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Top 10 Best Marriage Proposals on Youtube

There has always been a certain pressure involved with a wedding proposal. The anxiety of not knowing what the other person will say, where it will be, or who is involved, can all be incredibly overwhelming. Thus it is even more of a shock that what is trending these days is the need to film (and post) these precarious life events. Have no fear, the top 10 best marriage proposals on Youtube all have a happy ending. And they should, given the amount of effort these guys put into simply hearing the word…”yes.” Get your tissues ready.

Greatest Marriage Proposal EVER!!!

The first to top our list is called the “Greatest Marriage Proposal EVER!!!” (This title is actually a trend with these videos). Matt tells his girlfriend Ginny he has to work and asks her brother Charlie if he will take her to see a movie that night, “Fast 5.” As she settles into her seat, munching her popcorn, the trailers begin to play. To her utter shock, she hears the voice of her boyfriend Matt. Craziness ensues as the trailer portrays Matt bolting to the theater and asking for Ginny’s hand. The video has gone viral, with appearances on the Today Show and Ellen, and a whopping 28,539,861 views.

Isaac’s Live Lip-Dub Proposal

“Isaac’s Live Lip-Dub Proposal” comes second on the list with 24,202,641 views. The video begins with a short narrative. It explains that on May 23, 2012, Isaac told his girlfriend Amy to meet him at his parent’s house. When she arrived, he had his brother pop the trunk of his Honda CRV, had her jump up in the back, and threw some headphones on her. Isaac’s brother then told her he “wanted to play her a song.” What follows is an incredibly live lip-dub proposal that involves their entire families (60+ people). It includes dancing in the street, in a Broadway musical fashion, as the car slowly eases away. The crowd parts at the end as Isaac gets on bended knee.

Best Wedding Proposal Ever!! (The Americana at Brand, Glendale)

Our third on the list involves a man named Justin scaring the pants off of his future fiancé, before making her cry with joy. The “Best Wedding Proposal Ever!! (The Americana at Brand, Glendale)” opens with Justin and his girlfriend sitting down for a romantic dinner. An angry woman stalks up to the table, slaps him, and walks away. She begins to cry, suspecting he is cheating, as Justin excuses himself. What ensues is a massive, flash mob dance number which ends in a real wedding. The viral video has been viewed over 18,287,045 times.

Spencer’s Home Depot Marriage Proposal

“Spencer’s Home Depot Marriage Proposal” is a little like Isaac’s, and has been seen over 10,846,586 times. Spencer Stout makes the list of Top 10 best marriage proposals on Youtube for the elaborate production he put on for his boyfriend Dustin. Thinking he was picking up lighting for a roommate, when Dustin reached the lumber aisle he was met with a dancing mob of friends and family. Spencer proposed to the song “Somebody Loves You” by Betty Who, and of course, Dustin said yes.

Jamin’s Downtown Disney Flashmob Proposal

For anyone who loves Disney, this next viral video is right up your alley. “Jamin’s Downtown Disney Flashmob Proposal” has been seen by over 9,263,403 people and again, features hordes of dancing, happy people. The video begins with Jamin and his girlfriend Val strolling through Downtown Disney. What follows is a dancing flash mob with hundreds of people in which Jamin eventually joins, to Val’s utter surprise. It obviously ends in tears.

Crazy Marriage Proposal – Guy falls off building!!!

It’s never nice to torture the woman you are about to propose to, but some men just can’t help themselves. This next lineup on our list is the shortest, but gets straight to the point. “Crazy Marriage Proposal – Guy falls off building!!!” opens with Josh standing on a rooftop party, on the ledge of a building. He states he has an announcement in which he begins to propose to his girlfriend Brooke. He has a friend toss him the ring, pretends to miss, and tumbles to his death. A forlorn Brooke rushes to the edge only to find Josh has landed in an airbag, surrounded by a large “Will You Marry Me Sign.” The evil proposal has been seen by over 8,980,543 people.

Justin and Emily: The Proposal

“Justin and Emily: The Proposal” is one of the more classic proposals on the list and shows you don’t need a flashing dance mob to receive a whimpering “yes.” It is rather lengthy at almost 27 minutes, but has still been seen by over 7,283,308 YouTubers. On April 13th, Josh decided to rent out the entire restaurant where he had his first date with girlfriend Emily. He had her meet him there, but told her he was running late. Earlier, Josh rigged the place with hidden cameras to capture the moment. While Emily was being seated, he had a TV displaying images of their relationship. As soon as she becomes suspicious of the empty restaurant, Josh pops out to get on bended knee. Of course, she said “yes.”

Disneyland Musical Marriage Proposal

Disney is a popular place to propose and the “Disneyland Musical Marriage Proposal” is perhaps the most Disney of them all. Seen over 6,228,502 times, the video was posted by Disney and never actually states the name of the couple. It involves an entire staged musical in which the man proposing sings and acts out his wishes to marry. Although seemingly fake, the woman’s candid and embarrassed reaction casts slight doubt.

LIVE Proposal on So You Think You Can Dance

Sometimes reality competitions seem staged, other times, it’s quite clear the unexpected can happen. “LIVE Proposal on So You Think You Can Dance” is number 9 on the list of Top 10 best marriage proposals on Youtube because it has been viewed over 5,299,367 times. This staggering number is most likely even higher given it was initially viewed on live T.V. It features a dance couple, Edgar and Claudia in the competition, who after their performance, Edgar gets on bended knee. The moment is priceless and very touching. Even the hosts of the competition are left balling.

SURPRISE ENDING – Flash Mob Marriage Proposal

“SURPRISE ENDING – Flash Mob Marriage Proposal” is a lot like the others, except the it includes a huge marching band, in which the conductor is the one proposing. Taking place in Bryant Park in June of 2012, girlfriend Allison is in complete shock when the entire park erupts in song and dance. The unique part of this video is the sheer size of the marching band that seems to come out of nowhere. The viral video has been seen by over 4,844,401 people and like the others, ends on a good note.

On YouTube there are many “rejection” proposals as well, but many seem staged. These elaborate, yet romantic, proposals seem genuine and yield warm results. It is truly a challenge to not well up by the end of these viral videos, but it’s worth every moment.

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