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Top Ten Social Media Sites

Global traffic is a great means of establishing who the big boys are in social media. Although there are many aspects to a site that make it popular, traffic numbers do not lie. That being said, each platform promotes a different and unique experience for the user and thus many people find one more preferable to the other. Whatever your needs, here are the top ten that you can choose from, or collect the whole set!

1. Facebook

Everyone knows that Facebook is the kingpin in all of social media, so naturally, it tops the list. There has been speculation, however, just how long it may remain on top. Advertising has been ravaging feeds and causing some grumbling. However, it still ranks number one in terms of traffic, and the vast array of activities available on the site exceed that of any other. With over 800,000,000 million viewers per month, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

2. Twitter

Despite holding the second spot on our list for social media sites, Twitter pales in comparison. Its monthly viewers reach just over 250,000,000, but still that’s nothing to shake a stick about. The micro blogging platform is particularly favored by celebrities and offers the best chance in terms of marketing value. The convoluted nature of Facebook allows for the simplistic format of Twitter to be closely on its heels. Twitter seems to have even formed its own lexicon, with terms like “hashtag” entering mainstream culture. See : Hashtag earrings.

3. LinkedIn

This site sees approximately 200,000,000 unique visitors a month, so it’s a close third to Twitter. LinkedIn’s niche is that it caters to professionals and creates a business driven atmosphere. This in turn offers robust business networking opportunities unlike any other platforms. It is available in 20 different languages and also serves as a job marketplace.

4. Google+

Perhaps the youngest on our list of sites, it is still the most threatening. Since its inception in 2011, it has collected more than 350 million active users. In addition, the site sees on average 150,000,000 unique visitors a month, and is employing various new concepts that no other platform has tried. This includes design concepts like “circles,” in which you can group people together in separate places, and then selectively share. Some criticize Google+ for being slightly invasive, but it gains momentum every day in terms of new and curious people.

5. Pinterest

This site is usually frequented by women, and is largely based on images “pinned” to various boards of interest. However, as simple as that sounds, it is hugely popular. Every month it sees about 140,500,000 unique visitors and is often involved in the planning of important life events like weddings and parties. Massively inspirational, it is not surprising to see it make the top ten list of social media sites.

6. Tumblr

Originally a blogger’s paradise, Tumblr has gained momentum in the last few years. It makes the list at number 6 with 125,000,000 different people logging in every month. As of 2013, it plays host to over 145,000 million blogs. That’s a lot of people writing about their life. This platform is also different in the sense that many people post on life events in a more elaborate and involved fashion, rather than 140 characters of sporadic thought.

7. Flickr

Ebizmba, which base these numbers off of reports from several analytical web companies like Alexa, rates Flickr as number 7 on the list of unique monthly users, with approximately 67,000,000 people logging in. Considered an image and video hosting website, over 3.5 million images are uploaded by people on a daily basis. Flickr was started in 2004 and originally created to assist in the development of a video game called ‘Game Neverending.”

8. VK

Although somewhat an unknown in the states, VK is one of the top ten social media sites in the world. It has over 100 million users in Europe and sees a whopping 65,400,000 unique users every month. Very similar to the Facebook format, it is highly popular in Russia and the Ukraine. VK stands for “VKontakte” which literally translates to “InContact.” Alexa rates VK #23 in the top 500 websites in the world.

9. Instagram

Much like Pinterest or Flickr, Instagram brings people together through pictures and photos. People can share, upload, and edit, on a candid basis. It makes sense how popular this platform is getting, given the fast nature of the world today. The site sees on average 50,000,000 unique users per month. The editing capabilities of the program are what really set it apart from similar social media websites.

10. DeviantArt

Perhaps the most creative on the list, and maybe somewhat unexpected, DeviantArt is an online community for artists to share and discuss each other’s works. Rounding out the theme of visually stimulating networking arenas, it sees about 35,000,000 unique users per month. It has over 25 million members and currently has about 246 million original submission of art. First launched in 2000, it is headquartered in Hollywood, CA.

Although this particular list is primarily focused on numbers, there are many other lists on the vast worldwide web that would beg to differ about what the ten truly best social networking platforms are. No matter what the list, or the size of the numbers, if the program fits your needs and lifestyle best, then that is the social network you should choose.

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