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Top 10 business Books

The past two years have seen the economy really turn around from the Great Recession, which crushed many small businesses and big businesses alike, cost tons of jobs and put a real scare into the world economy as a whole. But let’s not dwell on the past. Now that the economy appears to have recovered, it’s time to get back to business—literally. While much of an education in the business world comes from just hard-bitten experience doing business, there are ways to expand your mind and take what you already know to new and hopefully more successful and profitable places. One of the best ways is to read a book on business and that genre has produced a particularly appealing number of must read business books in the past few years. Below are the top 10 business books collectively, many of which may also be considered by some to be the best business books of all time.

Before Happiness: The 5 Hidden Keys to Achieving Success, Spreading Happiness and Sustaining Positive Change by Shawn Anchor

The author Shawn Anchor is a Harvard-trained researcher who delves into happiness and explains how it leads to greater success, as well as how overall positivity can help someone achieve their personal goals, in business and beyond. There are five strategies he outlines in particular that can lead you down this path and while it may sound like a bunch of feel good nonsense on the surface, the strategies are surprisingly down to Earth and effective for many people.  Visit on Amazon >>

Die Empty: Unleash Your Best Work Every Day by Todd Henry

One of the top business books of 2013 by far, Die Empty espouses a philosophy that encourages you to focus on your present day and task, hoping to keep you on a steady productive course. With all the new technology and distractions in our lives, as well as the growing number of responsibilities as we get older, this new way of thinking from author Todd Henry is a breath of fresh air for many people in both their business and personal lives. Visit on Amazon >>

The Heart of Leadership: Becoming a Leader People Want to Follow by Mark Miller

What makes people great leaders in the business world? The Heart of Leadership is one of the best business management books to come out in a while and successfully explores what made business leaders great, both past and present. It’s the perfect thing for a boss to read… or to leave anonymously on your boss’s desk. Visit on Amazon >>

We Are Anonymous: Inside the Hacker World of LulzSec, Anonymous and the Global Cyber Insurgency by Parmy Olson

This is a business book at it’s core and great way to get a sense of the technologically fragile world we live in. But it’s also incredibly entertaining and very well reported non-fiction that delves into a digital war that is being waged all around us, even though most of us don’t really know it. Visit on Amazon >>

Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull

Of all the bestselling business books, this is one of the most fun. Author Ed Catmull is one of the founders of Pixar, showing not only the amazing history of arguably the best animation studio ever created, but also a wide variety of excellent lessons about business and creativity in general. It’s an especially fun read for those who love movies and the business of Hollywood, as there is a lot of great insider information within most chapters. Visit on Amazon >>

Mistakes I made at Work by Jessica Bacal

With the tag of “25 Influential Women Reflect on What They Got Out of Getting It Wrong” you might think this is a book for businesswomen. But that would be wrong (and sexist). It does happen to be a book about women who are incredibly successful in the business word talking in depth about their mistakes and what they learned from them. But they are no different from the businessmen out there who have screwed up and learned from it, so it’s an excellent business book, regardless of gender. Visit on Amazon >>

Flex: The New Playbook for Managing Across Differences by Jane Hyun and Audrey S. Lee

Written by executive coaches, a new term is created by the authors, in regards to incorporating multiple kinds of leadership styles, so that bridges can be created over gender, ages and culture. It’s called Flexing if you couldn’t guess from the title and apparently it is quite effective. Visit on Amazon >>

The Up Side of Down: Why Failing Well is the Key to Success by Megan Mcardle

Almost sure to be another one of those business books bestsellers, journalist Megan Mcardle studies the psychology behind business people and individuals who have made comebacks after failing and how they ended up becoming success stories. Visit on Amazon >>

Pitch Perfect: How to Say it Right the First Time, Every Time by Bill McGowan and Alisa Bowman

McGowan is the media coach and Bowman is the writer, but the pair have created an excellent guide for pitch people and influential business types, creating ways to get a message across in a succinct and effective fashion. Visit on Amazon >>

Flash Boys by Michael Lewis

From one of the best living sports and business journalists ever, Michael Lewis’s new book takes on Wall Street and gives the inside scoop on how the big investment firms conspired with banks, which led to the Great Recession. An excellent read. Visit on Amazon >>

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