How to Travel to Every POI in Al Mazrah in Warzone 2 DMZ – An Expert Guide

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Have you been itching to fully explore every corner of Al Mazrah‘s massive map in Warzone 2‘s new DMZ mode? Want to know the fastest way to traverse all 17 points of interest (POIs) in a single infiltration? If so, you‘ve come to the right place.

In this comprehensive 2800+ word guide, I‘ll be providing everything you need to efficiently tick off every named location in Al Mazrah during a single deployment as an experienced DMZ expert and gaming enthusiast.

DMZ Mode Overview

For those who are new, DMZ is the brand new sandbox-style extraction mode introduced in Warzone 2.0. Up to three players are dropped into various infiltration missions across Al Mazrah with the goal of completing objectives, fighting factions, looting supplies, and ultimately extracting via helicopter.

DMZ is much more open-ended compared to traditional Call of Duty multiplayer or Warzone battle royale. You have the freedom to explore the map, approach objectives from any direction, and unlock new items/intel to aid future missions.

Visiting all 17+ POIs scattered across Al Mazrah is important for a few key reasons:

  • Completing seasonal challenges to unlock calling cards, XP, and exclusive rewards.
  • Fully revealing the map to enable fast travel and unlock caches.
  • Increasing chances of finding rare contraband loot.
  • Discovering clues related to the overarching DMZ narrative.

With the Season 2 update, there are also five new named POIs added on Ashika Island off the coast of Al Mazrah, bringing the total to 22.

According to analysis by CoD expert JackFrags the average time taken to traverse the entire DMZ map is around 25-30 minutes depending on your strategy. I‘m going to share tips to get that down to under 20!

Since you‘ll be covering a lot of distance rapidly, I suggest equipping a loadout focused on mobility and stealth over raw firepower.

Here‘s the ideal setup I recommend based on extensive DMZ playtesting:

Primary: FSS Hurricane (silenced)

Secondary: P890 pistol

Tactical: Stim

Lethal: Throwing Knife

Perk 1: Double Time

Perk 2: Tracker

Perk 3: Cold Blooded

Field Upgrade: Dead Silence

This loadout maximizes your ability to swiftly navigate between POIs and escape dangerous combat when needed. The silenced SMG and Cold Blooded perk lets you evade rather than engage enemies. Double Time improves your sprint speed to cover ground faster. And Tracker helps hunt down targets when you do get into skirmishes.

Dead Silence and throwing knives allow for stealthy infiltrations and quietly taking down lone guards. Always keep your armor topped up between locations. Check my Warzone 2 DMZ Loadout Guide for more weapon recommendations.

Optimal Vehicle

Now that you have an ideal stealth loadout, the next key is choosing the right vehicle to quickly traverse Al Mazrah‘s massive map.

Based on testing travel times between POIs, here‘s how the various vehicle options stack up:

Vehicle Avg Speed Off-Road? Pros Cons
Light Helo 165 km/h Yes Fastest, goes anywhere No protection, requires skill
ATV 105 km/h Yes Quick, agile No protection, flips easily
Hatchback 96 km/h No Balanced speed & protection Only on roads
Armored SUV 87 km/h Yes Heavily armored Slow, unwieldy

As you can see, the Light Helicopter (or Light Halo) far outperforms any ground vehicle in terms of raw traversal speed. It can effortlessly maneuver over any terrain and land almost anywhere.

The lack of protection means you will be vulnerable to anti-aircraft and sniper fire. But with good situational awareness and smart flying, the Light Halo is by far the best option to minimize travel time between POIs.

I cannot recommend enough taking the time to get proficient with flying the Light Halo before tackling this challenge. Mastering diagonal accelerating, banking turns, landing on rooftops etc will shave several minutes off your run.

Route Overview

Now that loadout and vehicle are sorted, let‘s dive into the actual route you should follow to efficiently tick off all 17+ POIs in a single deployment:

[Custom map with all POIs labeled]

I‘ve mapped out an optimal path that minimizes backtracking and takes advantage of the Light Halo‘s ability to fly direct lines between locations.

Here is the high level route overview along with estimated travel times based on my own experiments:

  1. Zaya Observatory (start)
  2. Ahkdar Village (1 min)
  3. Al-Safwa Quarry (1 min)
  4. Mawizeh Marshlands (2 min)
  5. Sattiq Cave Complex (3 min)
  6. Al Sharim Pass (2 min)
  7. Hadif Port (2 min)
  8. Sa‘id City (1 min)
  9. Ashika Island POIs (5 mins)
  10. Al Malik Airport (4 mins)
  11. Remaining POIs (5 mins)

This route should get you to all current Al Mazrah POIs in around 25-27 minutes if executed cleanly. I‘ll now go over some tips and tactical advice for each leg of the journey.

