Tower Defense Simulator Discord Server – The Ultimate Guide for TDS Fans

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Do you love playing Tower Defense Simulator on Roblox? Looking for an amazing community of fellow TDS fanatics? Then you need to join the official Tower Defense Simulator Discord server!

As a long-time TDS player and Discord expert, I‘ve put together this comprehensive 2800+ word guide to give you an in-depth look at everything this incredible Discord server has to offer. I‘ll provide tons of insider info and tips to help you make the most of this essential hub for all things TDS.

Whether you‘re a new player looking to improve your skills or a seasoned veteran wanting to connect with other experienced towers, the TDS Discord has you covered. Let‘s dive in!

An Introduction to Tower Defense Simulator and Discord

Before we get into the server specifics, let‘s briefly go over what Tower Defense Simulator and Discord are all about for any newbies reading this.

What is Tower Defense Simulator?

Tower Defense Simulator (or TDS for short) is one of the most popular tower defense games on Roblox. It was initially released in early 2019 by Planet3arth and has since amassed a staggering 1.8 billion visits!

The goal in TDS is to work with teammates to set up defenses and take on waves of zombies. There are dozens of unique towers you can place that shoot, smash, freeze, and burn the enemies. By killing zombies, you earn coins to upgrade your towers and purchase new ones.

The waves get harder and harder, culminating in intense boss battles against the likes of the Molten Boss and Fallen King. Along the way, you level up, unlock skins, play various modes like Hardcore, and ultimately beat as many levels as you can survive!

It‘s an incredibly fun and challenging co-op experience that keeps you coming back. But as you quickly learn, communication and teamwork are critical to succeeding in TDS.

What is Discord?

This is where Discord comes in! Discord is a free chatting app that lets communities come together through text, voice, and video. It was originally made for gamers but is now used by over 150 million users each month for all kinds of topics.

Discord servers are dedicated spaces focused around specific games like TDS. They contain tons of chat rooms and channels for different discussions. Discord is filled with cool features like roles, emojis, profile customization, and more.

It provides the perfect way for TDS players to hang out, chat about the game, team up, get help, and overall build an amazing gaming community.

Why Join the TDS Discord Server?

Joining the official TDS Discord server enhances the game exponentially. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Meet and play with passionate TDS fans from around the world
  • Get pro tips and strategies from experienced players
  • Stay updated on new codes, events, and updates
  • Share your own towers, tactics, and creations
  • Participate in giveaways, tournaments, and activities
  • Enjoy fan art, memes, discussions, and conversations
  • Become part of the TDS community and make friends!

So if you love TDS, the Discord server is a must-join. Now let‘s get into everything you need to know about navigating and thriving in this incredible server.

Joining the TDS Discord Server

To join the official TDS Discord server, simply use this invite link:

I recommend joining directly on a desktop/laptop if possible rather than mobile, just so your first experience is optimal. Once you click the link, you‘ll have to accept the invite and verify your Roblox account.

This verification step is important to prevent raiding and ban evasion. You need to prove you actually play TDS on Roblox.

Verifying with RoVer

In the #verification-n-get-roles channel, you‘ll see instructions for verifying with RoVer. Essentially, you click the button that says "Verify Me" and allow it to sync up your Discord account with your Roblox profile.

RoVer verification button

Once successfully connected, you‘ll gain full access to the server! The verification usually only takes a few seconds.

Assigning Yourself Roles

Another important step once you join is assigning roles for yourself in the #roles channel. Roles allow you to add labels like your pronouns, region, tower preference, and more.

This helps people get to know you better on the server. To add a role, just click the corresponding emoji below the role name. Make sure to set your region so people know your timezone.

Some other optional roles you can pick include:

  • Pronouns
  • Tower/skin preferences
  • Casual/hardcore
  • New player
  • Looking for party (LFP)

Spending a few minutes to properly set up your profile with nicknames and roles helps you get integrated into the community faster.

Overview of Channels

Now that you‘re a verified member, it‘s time to explore the wide variety of text and voice channels on the TDS Discord server. Here‘s a quick overview:


This is the most important channel to follow as it contains latest codes, update notes directly from developers, beta testing opportunities, and more. Having it pinned ensures you never miss important news.


The most active chat channel where you can discuss anything TDS-related. Share strategies, complain about Molten bosses, ask for teammates, and chat about the game here with 470k fellow fans.


For in-depth discussions about which towers work best on certain maps, ideal loadouts, hidden pathing tricks, and analyzing enemies. This channel is great for learning pro tips.


All about skins! Chat about new and upcoming skins, share your loadout fashion, ask which skins are rarest, and more. One of the livelier channels.


