Unlocking Alraune and Alruna in Bayonetta 3: Your Complete 2800 Word Guide

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Eager to unlock the powerful Alraune demon and Alruna whip-like weapon in Bayonetta 3? Who could blame you – these assets provide badass new abilities that can give you a real edge over the deadly forces you’ll face.

In this epic 2800+ word guide, I’ll save you hours of frustration by revealing exactly how to add Alraune and Alruna to your arsenal. You’ll learn:

  • The fascinating history and abilities of Alraune and Alruna
  • Step-by-step methods to nab those sneaky Umbran Tears
  • How to demolish Phenomenal Remnant 3 and claim your prize

By the end, the incredible Alraune and Alruna will be yours to wield against the sinister angels and demons ahead. Let’s dive in and get you unleashing these beasts in Bayonetta 3!

Meet Your New Weapon and Demon Allies

Before we start the unlock process, let me properly introduce you to the badass allies you’re going to claim:

Alraune – The Thorny Temptress

Alraune is a nature demonesses who wields thorny vines and roots to ensnare enemies before impaling them. She also has a penchant for burrowing underground and erupting to spike foes from below.

According to Bayonetta lore, Alraune was born from Dr. Frankenstein’s failed experiment to resurrect his lost love using an enchanted mandragora root. The root sprung to life as the sentient Alraune instead, who possesses a vain, flirtatious personality.

In Bayonetta 3, you can summon Alraune to assist in battles. She’ll emerge from the earth and can constrict groups of enemies with razor-sharp vines, damage them with thorns, or drag them down into the dirt to their demise.

Having Alraune on your side adds powerful crowd control and area damage potential. Plus, her ability to evade attacks by hiding underground gives you a handy distraction against tough single targets.

Alruna – Whip It Good

The Alruna is a cursed, thorny whip based on Alraune’s iconic braided pigtails. It deals rapid damage with excellent range, allowing you to strike entire groups of enemies at once.

In addition, the Alruna grants Bayonetta minor health regeneration abilities thanks to its dark magic origins. This can provide a lifesaving buffer during longer battles.

Wielding the Alruna whip gives you advantages over swarms of angelic enemies. Its extended reach means you can hit flyers and fast movers more consistently. For single tough enemies, alternating Alruna strikes with Witch Time will let you chip away at their health.

Now that you see how awesome Alraune and Alruna are, let’s get right into how to unlock them!

Step 1: Snatch All the Sneaky Umbran Tears

The first step to unlocking this dynamic duo is obtaining all three Umbran Tears hidden in Chapter 3. These are located inside tricky stone statues that will try to escape if you‘re not quick enough.

Here are the exact locations of each tear and tips to grab them before they flee:

The Toad Tear

The Toad statue sits on a ledge near the parked train in the area after the long set of hovering platforms.

When you reach this ledge, approach The Toad slowly and wait for it to fully materialize before pouncing. Use Bayonetta’s grab technique once close enough and she’ll snatch The Toad up for the tear inside.

If you move too fast and startle The Toad, it’ll immediately jump off the ledge so you can’t reach it. Patience is key!

The Crow Tear

You’ll find The Crow perched on the edge of a collapsed building in the highway wreckage area. It’s on the structure to the right after using the platforms between the broken highway sections.

Rather than trying to climb up to The Crow‘s position, use Bayonetta’s demon masquerade instead. Transform into a flying demon that can intercept The Crow in midair as it attempts to fly off to the highway.

With precise timing, swoop in to grab The Crow and claim your Umbran Tear. Just be ready to chase it if you miss on your first demon grab attempt!

The Cat Tear

The final tear in Chapter 3 is held by an elusive feline statue scampering near the long pathway adjacent to the main gate area.

You’ll need lightning quick reflexes to secure The Cat tear. When the statue rounds the far left corner of the long building, sprint ahead and grab it before it disappears from view completely.

I recommend equipping accessories like the Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa that boost your movement speed here. The small window to catch The Cat means every bit of additional speed helps immensely.

Keep hunting those tears with patience and speed until you’ve claimed all 3. Now for the final step in unlocking Alraune and Alruna.

Step 2: Dominate Phenomenal Remnant 3

With all the Umbran Tears in hand, it’s time to take on the intense challenge waiting in Phenomenal Remnant 3.

This takes place in a sprawling, subterranean area crawling with dangerous angelic beasts. To complete it, you’ll need to defeat all enemies before the countdown clock expires.

Here are some key strategies to help you achieve victory:

Enemies Faced and Attack Patterns

  • Applauds: Flying shield angels that blastyou with projectiles. Evade and use Witch Time to land counter blows.

  • Ardors: Sword angels that unleashflurry attacks. Keep distance and wait for attack windows after combos.

  • Irenic: Teleporting angels that materialize close formelee strikes. Use dodges and parries to avoid damage when they appear suddenly.

Recommended Tactics and Gear

  • Abuse Witch Time against each foe type toamplify your damage and interrupt their assaults.

  • Equip Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa to resist damagefrom enemy attacks.

  • Use Panther Within for increased speed to betterevade attacks.

  • Fill your magic gauge beforehand sothat you can repeatedly use Umbran Climax against the toughest enemies.

  • Keep moving and stay vigilant to avoidbeing overwhelmed. Focus on dodging to create openings for counterattacks.

If you utilize all the above tips, you should complete the Phenomenal Remnant before time expires. Bayonetta will then finally unlock both the Alraune demon and Alruna whip-like weapon as a reward.

Wielding Alraune and Alruna to Their Fullest

You’ve claimed these deadly prizes – now it’s time to use them to maximum effect against Bayonetta 3’s vicious enemies:

Alraune Abilities and Combos

  • Burrow underground to avoid damageand surprise attack from below

  • Grab distant enemies to yankthem into melee range

  • Use vine cluster area attacks to damage groups

  • Combo Alraune’s vine strikes with Bayonetta’s techniques for added damage

Alruna Advantages

  • Long range lets you strike multiple distant foes at once

  • Builds magic gauge quickly thanks to multi-hit strikes

  • Health regeneration provides sustain during prolonged battles

  • Switch to Alruna when low on magic to let it recharge, while still dealing damage

Now go unleash these brand new powers upon the angels and demons that stand in your way!


As you’ve seen, unlocking Alraune and Alruna in Bayonetta 3 offers awesome advantages, but requires patience and skill to achieve. By collecting all of Chapter 3’s Umbran Tears, then conquering Phenomenal Remnant 3, you’ll claim these prizes.

Wielding the Alruna whip and summoning the thorny Alraune demon ally will let you decimate foes in style. I hope this 2800 word guide has provided everything you need to make these incredible assets your own! Now get out there and dominate with your new powers. Those angels won’t know what thorny hell hit them!


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