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Top Ten Social Media Blogs

Social Media is commonly thought of as entertainment media. The reality, however, is much different. Social media should be thought of as marketing media before anything else.

Social media is commercial advertising 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Once that truth is understood, the next step is figuring out how to make social media work for your business and brand. Below are the 10 best social media marketing blogs and short explanations as to what makes them great.

1) Search Engine Land

This website is primarily geared toward increasing search engine ranking. Of all the things a company or brand can do for its social media campaign, moving it up in search engine ranking is probably the most important. Search Engine Land has an entire portion of its website designed for ”Social.” The information they provide is cutting-edge, reliable and productive.

2) SocialTimes

This website is a news source with tons, and tons, and tons of articles pertaining to social media. It posts articles about the current trends, the recent past and speculate about the distant — and not so — future. It is a wonderful resource for keeping up with and ahead of the world of social media.

3) Search Engine Journal

While the SocialTimes can almost be considered entertaining reading, the Search Engine Journal is a hard-core geek and guru publication that cuts out all the frill, can be extremely dry, but publishes incredibly important and progressive articles. Many of the articles are written by the same writers and many of them are simply must reads if you want to keep a handle on the second-to-second evolution of social media.

4) SocialMediaExaminer.com

The SocialMediaExaminer is a blog that targets practicality. Rather than talk about the latest trends or project future market paths, the Social Media Examiner offers real solutions to major questions. More importantly, it is geared toward every one from the neophyte of social media to the expert looking for small refinements.

5) SEOmoz Blog

Moz is actually a company that offers search engine optimization tools. In addition, the Moz blog is written by Moz employees. That means that the information they write not only reflects their writing and research, but their ability to do their job. Moz blogs have a very high incentive to write pertinent articles. As a result, the Moz blog is an excellent way to find valuable SEO information for your social media platform.

6) SocialMediaToday.com

This website is designed not just for SEO, but for PR, marketing and advertising through social media. The blog post on SocialMediaToday informs readers about advancing and declining platforms, the latest and greatest tools and the companies and engineers that are leading the way.

7) Socialnomics.net

As the name describes, Socialnomics is a website that posts blogs and information about the economic climate of social media. Subjects include everything from which industries are using social media the most — Las Vegas for example — to how human emotions change the social media landscape.

8) MarketingTechnologyBlog

This is a website that is focused almost solely on the technology behind social media. For the latest trends, social media tool and platform fixes and the best means of all of your social media tools work together, MarketingTechnologyBlog.com is an excellent resource.

9) Matt Cutts

Cutts is a man that has very few contributing authors. Almost all the content on his blog is original work by him. In addition to blogs about ”gadgets, Google and SEO,” he also creates a variety of videos explaining methods and practices for marketing.

10) BrianSolis.com

Solis is a best selling author whose blog is focused on disruptive technology. As an anthropologist as well as a digital analyst, he studies the effects of social media, the responsibilities of both the industry and the consumer and addresses the consequences social media has on individuals, corporations and the world at large.

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