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Top 10 Memorable Tweets

Twitter has become a voice for even the quietest in our world. It connects people from different walks of life, conveys important announcements, and even sparks debate. The micro-blogging platform has changed the way in which society communicates, and has added a whole new level to “having an opinion.” Whether it is positive, negative, or just simply confusing, Twitter has made it possible for everyone to chime in, regardless of socioeconomic status. The following, are memorable tweets that for one reason, or another, have gone down in history.

#1) Jack Dorsey

The father of Twitter, and the first to ever

, it is no wonder he tops the list with this simple bite “just setting up my twttr.” Obviously, we weren’t aware he was, since Twitter came into existence with that statement. That was at “4:50 PM – 21 Mar 2006,” and still remains one of the most memorable tweets in history.

#2) The Pope

That’s right, you read that correctly. With over 3 million worldwide followers, the new Pope Francis is the first to ever be connected on a social media platform. This has profoundly changed the way that parishioners interact with their leader. His first

was sent out in March of this year, and carried this statement: “Dear friends, I thank you from my heart and I ask you to continue to pray for me. Pope Francis.”

#3) Oprah

She finally graced us with her presence in 2009 with “HI TWITTERS.THANK YOU FOR A WARM WELCOME.FEELING REALLY 21st CENTURY.” Hilarity ensued when Shaq pointed out to her that her caps were on. Apparently he wanted to be the first to school Oprah on what an internet troll was. She gained a million followers in one of the fastest times Twitter has seen yet.

#4) Oreo

Oreo Cookie gave us was one of the quickest, and most brilliant advertising campaigns ever, when the lights went out recently in the Superdome during Super Bowl XLVII. They immediately took to Twitter and posted one of the most memorable tweets marketing has ever seen. It addressed the blackout with this

, as it was actually happening “Power out? No problem.” Although I can’t remember ever buying cookies in a stadium, it is genius nevertheless.

#5) Jānis Krūms

This micro-blogger helped us all realize the true power of Twitter, and how quickly real-time news can be delivered with this

of a plane successfully landing in the Hudson River, “http://twitpic.com/135xa – There’s a plane in the Hudson. I’m on the ferry going to pick up the people. Crazy.” Captain Chesley Burnett “Sully” Sullenberger became an instant hero and the world witnessed a very close call. It was the first time the media felt the real power of instantaneous news feeds.

#6) Kanye West

Anyone slightly familiar with pop culture knows that this singer/rapper flies off the handle on a very general basis, and never apologizes. It perhaps shocked the world even more when he

ed “I’m sorry Taylor,” than what he actually did to her. Which was interrupt her receiving a well deserved MTV Music Award, to state it should have gone to Beyonce. No worries, however, Kanye isn’t changed man. He promptly deleted the

, and “I’m sorry” was never heard again.

#7) Sohaib Athar

“Helicopter hovering above Abbottabad at 1AM (is a rare event).” Although seemingly harmless, this war correspondent accidentally

ed the Navy Seals’ top-secret raid on Osama Bin Laden’s compound that resulted in the warlord’s death. Thankfully the

wasn’t seen fast enough to spoil any mission.

#8) T. Boone Pickens

Sometimes, two worlds collide. With no real shared social circle to speak of, rapper Drake was slightly embarrassed by billionaire T. Boone Pickens when he

ed “The first billion is a helluva lot harder, RT @Drake: The first million is the hardest,” in response to his boasting. He basically called him a little boy in front of all of his fans. Not sure if Drake even knew who he was prior to that, but he definitely does now.

#9) Curiosity Rover

So now robots are jumping on the bandwagon. “I’m safely on the surface of Mars. GALE CRATER I AM IN YOU! #MSL,”

ed the Curiosity Rover. The machine is part of Nasa’s Science Laboratory mission, and has gained a significant amount of curious followers. The discoveries, so far, about the surface of the planet, have been astounding.

#10) Justin Bieber

One of the most retweeted

s in history, “RIP Alanna. I love you,” was sent out by the singer after 6 year old fan Alavanna Routh passed away from a rare form of brain cancer in September. Justin had grown close to the girl and had visited her several times in the hospital. It has now been RT over a quarter of a million times.

Twitter has become a central tool in our modern day expression. With the speed at which we move today, sometimes 140 characters is all we have time for. Yet it still seems like just enough, to get the message across.

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