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The Top Ten Most Creative Ways To Use Social Media In B2B

Social media; everybody’s doing it. Or at least they should be, with a current total of 1.2 billion monthly active users on Facebook alone.

But how many B2B companies are harnessing the full potential of social media, and are they being creative enough to engage their audience? Read on to find out ten ways to creatively capture interest in a B2B environment:

Think visually

You should regularly update your status or populate a blog with written content; this will appeal to both customers and search engines alike. But an image will help you capture more attention. Between 65 and 85 percent of people describe themselves as visual learners, meaning you’re more like to get your point across with an image than words alone.

Share generously

Somewhere along the line the “social” in social media has become lost, with numerous companies using the platform to simply bang on about themselves. Bear in mind that to get anything you have to be ready to give, and this means sharing and commenting on what others have to say.


Blogging goes hand in hand with B2B social media. Keeping your blog up to date means you always have something new to offer your fans and followers. Take note from the above points and remember blogging can be image-focused as well as the written word, and it doesn’t always have to revolve around your business. Try commenting on relevant news stories too.

Communicate with customers

The best social media campaigns actually encourage communication as opposed to the online equivalent of shouting marketing messages at people using a megaphone. Don’t just tell people what you’re doing, ask them to comment on experiences and create a conversation.

Design an infographic

Feeding into the “think visually” point above, an infographic is ideal for businesses looking to build a following across image-based social platforms such as Pinterest. It especially lends itself to industries where photographs aren’t particularly appealing by allowing you to display information in an aesthetically pleasing and very shareable manner.

Reach out to bloggers

Get people talking about your products by offering them for review by quality business bloggers. Offer to review theirs in return.

Create polls

Polls and surveys are beneficial in two ways. Firstly they encourage engagement with a few simple clicks, and secondly they allow you to collect information which can be used to form blogs, articles, whitepapers and more.

Use humor

Business updates don’t have to be all straight-laced and serious. Professionals are people too. Even in a business environment, personable updates get results and engage others.


If it’s funny and fits in with your industry, great. If it’s nothing to do with your business whatsoever but you feel it is appealing to your target audience it’s still worthwhile. Every like and share creates awareness of your social profile, and your business.

Launch contests and giveaways

Giving people something for free is a sure fire way to get attention over social media. You might enter the first 100 people to like a post into a free prize draw, or give them 50% off a product. Or combine giveaway with surveys, offering an incentive to businesses to complete research questionnaires. You can also use the results of surveys in a blog or whitepaper.

If you’re in the B2B sector you might think social media isn’t a platform worth engaging on, but research suggests 87% of B2B marketers use social media platforms in their content marketing efforts. So start being social; if you’re not already in it, you’re currently at a disadvantage.

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