How to "Complete the trial of the Phantasmal Seed" in Genshin Impact

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☀️ Hey friend, stuck trying to complete the trial of the Phantasmal Seed in Genshin Impact? Not sure where to even start with this mystical forest puzzle? As a long-time fan of Genshin Impact, I‘ve uncovered every secret the world of Teyvat has to offer, so let me guide you through mastering this magical trial. 🧚‍♂️

🔹 How to "Complete the trial of the Phantasmal Seed" in Genshin Impact

The trial of the Phantasmal seed takes places in the northernmost forest of Sumeru, called Vanarana. This area houses ancient nature spirits called the Aranara, along with their leader Rana. To complete the trial, you‘ll need to traverse Rana‘s dreamworld by playing a mystical melody that unlocks the way forward.

It‘s not as simple as just strumming a lyre though! The puzzle requires carefully following a winding forest path while manipulating dream magic through music and grappling. You‘ll even make offerings to appease the Aranara.

With the right techniques, you‘ll conquer the trial in no time. Let‘s dive into the mystical woods and I‘ll walk you through it step-by-step!

🔹 Step 1: Equip an Enchanted Lyre

Start by opening your inventory and equipping an enchanted lyre. I highly recommend the Vintage Lyre obtained during the Aranyaka questline in Sumeru. Other lyres can work, but may not be properly tuned for the trial. The Vintage Lyre guarantees you‘ll hit the right notes.

Once equipped, head to the beam of light in Vanarana to trigger a cutscene introducing the mystical trial.

🔹 Step 2: Play the Melody

After the cutscene, your objective becomes playing the Rhythm of the Great Dream on your lyre. Stand in the designated spot and watch the notes on your lyre‘s scale light up in a specific order. Play the notes in this exact sequence by selecting them:

Fa, Mi, So, Fa, Do

This melody is the key to solving the trial, so commit it to memory. Get it right, and you‘ll hear a magical confirmation song play before the path into the woods opens up.

🔘 Common Issues:

  • Can‘t see the note lights – Switch to the Vintage Lyre or another functional one. The starting instrument might be broken.

  • Forgot the melody – Teleport out and come back to restart the trial, then play closer attention to the order!

🔹 Step 3: Follow the Forest Path

With the melody unlocked, glowing green particles will appear on the ground as your trail guides. Follow them closely, and also keep an eye out for blue Semenanthera flowers along the path. Both of these visual cues point the way forward.

As you traverse the woods, you‘ll come across glowing symbols hanging in the air above three of the flowers. Interact with them to grapple the symbols and collect nearby Fungal Spores. Getting all three spore clusters is crucial!

After grappling the third symbol, more green particles will emerge further down the trail. Track them to a second stone Archway, the endpoint of the trial.

🔘 Common Issues:

  • Losing the particle trail – Slow down! Don‘t rush ahead. Stick close to the particles.

  • Missing grapple points – Check the spaces above flowers closely for hidden air pockets.

🔹 Step 4: Make an Offering

Finally, open your inventory at the Archway and select several Phantasmal Seeds to offer it. This pleases the Aranara and completes the trial! A Luxurious Chest will appear nearby as your reward, containing precious loot.

Completing the trial unlocks a cave with even more treasure. You‘ll also gain important backstory on the Aranara and Rana‘s history.

🔹 Lore Tidbits on the Trial

The trial of the Phantasmal Seed offers intriguing lore on the ancient Aranara and their leader, Rana:

  • Rana‘s endless dream sustains all life in Vanarana‘s forest. Her mind powers the wildlife itself!

  • Only by hearing the correct melody can one safely traverse Rana‘s dreamscape without getting lost.

  • The Aranara serve as guardians and guides within the dreamworld, aiding travelers.

  • Making offerings pleases the Aranara, who will gift blessings in return, like opening the trial‘s Luxurious Chest!

Understanding this background really helps appreciate the pivotal role of music in traversing Rana‘s dreams.

🔹 Rewards for Conquering the Trial

Completing this challenging puzzle rewards more than just backstory and loot. Here are some notable gains:

Reward Amount
Adventure EXP 55,000
Primogems 30
Mora 50,000
Hero‘s Wit 4
Mystic Enhancement Ore 8

The purple rarity Luxurious Chest at the end also contains valuable items like artifacts and talent books. The unlocked cave grants various Sumeru crafting materials as well. The effort pays off!

🔹 Troubleshooting Tips

Having trouble finishing the trial? Here are some tips to get past tricky spots:

  • Can‘t enter the starting beam – Ensure you‘ve completed the "Fruit of Fulfillment" Aranara quests first to unlock Vanarana.

  • Losing health rapidly – Come prepared with healing items or food. The trial can drain HP without you realizing at first.

  • Failing at the melody repeatedly – Double check your equipped lyre is the Vintage version or another functional one to see the note lights.

  • No more objectives after the melody – You likely went off the path and got lost. Teleport back to the start and follow the particles closely.

  • Missing grapple points – Change your camera angle, position carefully, and watch for any sparkling spots in the air. They can be hard to see sometimes.

  • Can‘t offer the seeds – You may be trying to offer the wrong item. Check you have Phantasmal Seeds in your inventory, not another kind of seed.

With persistence and careful observation, you‘ll master the mystical trial in no time. The atmosphere is simply magical! 🪄

🔹 That‘s a Wrap!

Whew, we covered a lot of ground on this magical journey! With the steps and tips provided above, you now have all the knowledge needed to complete the trial of the Phantasmal Seed in Genshin Impact.

Don‘t be afraid to take it slow and steady while memorizing the melody and following the forest trail. I believe in you! Let that sparkling chest and cave of loot be your motivation. 💰

Thanks for joining me on this adventure – I‘m looking forward to exploring more of Teyvat‘s mysteries with you soon. Let me know once you‘ve conquered the trial yourself! I can suggest another challenging puzzle for us to tackle next.

Now get out there, grab your lyre, and let the forest guide you! 🌳


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