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Top 10 Social Media Infographics to Take Note

Formed from the combination of the words Information and Graphics, Infographics is the new trend in capturing the mind of Internet users bombarded with competing demands on their attention. Graphics make difficult to assimilate or understand statistics more easily digestible and are more likely to move the reader to action than straight statistics. Consider the top 10 Social media Infographics presented here from last to first, covering the generalities of social media as well as a number of specific social media venues.

10). 10 Levels of Intimacy in Today’s Communication

Excellent for its social commentary presented in ultimate simplicity, two Pac Man faced silhouettes illustrate 10 means of communication, which they refer to as 10 Level’s of Intimacy in Today’s Communication, this Tumbler post takes the reader from Twitter, through Facebook, email, Text Messaging, Instant Messaging, to the more “primitive” forms of communication, that is the snail mail “letter”, cell phone, video chat and face to face talking. An excellent sociological commentary on emotional distance in communication towards intimacy that can have real-life implications in our day to day style and choices of communication.

9). The Complete Guide to Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing

Blogging Pro makes Search Engine Optimization easy to understand with its mega-Infographic The Complete Guide to Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing. This graphic covers every angle of the science of SEO with key words explained in text and graphics. Search Engine optimization is broken down into graphics illustrating link infrastructure, keywords, social media campaigns, PPC, and linkbait. Keyword Research, site architecture and structure, page optimization, link building, social media, SEO tactics, SEO vs PPC finds its way into this elaborate presentation. It is a good checklist for SEO guru wannabes and potential clients alike.

8). Food & Online Photo Sharing Trends

Mashable’s Business Editor, Todd Wasserman presents a mouth watering Infographic on those who choose to document the gustatory part of their lives, different ways that food is being photographed for upload on social media sites. The Twitter put-down “ A lot of people go online to talk about the sandwich they just ate”, is proven by the the millions taking cell phone pictures every day. “Food art”, “foodtography”, including a 25-hundred member “Foodtography” group on Flickr, and drawing attention to the website “Foodspotting”, Instagram’s photoblogging food trend, and the Foursquare photo-enabled version provide a popular format for uploading foods at every artistic level. Marketers should take note, and 360i comments that people are almost never in the food genre images, only 10% of food photos uploaded include humans, with brands mentioned in only 12% of the thousands of food images uploaded daily.

7).  Time Spent Statistics

Ever wonder how much time people spend on each Social Media platform? You don’t need to wonder any more In this well-developed Infographic on Media Street, the point is well covered. While user patterns are constantly shifting, this current analysis is of interest to anyone wanting to capitalize on user trends. Pinterest continues to grow with 5x hours per month than time spent on Twitter. Hours on Facebook are 135x that on Google+. Of the top 100 of the Ad Age advertisers, 100% have Facebook pages for their brands. And 61% surf the Web and channel surf on television concurrently.

6). Social Media 2013

Social Media Today takes it in another direction, highlighting useful social media facts that can help in focusing SEO efforts. Only 40% of marketers utilize Google+ while 70% desire to learn more, and 67% have plans to step up their Google+ campaigns. Did you know that 80% of Pinterest’s pins are actually re-pins?

5). Top 10 Failed Social Media Sites

Here’s an interesting twist, can you identify the Top 10 Failed Social Media Sites? Since we often learn more from failures than successes, it is worth taking a peek at this Search Engine Journal Infographic. While not all of the Social Media sites on their list are true failures, it can help you to direct your blows toward hitting the target rather than spinning your Online wheels.

4). 10 Most Popular Social Networks in 2013

Do you know the names of the 9 planets (or is it 8) in order? How about the 10 Most Popular Social Networks in 2013 in order? You don’t need to guess anymore. Visual.ly provides an easy to remember Infographic making the point. Why not test yourself first? While you might easily guess the top four, naming the next six may be challenging.

3). Who Really Uses LinkedIn?

Business Insider answers the question, Who Really Uses LinkedIn? from 2012 Statistics, with the lion’s share of LinkedIn users going to the 35-54 age group, and the over-55ers logging in 7.2% less than the 18-24 year old LinkedIn users. Other facts highlighted are company size, industry type, and a slight tilt towards male rather than female LinkedIners.

2). 22 Ways to Create Compelling Content

Getting Back to the Basics, using Infographics to illustrate pure Info, Copyblogger presents 22 Ways to Create Compelling Content from CopyBlogger discussing their favorite topic, creating content. How to get more results out of your archives, and how to reach new and different audiences are presented graphically. From Top 10 lists to Interviews, procuring Guest Post writers, Best Case Studies and Worst Case Scenarios, Reviews, Top Trends, Celebrities on-topic, there are lots of ideas here easily assimilated to dethaw the pens of bloggers with potential mindfreeze. Keep on bloggin!

1). Online in 60 Seconds Infographic

With trillions of bits and bytes flying about in hyperspace every minute, you may well ask, what actually happens every second throughout the known Internet universe. KJB de signets graphicques with help from search engine alternative Qmee provides the answer to that hitherto obscure question with its Qmee Online in 60 Seconds Infographic.

On Google , 2 Million Searches; Spotify – 14 new songs; 70 new domains are registered; 15 thousand iTunes tracks are downloaded; 347 new WordPress blogposts are posted;
571 new websites are created ; 17,000 transactions are made at Walmart;  20,000 new Tumbler photos are created; 204 million emails are sent; 3,600 photos are uploaded to Instagram; 11,000 active users buzz about on Pinterest; 11,000 professional searches on made on LinkedIn; Amazon makes 83,000 sales; 104,000 photos shared on Snapchat; 278,000 Twitter

s are

ed; 20 million photos are viewed on Flickr; 1.4 million minutes transpire connecting parties on Skype; Facebook posts are made at the rate of 41,000 posts per second; 72 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube. Fogetabouit, who can keep track of all that Online action.

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