How to Complete "The Secret of Al-Ahmar" Quest in Genshin Impact – A 2800+ Word Expert Guide

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As a long-time gamer and Genshin Impact fan, I was super excited to take on the new "Secret of Al-Ahmar" quest that arrived in version 3.1. This sprawling multi-part quest sends you deep into the ancient Sumeru ruins to uncover secrets, fight evil Fatui forces, and solve challenging puzzles.

While the payoff is big in loot and lore, actually completing the quest can be pretty tricky – especially some of the convoluted puzzle rooms. But don‘t worry, I‘ve got you covered!

In this epic guide, I‘ll walk through everything you need to know to fully experience the "Secret of Al-Ahmar" with tips from my perspective as a Genshin expert. Let‘s dive into the secrets!

Overview of "The Secret of Al-Ahmar" Quest

First, let‘s do a quick flyby overview of this new quest:

  • Available at Adventure Rank 40+ after completing "Golden Slumber"
  • Unlocks the Sumeru ruins zone "King Deshret‘s Mausoleum"
  • Multi-part quest with exploration, combat, and puzzle solving
  • Takes about 45 mins – 1 hour to complete
  • Rewards include chests, primogems, ascension materials, artifacts

The main goals are to locate the ancient mausoleum, open the mysterious sealed coffins, track down missing archaeologists, take on Fatui baddies, and solve challenging Atact menorah lighting puzzles.

Based on fan reactions so far, this quest has been received very positively by the Genshin community. Players are praising the huge new zone to explore, satisfying puzzle mechanics, and exhilarating boss fight with Scaramouche.

However, some have pointed out that the quest can drag on a bit long and involves lots of backtracking through sprawling ruins. I‘ll try to help streamline things in this guide!

Step 1: Follow the Trail to King Deshret‘s Mausoleum

The first step of this quest has you traversing through a hidden passage via elevator to reach the exterior of the massive mausoleum ruins.

This area known as the Valley of Dahri is located under the deserts of Sumeru. It was once populated by the ancient civilization that built these elaborate underground cities and structures. Now, it is overrun by vicious scarab insects and monsters.

I recommend bringing a strong shield character like Zhongli or Diona to handle the annoying scarabs as you make your way to the mausoleum. An Anemo character like Venti can also help group up and disperse them quickly with their abilities.

Mausoleum Exterior

The expansive exterior of King Deshret‘s Mausoleum

After dealing with a few groups of Eremite and Fatui enemies, you‘ll come upon the imposing exterior of the giant mausoleum.

This ancient structure was built as the burial place of King Deshret, one of the three Magi who ruled over ancient Sumeru according to lore. He was known for his focus on martial power and conquest.

Passing through the entrance, you‘ll have to battle some stronger elite enemies inside the mausoleum. I recommend bringing a strong Pyro dps character to take them down quickly.

Activating some ancient mechanisms opens up the rotating bridges allowing you to cross the gaps and traverse deeper into the mausoleum.

There are more tough enemies along the way, so make sure to manage your health and resources. The payoff of the precious chest at the end is worth it!

Step 2: Unlocking the Four Mysterious Coffins

After the extended sequence through the mausoleum, you‘ll eventually reach the central chamber with four sealed coffins, each containing a Primal Ember that needs guiding back to unlock the coffin.

This puzzle sequence requires careful traversal of the rooms to locate and release each Primal Ember in turn.

Here are the steps to unlock each of the four coffins:

Coffin 1 – Northwest:

  • Head to the northwest waypoint
  • Use the Four-Leaf Sigil gadget on the wall to reveal the Primal Ember
  • Guide the ember along the lit floor to the northwest coffin to unlock it

Coffin 2 – Southwest:

  • Go to the southwest waypoint
  • Locate the carved statue on the wall
  • Jump up onto the hidden ledge in front of the statue
  • Release the Primal Ember and lead it to the southwest coffin

Coffin 3 – Northeast:

  • Make your way northeast
  • Avoid the fire damage trap section
  • Enter the doorway on the right side
  • Follow the path around and use the Four-Leaf Sigil on the wall
  • Escort the Primal Ember to the northeast coffin

Coffin 4 – Southeast:

  • Head southeast
  • Climb the stairs and go left through the corridors
  • Use the Four-Leaf Sigil to unlock the final ember
  • Carefully guide the Primal Ember to unlock the southeast coffin

Here‘s a quick map I made showing the location of all the coffins and Primal Ember puzzle order:

Coffin Locations Map

With all four coffins opened via the Primal Ember puzzle, you‘ll be able to progress into the next section.

Step 3: Rescuing the Archaeologists from the Fatui

After that lengthy puzzle sequence, you can take the elevator up from the central chamber up to the next section.

Follow the navigation marker and you‘ll encounter some injured adventurers from the Sumeru Akademiya. Turns out they were ambushed by Fatui forces!

