How to Get the Voyager Engine in Tower of Fantasy

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So you want to soar through the skies of the Tower? I‘m here to help you do just that, my friend, by getting your hands on the incredible Voyager jetpack mount. Specifically, we‘ll be going over how to obtain the ultra-rare Voyager Engine component. Grab some coffee and let‘s dive in!

Overview: How to Get the Voyager Engine

The Voyager Engine is one of four special parts you‘ll need to construct the high-tech Voyager mount in Tower of Fantasy. This powerful jetpack enables true flight across the open world.

To get your wings, we‘ll need to:

  • Track down and clear out two Hyena gang hideouts
  • Analyze clues to find their secret treasure stash
  • Bribe the guard to access the pod and loot the Voyager Engine

It‘s a bit of a scavenger hunt, but the payoff is soaring through the skies! I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know to succeed in your quest, my friend. Let‘s get that engine!

Why You Want the Voyager Mount

Before we embark, I want to get you excited about WHY the Voyager is worth pursuing. In a game all about exploration, the Voyager mount is a must-have to maximize your adventures.

See, no other mount in Tower of Fantasy can truly fly like the Voyager can. Its dual jetpack thrusters let you take to the air and soar completely unimpeded by terrain. You can use it to:

  • Scale mountains, cliffs, and high peaks with ease
  • Glide across rivers, canyons, and valleys without stopping
  • Get a bird‘s eye view to scout and survey areas
  • Reach floating platforms and aerial terrain
  • Dodge enemy attacks from the air
  • Traverse the world incredibly fast point-to-point

It’s hands down the most advanced, mobile mount in the game right now. And that freedom of flight opens up a whole new dimension to exploring the world.

Plus, cruising around with a jetpack just feels awesome! It‘s by far one of the biggest flexes currently in the game.

So for both utility and style, the Voyager is an absolute must-have. Time to make it happen!

How Mounts Work in Tower of Fantasy

Before we focus on the Voyager specifically, let‘s quickly cover how mounts work generally in Tower of Fantasy:

  • Summoning – You can summon mounts anytime outside of combat. Just open your mount menu and spawn it!

  • Abilities – Each mount type has special abilities like gliding, climbing, dashing, etc.

  • No combat – Mounts despawn if you enter combat with enemies. They‘re for travel only.

  • Feeding – You can feed mounts their favorite foods to level them up over time.

In your mount menu, you‘ll start with the motorbike-like Chaser mount. But advanced mounts like the Voyager must be acquired by collecting parts.

And that brings us to…

Introducing the Voyager Mount

The Voyager is an advanced aerial jetpack mount crafted from 4 rare special parts:

  • Voyager Engine – Provides core power and stabilization.

  • Voyager Thruster – Generates thrust for vertical flight.

  • Voyager Control Station – Enables hovering and steering.

  • Voyager Frame – Provides the physical suit/chassis.

By obtaining each of these components and combining them, you can build your very own Voyager mount. Its flight ability is completely unique compared to other ground-based mounts.

Now, the Voyager parts have very low drop rates, so getting them all takes time, dedication, and lots of grinding. But the payoff is so, so worth it.

In this guide, we‘ll focus specifically on acquiring the Voyager Engine component. Let‘s break down exactly how to get it!

Step 1: Clear the Hyena Banges Hideout

The Voyager Engine is held by a gang called the Hyenas who have hideouts across Aida. Our first stop is their underground base beneath the highway bridge near Banges Downtown.

Use the stairs under the bridge to access the entrance, then fight your way through the tunnels. Defeat the Hyena members and boss inside to clear out the hideout completely.

Make sure to grab the Hyena Documents inside their computer room. This intel will help us track down their other bases.

Step 2: Locate and Infiltrate the Navia Hideout

The documents from Banges will point us to a secondary Hyena hideout built into the northern cliffs above Navia Town.

This one is trickier to access – you‘ll need a climbing mount like the Unicorn to scale the steep cliff walls. Look for cracked surfaces you can latch onto.

