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Top Ten Social Media Marketing University Programs

In today’s fast paced world, there are few marketing strategies as important as an active social media profile. This means that corporations need qualified professionals to run these kinds of campaigns. But how does one become qualified? By enrolling in a social media marketing university program. This is a list of the best programs, both online and in person, to ensure that you are prepared to help companies with this vital marketing strategy.

1. Rutgers

With a fully online program, Rutgers has one of the best-attended and useful programs available. Students graduate with accreditations and the online classes let them learn at their own pace.

2. San Francisco State University

The program’s focus is the right way to use social media, along with a thorough introduction into the different types of social media.

3. Southern New Hampshire University

Another social media marketing university package availably entirely online, SNHU dives into networking online head first, which quick introductions to each network’s advertising platforms, and then training individuals to craft and implement effective campaigns.

4. Northwestern

Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management was one of the first to jump into social media, with plenty of hands-on experience, as well as theoretical training.

5. University of Miami

This program strives to not only allow its graduates to add another line to their resumes, but really understand the business of social media networking, training its students in the online forum to use the internet to reach out to potential customers.

6. Syracuse

Syracuse recognizes that social media is not only an advertising opportunity, but also a great industry to find a job. Those who specialize in their social media training courses, are trained both in marketing and in consumer ideology.

7. University of Delaware

This program is designed to help those already employed in the marketing field to develop this vital talent. Recognizing that many recent graduates in the rising generation of workers know intuitively how to operate social media, and that it is vital for all to learn those skills.

8. Lewis University

As a version of their standard business degree, students in this social media marketing university class concentrate on the mindset of the digital consumer, and how to best cater to their needs and desires through social media, while avoiding tell-tale amateur mistakes.

9. New York University

NYU has incorporated a vital social media aspect into both their marketing and public relations degrees, empowering students in both fields to make the most of this platform, no matter the message.

10. Harvard

Harvard, just like Northwestern, was one of the first universities to offer a social media emphasis in their marketing degrees. As a specialty available to their marketing and management students, Harvard’s program focuses on strategizing for the online user and adapting to new trends as they come.

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