This section has you tracking down the missing archaeology team by following clues and fighting through more Fatui troops along the way.

Some of the tougher enemies you‘ll face here include:

  • Mirror Maiden – I recommend using strong Cryo damage to take her down quick. Ayaka‘s burst works great.

  • Electro Cicin Mage – Bring Hydro characters like Tartaglia to counter her. Focus on the mage first before the cicin flies.

  • Fatui Pyro Agent – His shield can be disabled using Hydro attacks. Then swap to Cryo for max damage.

Make sure to prepare your best team for challenging combat before entering this section!

After defeating the Fatui and rescuing the archaeologists, you‘ll finally locate your sidekick Benben. But turns out the Fatui aren‘t done with you yet…

Step 4: The Showdown with Scaramouche

Following an dramatic cutscene, you‘ll need to face off against none other than the formidable Fatui Harbinger Scaramouche himself!

This nasty Fatui boss has some powerful Electro attacks and mechanics that can overwhelm unprepared teams. Here are some tips:

  • Use Elemental Sight to avoid his clone fake-out move
  • Save stamina for dodging his charged attacks
  • Cryo characters help a lot to counter his Electro damage
  • Make sure to avoid his circular AOE explosions
  • Keep moving and watch his animation tells for big attacks

I highly recommend using Food Buffs right before this battle for the extra stats. The Attack and Defense boosts can really help!

Once you finally manage to take down Scaramouche, the path deeper into the ruins will open up.

Step 5: Completing the Opet Hall Lighting Ritual

After that epic boss fight, you‘ll gain access to the Opet Hall, an ancient ceremonial chamber with one final puzzle to solve.

There are two ancient structures that need to be lit up on either side by guiding Primal Embers again. Here are the steps to fully light up the hall:

  1. Rotate the wall mechanisms to open the door
  2. Grab the Forged Primal Light and ignite the first structure
  3. Move the wall segment to free the sealed Primal Ember
  4. Grab the other Forged Primal Light and ignite the second structure

This unlocks the large central doorway. Pass through it to find one last navigation marker and interact to complete the quest!

Here‘s a quick clip illustrating how to solve the final Opet Hall puzzle:

[youtube video demonstrating opet hall solution]

And that covers all the major steps you need to take to fully complete The Secret of Al-Ahmar quest!

Quest Rewards & Evaluation

After spending over an hour making your way through ancient ruins, fighting tough enemies, and solving complex puzzles, it‘s time to reap the rewards!

Here‘s an overview of all the loot you can obtain by finishing this long questline:

EXP & Adventure XP: Around 180,000 EXP / 1,500 Adventure XP

Primogems: ~100 Primogems from completing objectives

Mora: Around 200,000 Mora


  • 2 Precious Chests
  • 3 Luxurious Chests
  • Talent Level-Up Materials
  • Hero‘s Wit
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore


  • 2-3 Five-star Artifacts
  • 7-9 Four-star Artifacts

Achievement: Hidden Relic achievement unlocks

The artifact haul is especially valuable, with great chances of getting powerful 5-star sets like the new Gilded Dreams.

Overall, this quest takes some time and effort to work through, but offers ample rewards befitting that. It also expands the lore and backstory of Sumeru in meaningful ways.

I give it a solid 4/5 star rating – a great addition for Genshin players craving substantial new content!

Tips for Completing The Secret of Al-Ahmar

If you‘re struggling with certain parts of this multi-layered quest, here are some tips to help:

  • For traversal puzzles, use a bow character to easily activate distant mechanisms

  • Equip the Seed Dispensary gadget to generate climbable terrain

  • Light floor torches to help guide the tricky Primal Embers

  • Anemo abilities like Venti‘s burst can quickly disperse annoying scarab swarms

  • Activate Four-Leaf Sigils as soon as you spot their patterns carved on walls

  • Co-op mode makes the tough enemies and mazes more manageable

  • Cook attack and defense foods for the challenging Fatui boss fights

Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions! I‘m happy to offer more tips to help you conquer this complex quest.

The Verdict? A Substantial New Quest for Genshin Players

The Secret of Al-Ahmar quest in Genshin Impact 3.1 offers fans an exciting mixture of combat, lore, and puzzle solving. It can take well over an hour to completely finish, but provides a meaty new zone to explore along with ample rewards.

Some parts like backtracking through ruins and escorting the Primal Embers drag a bit. But the storyline reveals fascinating history about ancient Sumeru‘s downfall. Scaramouche‘s boss fight is also an electrifying challenge!

Overall, I recommend all Adventure Rank 40+ players take the time to experience this new quest. Just make sure to prepare your best exploration and combat teams. With the help of this detailed guide, you can master The Secret of Al-Ahmar and unlock all its secrets for yourself!

Let me know if this epic guide helped you successfully complete the quest, and be sure to follow for more Genshin tips and analysis!


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