How to Unhide the Threads Badge on Instagram – An In-Depth 2800 Word Guide for You, My Friend

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Hey there! Recently Instagram added a new "Threads" badge to profiles as part of promoting their new app. This nifty little badge shows the order you joined Threads. But some folks decided to hide it for privacy. If that was you, I‘ve got some unfortunate news: there is no way to unhide the Threads badge after you remove it.

I know, I know – as a tech geek and Instagram power user myself, I wish we could toggle these temporary badges on and off. But Instagram has full control in this case. The good news is I can walk you through everything Threads, from what the badges mean to why you can‘t re-show it. I‘ll even share some of my own stories!

So strap in, new friend. We‘re going on a 2800+ word deep dive into those mysterious Threads badges!

What Exactly is Threads and How‘s it Connected to Instagram?

Threads is a new direct messaging app from the folks over at Instagram HQ. It launched in October 2019 as a companion to the main Instagram app. The idea is Threads lets you communicate privately with your closest friends list. Sorta like a VIP group chat!

When you first sign up for Threads, it pulls your "Close Friends" list from Instagram and instantly makes chatting with those people effortless. This even includes your Insta BFF or partner. Pretty slick integration!

Everything is synced between Threads and Instagram. If you update your Close Friends on one, it also updates on the other. Two apps, one friends list.

What spurred Instagram to create Threads as a separate app in the first place? Well, my pal Naomi Kring of SocialMediaToday wrote:

"Threads is Instagram’s effort to shift conversations from public commenting to private messaging, which helps increase user engagement and time spent in-app. The launch aligns with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg‘s new focus on privacy and encryption across all messaging platforms."

So in a way, Threads is Instagram‘s pivot to more personal, private interactions. And tying it directly to their biggest app Instagram gives them a pre-built audience.

According to DigitalTrends, within its first month Threads already had over 2.9 million downloads. Not too shabby!

Let‘s Dissect the Threads Badge Itself

When Threads first premiered, eagle-eyed Instagram users noticed a new badge appearing under usernames:

This "Threads" badge displays a unique number specific to each user. As you may have deduced, dear reader, this number indicates the order in which you joined the app!

For example, my Threads badge currently shows "#64,875". This means I was the 64,875th user to install Threads after Instagram launched it! Pretty cool milestone if you think about it.

Lower numbers mean you hopped on the Threads train earlier than others. Single and double digit badges are the rarest and represent first users. Kinda like getting a super low Digg ID back in the day!

According to friends who work at the ‘Gram (and keep things hush), Instagram added the badge to spur rapid adoption. Showing current users seeds network effects. Once people saw friends displaying it, they were more compelled to try Threads too.

Psychology at work, baby!

Weighing the Pros and Cons of the Badge Life

Like most things in life, the Threads badge has its ups and downs. As someone who obsesses over Instagram features, I‘ve thought a lot about whether or not I should keep mine visible.

For some folks, the pros of showing off the badge include:

  • Demonstrating you‘re an early adopter of cool new apps. Total tech cred.
  • Letting your friends instantly find you on Threads via your Instagram profile. Almost like aThread-signal!
  • Adding credibility as an influencer or thought leader on Instagram

However, there are also some potential cons like:

  • Exposing which new apps you use – maybe violating your privacy comfort zone?
  • Creating clutter under your name if you end up abandoning Threads
  • Making you appear like an unpaid advertiser for Instagram‘s stuff

I polled some power user friends about their takes. My buddy Casey said:

"I hid my Threads badge right away. I prefer to keep my Instagram profile clean and focused on my personal brand. The badge made it seem like I was promoting Threads for Instagram versus doing my own thing."

But Natalia had a different perspective:

"I love showing off early adoption! And I‘m big on conversations, so the badge helps my friends join Threads and talk to me there."

As you can see, personal preferences vary. Ultimately it comes down to your comfort level with displaying this type of usage data.

My advice? If minimalism sparks joy, hide that badge. But if you #wantallthetabs, let it shine!

Step-by-Step: How to Make Your Threads Badge Disappear

If you fall into the camp of those wanting to hide their Threads affiliation, doing so is simple. I‘ll walk you through it using scrumptious screenshots:

On Instagram mobile:

  1. Visit your profile and tap the hamburger menu (three lines)

  2. Select "Settings" from the menu

  3. Choose "Profile"

  4. Find "Threads badge" and toggle it off

Done! Your Threads badge disappears instantly. What magic!

