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Top 10 Pinterest Strategies That Will Grow Your Business

Pinterest is one of the top social networks and boats 49 Million active users. In the US alone it is considered to be the third largest social network after Twitter and Facebook. Many businesses are however unsure of venturing into Pinterest to increase their online presence. What many forget is that social media marketing is free and only needs a little effort to impact business cash flows and brands in a huge way. To convince you that you may want to try Pinterest to grow your business, consider these quick facts. Pinterest is the only social network where people expect to buy stuff online. Actually, more than two thirds of its 49 Million users have spotted a product and bought it, or seriously planned to buy it later. The average Pinterest user spends 1.25 hrs. daily on the social network, making the site’s influence monumental in the business world.

Pinterest is actually the tech online window shopping experience. All the business is expected to do is to get Pins on their wall, essentially a picture with a price tag to be seen by willing buyers. If you do retail or sales businesses for real tangible goods, then this may be the perfect marketing line for you. With each social platform unique though, it may be a great idea to get tips on how to maximize the value you get from this site. Below are 10 Pinterest business marketing tips & strategies that fortune 500 companies and startups alike have employed before that can give your Pinterest campaigns some tremendous results.

1. Use Pinterest social management tools

Just like many social media networks, it will be very hard for content managers with multiple boards and accounts to update everything in a seamless way. This is where tools such as Piqora, Pinstamatic, Pinpuff and Repinly come in. These tools come with a complete dashboard and dashboard modifications that will make you enough time to concentrate on your audience and brand. They essentially make most of the mundane tasks such as liking or commenting very easy without having to navigate your actual wall.

2. Track your Pinterest Analytics on a regular basis

To get the best of results, keep track of your account statistics. Analytics really help you to know the products and campaigns that give you the highest attention and impact so that you can focus on them in the future. Pinterest comes with amazing in-built and third party apps that will feed you with interesting statistics to help you refine your strategy. In the long-term, you may grow from reaching say 1000 people each day to 5,000 or 100,000 by refining your strategy prototypically.

3. Make sure your website is “Pinnable”

To drive traffic to your website from random people, make your images “Pinnable”. This will call for you to actually place a hover button on every image in your site and consequently put relevant alt’ text to guide the Pinterest engine in classifying your content to the relevant searchers on their site. The effect of this is that all your site’s images will be linked to your Pinterest account, thus making it easier for visitors on your site to share your stuff on their Pinterest boards. Conversely, random people on Pinterest will stumble on your images to find your website or your Pinterest profile, bringing you more traffic.

4. Convert your Pinterest personal page to a business page

Some time ago, Pinterest added a business feature to their options on the personal Pinterest profile. Take advantage of this tool even if it looks just like the old Pinterest. Use the available analytics and the metrics to your advantage in learning and studying your audience. For instance, this can include your reach, the number of unique visitors, outbound clicks to your site etc. Design the boards to suit your business too. You can segment the boards according to the various areas of interest to your audience; that is, Products board, customer care board, brand board etc.

5. Run a contest!

Everybody loves freebies. Well this thirst for free stuff can be used to build your audience and to expose your brand to new frontiers by giving people rewards for doing stuff or sharing your content. There are many apps that you may use to run a contest but the most recommended are Woobox or Votigo. A contest will get you a great deal of followers in the process thus growing your audience significantly.

6. Be active on the network

Do not abandon your feed. Remember that this is the only thing of your business that enthusiastic follower might get in a day, so go ahead, update your pins, share some interesting stuff and be fun to follow! As a recommended standard, keep 20% of your pins commercial, 40% motivational and the other 40% entertaining. This way, you will not bore your audience as many newbie social marketers do.

7. Make custom infographics

Infographics are summarized versions of the information that your company may want to share to the world in diagram. Be sure to make it interesting as well as engaging and sharable. Keep the best parts as the nice statistics and milestones your brand has achieved or made. There are many online tools for creating such, but for a start, try visual.ly. It may be a great idea to make them thin and long to encourage people to click on the image to get to your site. You may also choose to keep the traffic on Pinterest and use the opportunity to build relationships with the instead.

8. Keep track of your competition

For the complete beginner, you may have run out of ideas on what to post. Do not fret. All you need to do is to get a glimpse of what your competitors are doing. More often than not, you will get up and running with a great idea of what you can do on your channel. If you feel your niche is too unique, you can always follow up with what top influencers are saying and repost or modify their ideas.

9. Go Multimedia!

Now Pinterest is mainly picture based, but it does not have to remain that way. It is always good to stand out. Since Pinterest supports Video links and podcast sharing, be sure to mix that up to spice up your boards. Always keep your boards different and enticing for your followers.

10. Place sales pins at the center of your board

The most important thing is to be smart with your positioning. On your boards for instance, always keep your promotional pins at the center of the screen. This way, your most important pins, as far as profits and brand is concerned will always end up to be the most visible to your visitors. This is your business after all and no matter how much you may want to conceal it, that is what brought you to Pinterest.

As shown, Pinterest can actually turn your business around by giving you a constant stream of quality traffic and possible some lucrative conversions. These ten tips will see your online influence catch the wave of a unique caliber of fans who will actually enjoy seeing your ads and buying your stuff. Enjoy your adventure!

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