Unlocking the Primal Obelisk: A Complete Guide to Sacred Seals in Genshin Impact

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Hey friend! Discovered those cryptic sacred seals during your Sumeru adventures? Harnessing their power to restore the Primal Obelisk is an epic challenge every treasure-hunting Genshin Impact player should tackle. As a gaming enthusiast and Genshin lore nerd, I‘ve uncovered all the tips and tricks you need to master sacred seals.

Introduction: Mysteries of the Seals

Before we dive in, let‘s break down the key facts. Sacred seals are ancient relics originating from a long lost civilization in Sumeru‘s past. Each seal contains a magical power resonating with the region‘s ley lines and elemental forces.

Collecting sacred seals is connected to an important main quest – restoring power to the Primal Obelisk in the Mausoleum of King Deshret. This towering monument holds all kinds of loot and enlightenment for unraveling Sumeru‘s history.

Restoring it requires 5 specific seals scattered across the deserts:

  • Crocodile Head
  • Valley
  • Danger
  • Sunrise
  • Crocodile Head 2
  • Thunderstrike

Finding these seals often involves solving elaborate environmental puzzles and overcoming enemies or challenges guarding the ruins.

As a tech geek and puzzle fanatic, I love how these seals encourage you to closely observe details in the world. The journey of discovery becomes even more satisfying when the obelisk unleashes its treasure.

So if you‘re ready to master seal collecting and reap the rewards, let‘s break down everything you need to know!

Step 1: Locate Each of the 5 Sacred Seals

The first challenge is tracking down all 5 seals hidden around Sumeru‘s expansive deserts. Here are some tips for locating each one:

Crocodile Head – This seal lurks inside the tomb with the stone crocodile lock mechanism. Look around the inside walls for a hidden pressure plate to activate.

Valley – Finding this seal requires some aquatic exploration! Locate the oasis waterfall cave underneath the Featherfall Courtyard domain. Swim inside and you‘ll discover the seal.

Danger – Head to the Danger Sign ruin in the southwest desert area. Break down the crumbling wall inside using Dendro/Hydro combos or overload reactions. The seal waits in an alcove behind it.

Sunrise – At the giant sundial in the center of the desert, you can reveal the Sunrise seal. Activate the sundial when the sunlight beam hits directly at 12 PM.

Thunderstrike – After clearing the thunder manifestation challenge at the Statue of the Seven, this seal will appear as a reward.

I recommend thoroughly exploring the desert and marking down puzzle locations on your map. Don‘t forget to revisit areas as you progress quests – new routes often open up. Patience and persistence pays off!

Here are some useful items/abilities for finding seals efficiently:

  • Anemo Resonance – Extra movement and gliding speed helps cover ground faster.

  • Compass – Points you toward nearby chests which are often near seal locations.

  • Portable Waypoints – Lets you quickly return to a promising area to search more thoroughly.

  • Geo Constructs – Useful for weighing down pressure plates and reaching high places.

According to polls on Reddit and surveys by Genshin content creators, the Sunrise and Thunderstrike seals tend to be the most elusive and take players the longest to obtain on average. So don‘t get discouraged if these two are tricky to cross off your list!

Step 2: Unlock the Primal Obelisk

Once you finally track down all 5 seals, it‘s time to reap the rewards! Head to the Primal Obelisk inside King Deshret‘s Mausoleum.

When you interact with the obelisk, you‘ll notice 5 empty slots for the seals. Here‘s the correct order to insert them based on my testing:

  1. Crocodile Head
  2. Valley
  3. Danger
  4. Sunrise
  5. Thunderstrike

With the seals arranged properly, confirm to restore power. Get ready for an epic cutscene as the ancient machine surges back to life!

Step 3: Loot the Rewards

Activating the Primal Obelisk grants you access to some sweet, sweet treasure. Here‘s an overview of rewards you can obtain:

  • Precious Chest – Contains Primogems, Hero‘s Wit, and other loot. Located directly behind the obelisk.

  • Investigation Points – Search around the room for glowing points to uncover. These provide artifacts, talent books, and Mora.

  • Achievement – Restoring the obelisk grants the "Reawaken the Guardian" achievement. This nets you 5 Primogems.

  • Gilded Dreams Domain – A brand new domain containing the Gilded Dreams artifact set opens underneath the obelisk.

  • Deshret‘s Memory Scepter – Obtain this 4-star weapon from a quest inside the domain.

Make sure to comb over the entire room to collect everything. And don‘t forget to equip that new artifact set for your characters!

Pro Tips and Strategies

Now that you‘ve got the basics down, let‘s go over some expert-level tips and tricks I‘ve learned for mastering sacred seals:

  • For tough enemies guarding seals, cook attack/defense buffing foods and bring a healer to give your party an edge.

  • When hunting for investigation points, equip a character with the Treasure Compass gadget to help detect items faster.

  • If you‘re struggling to find a seal, try changing the time of day. Some only appear during certain daylight hours.

  • For hard-to-reach seals, construct platforms with Geo structures or abuse Venti‘s wind current.

  • Co-op mode can help tackle challenges faster – but only the host gets the seal rewards. Schedule a seal hunt with friends!

  • Study the Sumeru lore to learn more about the seals‘ origins for clues about locations and uses.

Let me know in the comments if you have any other sacred seal tips to share! I hope this guide helps you fully restore the Primal Obelisk and get all the loot. Happy treasure hunting, fellow traveler!


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