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Top 10 Fabulous Reasons to Use WordPress for Your Business Website

WordPress has made huge strides in recent years to become a full-fledged Content Management System (CMS). A study revealed that in a short span of time, market share of WordPress has seen a huge growth. So, what really has made WordPress.org so powerful and how a WordPress website can be useful for your businesses?

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should use WordPress.org to run your business website –

WordPress is Free and Open Source – General Public License (GPL) is an open source project and WordPress is licensed under it. This means that this source is free from commercial restrictions and limitations. You are free to use the WordPress for your business website. You do not need to pay if you want your website in a particular size and you can even modify the code all by yourself.

Dynamic Plugins Functionality – WordPress allows you to easily insert additional plugins which adds functionality to the core system. It has a pool of more than 32,000 free plugins which helps in building a better website. You can add incredible photo galleries, event calendars, shopping carts, slideshows, forums, video galleries, maps, social media feeds and much more.

Need a Blog, Add a Page with Just a Single Click – Traditionally, WordPress is synonymous with a blogging site. Many still consider it to be a blog platform even today. You cannot find a better blog solution as it has several categories, threaded commenting, easy themes, tags, anti-spam solutions, easy moderation controls and plugin infrastructure. Thus, adding a blog to your business website is a great way of engaging your visitors.

Professionally Designed Themes Make Your Site All The More Attractive – If there is something that you don’t like about the current style of your site, you can change the look using WordPress themes. They allow you to have professionally designed website else, you can always hire a web developer to do so.

SEO Friendly – Matt Cutts, the Software Engineer at Google says, “Google loves WordPress as it automatically solves a ton of SEO issues”. WordPress has several options which allows one to outrank your website in search engine result pages. There are also certain default plugins and features which help you monitor your analytics and traffic.

WordPress Sites are Accessible – WordPress sites are built relatively on simple and accessible technologies. They are easy to install on Linux or Windows servers.

Enhanced Mobility – Fast evolving technology has posed another big concern for organizations. Not all customers visit your website from a desktop computer. It is imperative that your website works well with any smart device such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, iPads etc. Else your customer will skip your site and visit your competitor’s page.

Secure & Scalable – WordPress is not just easy to install but it is also easy to update for security and new functionality. Thus, you can build any kind of website ranging from an online store to a content rich membership website. You simply do not have to worry about security as it has an excellent security infrastructure.

WordPress Community – A huge, active and generous community has sprung up in a decade’s time which provides active support and exchange ideas to make WordPress better for everyone.

Easy Editing – Business owners have complained over the years that they wanted to edit the content on the website themselves instead of waiting for the webmaster. WordPress do this with ease!

If you are unable to make a website using WordPress and have a simple Adobe Photoshop designed website, you can easily convert PSD to WordPress, don’t worry! There are several PSD to WordPress Companies who offer premium PSD to WordPress conversion services. So, call your nearest PSD to WordPress service provider today!

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