How to Fix "Unable to Save Personal Settings 1" Error in FIFA 23: The Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide

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As a long-time FIFA player and gaming enthusiast, I know how frustrating the "Unable to Save Personal Settings 1" error can be. Nothing‘s worse than putting hours into Career Mode or Ultimate Team, only to be unable to save your progress.

But don‘t worry – I‘ve got you covered. In this comprehensive troubleshooting guide, I‘ll walk you through exactly why this error happens and all the possible fixes to get your game saving properly again.

Why Does "Unable to Save Personal Settings 1" Happen in FIFA 23?

Before we get into the solutions, it‘s important to understand what causes this error in the first place. Based on my experience and debugging FIFA over the years, there are a few key culprits:

Server Issues: The most common trigger for this error message is server downtime on EA‘s end. If their servers are malfunctioning or overloaded, FIFA 23 loses the ability to sync your data and settings between your console and their cloud servers. This prevents the game from saving properly.

Connectivity Problems: Similarly, if you have an unstable internet connection while playing FIFA 23, you may encounter saving issues. FIFA requires a consistent online connection to sync data in real-time. Slow speeds, WiFi dropouts, and ISP problems can all cause syncing failures.

Software Conflicts: Overly zealous antivirus suites and firewalls are another common source of problems. They may detect FIFA 23 or Origin as a threat and block them from saving files to your system. Outdated network drivers can also cause conflicts.

Game File Corruption: Though rare, problems with your game installation files or save data itself can lead to saving errors. Damaged game files, storage issues, and interrupted updates can cause file corruption.

Now that we know the likely causes, let‘s go through all the ways to fix Unable to Save Personal Settings 1. I recommend trying these steps in order until your issue is resolved:

1. Quick Fixes and Basic Troubleshooting

Restart the Game, Console, and Router

The first step is always to restart everything – the FIFA 23 app, your console or PC, and your internet router/modem. This resets connections and flushes out any software issues. Restarting can surprisingly resolve a lot of tech headaches!

Check Server Status

Next, check the EA Server Status page to see if EA is experiencing downtime or disconnections. If the servers are down, you‘ll have to sit tight until EA engineers get things back up and running again. Monitor the status page and try saving again once services are restored.

Review Error Code Details

When you encounter the saving error, check for any additional error codes or messages apart from "Unable to Save". These codes can provide insight into the exact issue. You may need to search forums for solutions tied to your specific error code.

These three quick troubleshooting steps rule out the most obvious issues. If you are still unable to save after trying them, move on to the advanced fixes below.

2. Advanced Troubleshooting and Fixes

If basic restarts and server checks don‘t work, it‘s time to dig deeper:

Enable FIFA 23 Access in Antivirus and Firewall

A very common culprit is antivirus and firewall software blocking FIFA 23 without your knowledge. To fix this:

  1. Open your antivirus settings (Windows Security, Norton, McAfee, etc)
  2. Find the option to add exclusions or exceptions for applications
  3. Browse and add exceptions for FIFA23.exe, Origin, and EA Desktop
  4. Also check your Windows Firewall settings and add exclusions there too

This prevents these programs from being blocked from saving files or making server connections.

Port Forward your Router for FIFA 23

Similarly, your router firewall could be blocking FIFA traffic. Log into your router admin page and lookup guides to forward the necessary FIFA ports:

  • TCP: 3659, 13000-13005
  • UDP: 3659, 13000-13005

This opens your router firewall to allow FIFA‘s incoming/outgoing connections.

Reinstall FIFA 23 and Update Drivers

  1. Uninstall FIFA 23 fully by removing all game files and registry keys using the official cleanup tool:

  2. Update your network drivers, sound drivers, graphics drivers, and motherboard chipset drivers to the latest versions

  3. Reinstall the latest version of FIFA 23 from scratch

This eliminates any corrupted game files or driver conflicts that could be interfering with saving. Installing the latest drivers cleans up any compatibility issues.

Delete Settings Folder

As a last resort, browse to Documents > FIFA 23 and delete the FIFA23 folder. This resets your game settings and clears out any corrupted data. Just be warned – you WILL lose your settings and progression by doing this. Only use this fix if all else fails.

Contact EA Support

If you‘ve tried all other troubleshooting without success, reach out to the EA Help team at and open a technical support ticket. Provide your error details, screenshots, game logs and they can investigate further. Their tech experts may have additional fixes or will escalate serious bugs.

And that covers all the major troubleshooting steps for "Unable to Save Personal Settings 1". Between server issues, software conflicts, ISP problems, and corrupted files, one of these solutions should get your game saving properly again.

Preventing Future Saving Errors in FIFA 23

After you get your game working again, it‘s wise to take measures to avoid this issue popping up again down the road:

  • Use a wired internet connection for stable connectivity
  • Before playing, check EA Server Status page to confirm they are operational
  • Keep your drivers and OS updated
  • Don‘t interrupt the game during saves
  • Add exceptions in any security software for FIFA 23
  • Report bugs/crashes to EA immediately so they can investigate

Following these best practices ensures you have the best environment for flawless saving in FIFA.

In Summary

I know how disheartening the "Unable to Save Personal Settings 1" error can be after hours of gameplay. But don‘t rage quit just yet! By methodically trying each troubleshooting step, you should be able to pinpoint what‘s causing the issue and resolve it.

Quick fixes like restarts and server checks can instantly get you back up and running. For trickier cases, antivirus tweaks, driver updates, reinstalls and EA support will help restore your saving ability.

Hopefully this guide has you back on the (virtual) field in no time. Let me know if any other errors pop up and enjoy the game!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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