadness he sees every day of his life, behind? Or maybe he just wants to work on some poem or another. Whatever, he certainly did find his writing niche. It was poetry, and somehow, for him, it fit in with his work.

That may not be you. You need the income from writing and that is why you majored in English. Now at home with a baby you are frustrated because your magazine writing career is not what you thought it would be. Maybe what you should do is stop writing for the glamor magazines and switch, if only temporarily, to baby and child care.

Give vent to some of the problems new mothers have and at the same time give your writing a new boost. Let your writing mirror your frustrations and let your sincerity shine through, and your acceptance level will rise. No longer will you be talking to them, but with them.

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