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Top Ten Tips to Increase Twitter Followers

Followers on social media such as Facebook and Twitter are now coveted by both businesses as well as individuals. It helps companies to expand their base exponentially through such employees who have an extensive network. On a personal level, such strength of followers of any person indicates like-minded views and consequently brevity in thinking apart from the “usual” thinking process. Effectively, there is some credibility established about the person and others including prospective employers start trusting or valuing this person with so many Twitter followers.

Here is a list of 10 ways to increase Twitter followers:

1.  Create Content

Creating content randomly will not suffice. The person who desires an increase in the number of Twitter followers would have to sit for a few months regularly and be active there. Content is obviously in the form of tweets and posts. More tweets and posts are directly proportionate to more content and more followers. It is necessary to become familiar with the platform-specific ways of responding such as using hashtags, and way of replying.

2.  Respond to


This will prompt them to tweet to your comments and some relationship on other matters too will eventually develop.  If you belong to any industry, look for posts and tweets of others from same industry. But this does not mean ignore others who tweet on your post or tweet. Try to reciprocate as much as possible as this helps everybody. It is pretty much like you scratch my back, I scratch yours phenomenon.

3.  Inspiring Quotes Help

People often read such quotes because, in some way, everybody can do with such words of wisdom. At times, they strike a chord based on the situation the person is facing. It also indicates the sensitivity of the person who comes up with such posts and tweets.

4.  Timing when you

Usually, people use peak hours for tweeting. There are always some pockets of time available during working hours, and they are best-utilized tweeting. This is the reason more people tweet during working hours, more specifically between morning 10 am and afternoon 4 pm.

5.  Hashtags are there for a Reason

Twitter users often search for topics of their interest using the hashtags. This is the reason using such tags will be of great help to draw other people to posts or tweets.

6.  Import Contacts from other Sites

Contacts available on professional sites such as LinkedIn can be introduced on Twitter through email. For this, the “settings” option in LinkedIn is used. The contacts on LinkedIn can be converted into email addresses using the “export your contacts” option. The .CSV file can be added to other email addresses, which can then be transferred to Twitter account. The procedure seems to be long, but all existing contacts will be included in the process. If you use Twitter on a mobile device, ensure that you have an antivirus for Android or iOS device while you are exporting and importing such contact addresses.

7.  Twitter Recommendations

Twitter recommends whom you should follow. Following such people opens new network of followers. It is possible to expand the network of followers by following followers of followers as well.

8.  Add Twitter Links on other Online and Offline Content

You might want to add your Twitter link at the end of your email, on the profile page of your Facebook, and even your blog. This increases your presence on the net, and ensures that anybody who wants to know you better knows where to begin.

9.  Retweeting Helps Too

Retweeting is like geometric progression. Followers who choose to retweet your post or tweet would invariably be showing it to people who do not know you as yet. If interests match, then chances are that such people will drop in to know you better and may become your followers. This is the reason posts on such sites and any tweets and retweets should make some impact.

10.  Create a Good Avatar

People visiting your profile should find it interesting and not something ordinary or even unprofessional. The profile page, therefore, has the potential to convert the visitor into a follower.

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