Get advice and share your experiences attempting creative challenge runs like solo fallen, no towers selling, no scouts, only emotes, and other fun rulesets.


Take a break from talking just TDS here. Have casual chats about your day, other hobbies, memes, or literally anything. Channel to just hang out and get to know other members.


Join in on voice chat, find teammates, hang out, and coordinate during matches in this channel. Just keep noise levels down out of courtesy.

There are SO many more channels like #fan-creations, #community-collabs, #chat-games, #support, #roblox-chat and specialized channels for other languages, different regions, trading, and more. Spend time exploring them all!

Here‘s a quick server stats snapshot:

Discord Server Stats
Total Members 470,000+
Text Channels 50+
Voice Channels 15+
Most Popular Channel #general
Roles 400+
Online Record 15,000+ users

With so many members and channels, the TDS Discord is very active. But it‘s organized so you can focus just on channels suited for you.

Benefits and Key Features

Now that you have a lay of the land, what can you actually get out of joining this server as a TDS player? Here are some of the standout benefits and features:

Get Codes for Free Items

One of the best perks of the server is gaining instant access to codes for in-game rewards!

Whenever new TDS codes drop, they get posted in #game-announcements right away. You can quickly redeem them for free coins, gems, experience, and more! This channel is always buzzing whenever new codes release during updates.

Having a direct line to fresh codes that usually get used up fast is a huge bonus alone. But there are plenty more perks too:

Participate in Giveaways & Contests

The server hosts frequent giveaways and creative contests with prizes up for grabs.

There are regular role raffles where members with certain roles can win robux or discord nitro. For hitting milestones, they often do huge robux giveaways.

Contest-wise, you‘ll see build challenges, fan art contests around new skins, fastest molten solo competitions, and more. These events are fun ways to engage with the community.

Compete in Tournaments

For more competitive players, you can test your skills in the server‘s tournaments for bragging rights and robux prizes.

They host frequent 2v2 tournaments where you enter with a partner and see who can get farthest on various map difficulties and modes. Make sure to coordinate tower synergies and strategies closely with your partner.

Solo tournaments for skilled individual players are hosted too, like fastest molten solo contests. These tournaments offer great practice and you can meet other skilled players.

LFG Channels to Find Teammates

One of the hardest parts of TDS can be finding good teammates rather than relying on random public small servers.

But the Discord makes teaming up easy with LFG (looking for group) channels tailored to different experience levels and regions. You can quickly coordinate ideal tower loadouts and win more matches with communication.

The LFG channels give TDS a more social co-op experience. Plus, you‘ll naturally make new Discord friends by playing regularly with the same people.

Learn Strategies from the Experts

With 470,000+ members, the server has no shortage of experienced TDS pros eager to share their knowledge.

The #towers-and-enemies channel in particular offers a treasure trove of in-depth tower placement tips, hidden pathing tricks, and loadout metas. You‘ll learn so much reading discussions and asking questions here.

Whether you need help beating Molten mode or want to optimize your Scouts on Crossroads, Discord veterans will guide you. Your skills will grow way faster.

Stay Up to Date on Everything

No matter what major TDS news is happening, the Discord will keep you in the loop.

Whenever new codes, updates, skins, events, or announcements drop, Discord is the first place to know. It‘s the hub of the TDS community.

You‘ll never feel left out or behind again on the latest releases, meta changes, beta tests, and more. #game-announcements and #update-discussion channels have you covered.

Share and View Fan Creations

One amazing part of the Discord is all the fan content created by the talented TDS community. In the #fan-creations channel, you‘ll find:

  • Tower concepts and ideas
  • Skin concepts and renders
  • Funny TDS memes and comics
  • Decorated base screenshots
  • Solo fallen and hardcore mode wins
  • Creative challenge runs
  • Montages and gameplay videos
  • Homemade animations
  • Impressive fan art of skins and towers
  • Creative writing like stories and fanfiction
  • Cosplays of skins like Gladiator and Golden Commando
  • 3D printed towers and terrain
  • Custom-made merch like t-shirts
  • Music like parody songs
  • Mods and custom maps

And much more! It‘s amazing seeing what fans produce. Make sure to also share your own creations and comment on others‘ work.

Developer Interaction

An awesome aspect about the Discord is the opportunity to interact directly with TDS developers and admins.

Rather than hoping your feedback gets seen, you can directly share suggestions in #feedback-and-suggestions and even vote on ideas. The devs actively participate in discussions and listen to the community‘s opinions.

You can also alert them quickly to any bugs or issues you encounter through the report channels. Or if you ever need help, you can @ the friendly mods.

Overall, it brings you closer than ever to the people behind Tower Defense Simulator.