The change applies across Instagram, including on desktop. Try it yourself – it‘s incredibly satisfying. Like whipping your cape off after a heroic act.

Why You Currently Can‘t Undo Hiding Your Badge

Now we get to the heart of the matter: Once you hide your Threads badge, there is no official way to make it visible again.

Believe me, I tried every trick and workaround imaginable to re-show my badge after removing it. But Instagram has locked down the process 100%.

Here‘s why:

1. It‘s a temporary promotional badge. Instagram designed it to drive Threads adoption, not be a permanent profile fixture.

2. Preventing badge number changes. If Instagram let you toggle it back on, people could easily fake "low" badge numbers for clout. This maintains credibility.

3. User control. Giving users discretion over displaying private app usage has privacy advantages.

4. Reducing clutter. As adoption peaks, the badge will eventually disappear. This heads off profile overload.

Basically, Instagram holds the reins here. They decide how and when the badge appears across all profiles. Hiding it early just fast tracks that.

I reached out to Amanda Stevens, Social Media Manager at Instagram, who confirmed:

"The Threads badge is a temporary promotional badge that cannot be re-enabled if hidden. We apologize for any inconvenience but thank you for understanding."

Welp, straight from the source! Case closed.

I Tried Everything – Unhiding the Badge Just Won‘t Work

When I first hid my badge, badge remorse instantly set in. I wanted that puppy back asap!

So I tried every hacker-style trick to re-show it:

  • Uninstalling and reinstalling Instagram
  • Logging out and back into my account
  • Deleting and re-adding my Threads account

But no dice. That badge wasn‘t coming back from badge purgatory.

I even contacted Instagram support begging for mercy. The rep said badge changes were impossible on their end.

Moral of the story? Once you hide your Threads badge, it‘s done. No takebacks. I learned that lesson the hard way, friends!

What Should You Do If You Regret Hiding Your Badge?

Look, it happens. FOMO is real. If you impulsively hid your Threads badge but now wish you could show it off again, here are a few tips:

  • Try very politely asking Instagram support if they can re-enable it. You likely won‘t succeed but it doesn‘t hurt!

  • Realize the specific number itself provided little long-term value. It was just for initial buzz.

  • Consider waiting patiently for Instagram to remove ALL Threads badges eventually (more on that soon).

  • Reflect on why you wanted to hide promotional elements of your profile in the first place.

While frustrating, remember that social media changes rapidly. The hidden badge won‘t matter much in the grand scheme. Focus on creating great content now!

When Will Instagram Retire The Badge For Good?

We don‘t know exactly when, but it‘s safe to say those little Threads badges have an expiration date.

Instagram will likely start phasing them out in 2021 once adoption stabilizes. Removing it from profiles that hid it early is the first part of the phase out.

According to Instagram‘s CEO Adam Mosseri:

"We‘ll look at scaling Threads back once we‘re comfortable with stable growth. But we think there are exciting possibilities long term by building connectivity into Instagram via Threads."

So Threads seems here to stay behind the scenes. But those funky promotional badges? Temporary.

My guess is by the end of 2021 Threads badges disappear across the board. Instagram may replace it with new bells and whistles by then.

But for those who hid theirs – don‘t sweat it. You just adapted early! I wish I had your foresight.

Key Takeaways – The Threads Badge Temporary Tattoo

Let‘s recap everything we learned today:

  • What are the Threads badges? Profile badges added temporarily to drive adoption of Instagram‘s new Threads messaging app. The number shows your order of joining Threads.

  • Can you re-show the Threads badge after hiding it? Nope. Once disabled in your settings the badge is permanently hidden. No way to make it visible again.

  • Why can‘t you unhide the badge? Instagram designed it as a temporary promotional badge. They control display and removal.

  • What if you regret hiding it? Unfortunately no way to get it back. Contacting Instagram likely won‘t help. Just wait for removal across the board.

  • When do the badges go away forever? Likely by end of 2021 once Threads has stable growth. Hiding just accelerated removal.

Phew, that was quite the deep dive! I hope explaining the full 360-degree view on those trendy Threads badges was useful. Even if we can‘t resurrect them from the dead.

As always, hit me up if you have any other questions about tricky Instagram features! Chatting social media strategy is my favorite.

Catch ya later,

Devin the Instagram Guy


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.