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Top Ten Social Media Tips to Gain Popularity

Ever wonder how some people are able to generate so much traffic on social media networks? These people have created a popular brand. Brand is a marketing term that basically refers to identity. The good news is that you too can create a brand. The following are tips we learned from people who have rose to popularity on social media networks.

1. Create a Memorable Name

It’s the first item people have to create when signing up for a social media account, but it is probably given the least amount of attention. The first of this list of top ten social media tips is to simply create a catchy name that embodies your message, passion, or interests. While you can usually change your name, it is a good idea to pick one and stick to it.

2. Make a Grand Entrance

This is definitely the most important of all the top ten social media tips to help you become more popular. Your profile is your opportunity to tell the world all about you. The information you are able to share varies across networks, but make sure what you share conveys your message. For example, if your message is comedic, your profile better have some humor.

3. Get Connected

There are numerous social networks. You don’t have to join them all, but the more you join, the greater your potential to connect with more people.

4. Post, Post, Post

People need to hear your voice. Posting on a regular basis is the best way to communicate your message or brand. Keep your audience in mind when posting a new update. Is 3 a.m. really the best time to share your message?

5. Be Responsive

When people post comments to information you’ve posted, respond. Let them know you’re paying attention and not simply posting to get attention.

6. Add Some Hash

If you haven’t gotten the hang of hashtags, now is the time to learn. Time is a valuable commodity on the Internet. Using hashtags when posting information allows people who skim for relevant content to find you.

7. Spread the Love

Commenting on topics that other people post or sharing their videos can expose you to new people. Go beyond basic comments such as “Wow” or “That’s cool!” Make your comments interesting, entertaining, or whatever you do best. The goal is to generate interest in you. .

8. Stay Current

No one likes old news. It doesn’t matter if your brand is about the disco era or the next presidential election, make sure the content you post is current and relevant.

9. Add Visuals

You know the old adage about pictures? It’s true. This is one of the top ten social media tips with a two-fold benefit. Adding images to your social media experience can generate more interest in your brand and bring new arrivals up to speed. People who are new to your site can learn about you quickly by looking back at photos you’ve added.

10. Get Personal

Rounding out this list of top ten social media tips is a touchy subject. Offering a glimpse into your personal life can connect you to other people in ways you may have never imagined. A great way to do this is to post a video that exposes a personal side of you. You don’t have to get too personal, a glimpse is sufficient. For example, a crafter may share a video of their work area. Make it interesting!

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