Fun Community Activities

In addition to talking TDS strategy and game updates, the Discord also hosts fun community activities to bring members together:

  • Movie/Gaming Nights – Watch a movie together or play a different co-op game like Fortnite or Minecraft. Great way to hang out.

  • Chat Games – Play casual chat games like Would Your Rather, Two Truths and a Lie, and more.

  • Build Contests – Compete to build the most impressive, creative, or meme-worthy TDS bases.

  • Trivia – Test your TDS knowledge in Kahoot trivia nights.

  • Polls & Discussions – Weigh in on polls about favorite skins, hardest enemies, ideal towers, and other divisive topics.

Events like these help you get to know other members and make friends beyond just talking TDS strategy. There‘s always something happening in this vibrant community.

Rules, Moderators, and Staying Positive

With well over 400k users, heavy moderation is needed to keep the server feeling safe and fun for everyone. Members are expected to follow the server rules and be respectful.

Moderators deal with punishments like mutes, kicks, and bans. Serious or repeated offenses lead to permanent bans.

Some key rules include:

  • No NSFW content
  • No spamming irrelevant/repetitive messages
  • No toxicity like insults, discrimination, or harassment
  • No advertising other servers or selling accounts
  • No drama, provoking arguments, or raiding
  • Follow channel topics and don‘t troll
  • No impersonating staff
  • No leaking private info or photos
  • Other common sense rules

The full rules are in #server-info so make sure to read them. Just use basic etiquette and you‘ll be fine. The mod team does great work swiftly dealing with any toxicity or drama so the server stays positive.

In your interactions, be helpful, friendly, and understanding. Avoid arguments if you receive a warning – mods are just enforcing rules. Instead, learn from it.

With so many genuine TDS lovers in one place, this server manages to stay incredibly fun, welcoming, and tight-nit. It‘s all about good vibes!

Making the Most of the Server

Hopefully by now I‘ve conveyed just how special the TDS Discord community is. Here are my top tips for getting the most out of your time here:

  • Review Server Info – Take time to read channels like #server-info, #faq, and #rules to avoid issues.

  • Set Roles – Personalize your profile with region, pronouns, LFG status, and other relevant roles.

  • Follow Announcements – Don‘t miss important updates, codes, events! Keep #game-announcements pinned.

  • Share Your Knowledge – Offer advice to new players and share your own pro tips in strategy channels.

  • Meet New Players – Queue up with random Discord members and make new TDS friends. Find teammates in LFG channels.

  • Contribute Content – Post your fan art, videos, tower ideas, and other creations. Engage with others‘ content.

  • Be Active – Chat in discussions, react to posts, participate in activities. Don‘t just lurk!

  • Have Fun – At the end of the day, gaming communities should be fun! So kick back and enjoy talking TDS.

  • Invite Friends – Get your other TDS-loving friends to join the server so you can all experience it together.

Testimonials from TDS Discord Members

Here are some first-hand reviews on why TDS players love the Discord server so much:

"Joining the TDS Discord changed the game for me. I went from struggling in Fallen to beating Molten Solo in a week thanks to all the amazing tips from players way more skilled than me. This server is a must-join." – Tyler D.

"As a new TDS player, the veterans on Discord taught me so much about strategy I never would have discovered on my own. Plus coordinating loadouts and playing as a well-oiled team is so much more fun and effective." – Amy W.

"I mostly enjoy all the fan art and activity in the chat. It feels like I‘m part of this awesome creative community, even if I just casually play TDS myself. Definitely livens up the experience." – Jacob R.

"Even as someone who‘s beaten every map on hardcore, I learn new optimal tower placements and meta strategies from the Discord everyday. You can never stop improving your game." – Brandon G.

"The Discord got me way more into TDS. Chatting and competing with other passionate fans takes the game to another level. Love seeing what fellow towers come up with." – Samantha P.

"As a moderator, I‘m constantly impressed by all the positivity and camaraderie in the server. With so many members, it‘s amazing how we cultivate such a friendly and welcoming space." – Zoe W.


That sums up the ultimate guide to everything amazing about the Tower Defense Simulator Discord server! This close-knit community hub enhances the game exponentially and is essential for all TDS fans.

To recap, you can chat and connect with fellow passionate players, team up in matches, get pro strategies and tips, share fan creations, participate in events and contests, hang out in voice channels, stay updated on game news, and make lifelong friends who love TDS as much as you.

So if you haven‘t already, join the server today at! See you in the game along with 400k+ other TDS fanatics. Let‘s team up, beat some Moltens, grind for Glad skins, reminisce about old Towers, and geek out about all things TDS together!


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.