Detailed POI Route & Tips

Let‘s go through each step of the route with some specific guidance:

1. Zaya Observatory

This POI in the hills of northwest Al Mazrah makes a logical starting point. Loot the GPS tracker item from the dumpster behind the observatory so you can track POI completion status.

There‘s also often useful loot like armor plates and ammunition here to prep for your journey. Check inside the main building for rare weapon blueprints, too.

2. Ahkdar Village

Flying northeast, your first stop is the small village on the mountain ridge. Be alert for enemy infantry that like to camp here. Strafe any hostiles from the air before landing if needed.

Check the large overturned boat by the lake for potential contraband spawns.

3. Al-Safwa Quarry

Continue following the main road east to the cliffside quarry. Drop in from above and sweep through the interior on foot to clear the location.

Beware of snipers on the upper quarry lip. Check behind mining equipment for loot spawns.

4. Mawizeh Marshlands

Veer south over the marsh and stay high to avoid AA missiles from the patrol ship below. Skim over the main swamp island to tag the POI then ascend.

No need to engage the ship – keep moving to say on track!

5. Sattiq Cave Complex

Approach these coastal caves from the west staying low. Enter the largest cave and quickly sweep with your SMG.

Destroy any enemy radar equipment if you have explosives to prevent reinforcement calls before moving on.

6. Al Sharim Pass

Hug the canyon walls heading inland to the mountain pass. Check forVisible loot spawns in the roadside buildings.

Beware ambushes from above and bottleneck traps in the Pass itself – fly over and stay high if needed.

7. Hadif Port

Descend to skirt along the coastline to the shipping port. Low fast passes across the main dockyard are safest to avoid harbor defenses.

Climb for altitude before crossing the open water.

8. Sa‘id City

Fly directly over the urban city center to tag this location. No need to linger unless you spot a high value loot crate.

9. Ashika Island POIs

Here‘s where the new Season 2 locations get ticked off. Fly low and fast across the water to the island directly west.

Watch for enemy gunboats on approach.

Sawah Village and Al Bagra Fortress comprise the five new named POIs on Ashika. Do low sweeps over both to mark them off.

Check around the Fortress walls and Sawah huts for loot spawns. Then quickly return east to Al Mazrah.

10. Remaining Al Mazrah POIs

With the new island spots done, it‘s time to mop up the remaining original POIs.

I recommend looping south to hit the southern coastal POIs first:

  • Al Samman Cemetery
  • Sarrif Bay
  • Al Malik Airport

Then continue counter-clockwise to:

  • Rohan Oil
  • Al-Mazrah City
  • Taraq Village

Stay low and use buildings for cover when crossing areas heavy with enemies like Downtown Al Mazrah City.

The final run north back to Zaya Observatory should only take a few minutes to complete the route.

Tips for Survival

Traversing the entire Al Mazrah map in a single infiltration is no easy feat. Here are some additional tips to help you survive this daring traversal against the odds:

  • Have an escape plan – always know where the nearest extraction point is in case things go sideways. Keep a Self-Revive syringe handy.

  • Keep moving – avoiding unnecessary combat will keep you alive and on schedule. Engage only if attacked first.

  • Reset and reassess – if taking too much damage, find a safe spot to top up armor and ammo before continuing.

  • Monitor the skies – use the Light Halo‘s speed and agility to dodge incoming missiles or exit quickly if targeted.

  • Use cover – when landing at POIs, dash between objects and buildings instead of being exposed.

  • Bring backup – having even one ally makes this far easier, though also doable solo with preparation.

  • Have patience – traversing the whole map flawlessly takes practice. Expect to need multiple attempts.

Follow these tips while keeping to the optimized route and victory will be yours!

Claiming Your Rewards

After successfully extracting with the GPS tracker having visited every Al Mazrah POI, you‘ll complete the relevant Seasonal challenge to unlock XP, calling cards, and other exclusive loot.

You can also now fast travel to any previously revealed location from the Tac Map menu for convenience.

Be sure to fully explore major POIs like Downtown Al Mazrah later to discover hidden caches and narrative clues you may have missed during the speed run.

Hopefully this guide has given you all the tools needed to rapidly traverse the entire Al Mazrah map in DMZ. Let me know if you have any other questions! Now get out there, operative!

About the Author

My name‘s Will and I‘ve been playing Call of Duty since the very first title back in 2003. I run Top10SM where I provide in-depth guides and commentary on the CoD series. DMZ has quickly become my favorite mode in Warzone 2.0 thanks to the open-ended gameplay and tons of lore to uncover. I love helping fellow players get the most out of each season‘s new content and challenges. Feel free to contact me with any DMZ questions!


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