Up top, you‘ll see their hideout carved into the mountainside. Fight past the outside guards and head inside.

Battle through the interior, defeating the mini-boss to clear the hideout. Loot everything you can, and download the gang‘s data files.

Step 3: Uncover the Location of the Hyena Treasure

With intel from both hideouts in hand, we can now triangulate the Hyena‘s secret treasure stash location using clues from their documents.

By cross-referencing the data, the treasure horde is buried along the rocky coast east of Navia at coordinates X:140, Y:125.

Time to head out there and claim our prize!

Step 4: Bribe the Guard with Sizzling Meat

When you arrive at the treasure location, you‘ll spot a single Hyena guard standing watch over their buried stash.

This is stored in a large supply pod, but we can‘t just take it. The guard won‘t budge unless we give him something in exchange.

Luckily, we can cook up just the right bribe: Sizzling Meat. Grill some Raw Meat, Chili, and Rice together to cook it.

With the Sizzling Meat in hand, talk to the guard and select the bribe option. This tasty meal will satisfy his hunger, and he‘ll grant you access.

Step 5: Loot the Voyager Engine!

Now for the moment we‘ve been waiting for! Open up that supply pod and claim the sweet, sweet loot within.

Among other valuable resources, you should find the Voyager Engine relic inside. Check your inventory‘s Relic tab to see it:

"Voyager exclusive! the use manual warns in a bright font. But it‘s almost never seen with the component"

We‘ve successfully recovered the first component needed to craft our jetpack! Only a few more to go from here for complete lift-off.

Where to Get the Other Voyager Parts

To complete the Voyager mount, we‘ll need to track down the other 3 rare parts:

  • Voyager Thruster – Rare boss drop from Vera enemies

  • Voyager Control Station – Found in supply pods using password keys

  • Voyager Frame – Purchased from vendor Prudenzio in Banges for 50,000 G-Coins

I have detailed guides on acquiring each one of these as well, so you‘ll be prepared to get all the components you need, my friend.

Soon that incredible jetpack power will be yours! But first, let‘s look at…

Crafting the Complete Voyager Mount

Once you finally have all 4 Voyager parts secured safely in your inventory, it‘s time to combine them into the full mount.

Simply open your Relic screen, select the Voyager, and choose the Craft option. This will consume the Engine, Thruster, Controls, and Frame to create your very own Voyager!

Admiring your shiny new jetpack mount, you‘ll be eager to take it for a test flight. Just summon it from your mount menu and blast off!

Freedom of the skies awaits. Tower of Fantasy will never feel the same again now that you can fly anywhere. Soar to your heart‘s content, my friend!

Is the Voyager Worth the Effort?

At this point you may be wondering – is getting the Voyager really worth the long journey to grab all its parts?

Let me tell you: this jetpack is 110% worth every bit of effort. It fundamentally changes how you‘ll explore the world going forward.

Rather than being constrained by cliffs, rivers, and mountains, you can now just jet directly over anything in your way. It makes journeying across the map incredibly fast and fun.

You‘ll also be able to reach new areas only accessible by air. Various floating platforms hide treasure chests and resources ripe for the taking by a flying mount.

And the verticality you gain opens up a whole new level of world interactions. You can climb, hover, dogfight, and literally look down on the world from above.

So in many ways, getting the Voyager kicks off a new phase in your Tower of Fantasy adventures. Anytime you need to go somewhere, just summon your jetpack and leap into the open sky!

Top Voyager Tips and Tricks

Here are some of my best tips for getting the most out of your shiny new Voyager mount:

  • Use the vertical thrusters to rapidly gain altitude and get the lay of the land from above.

  • Tap spacebar to hover in place. Great for scouting out areas before dropping in.

  • Try dive bombing into gliding to cover huge distances quickly.

  • Dogfight enemies from the air by using your mobility to dodge attacks.

  • Boost through rings and floating hoops to take fun flying courses.

  • Activate your glider at the height of your jump to float gently back down.

  • Practice nailing superhero landing poses when touching down – just for style points!

The more you experiment with flight, the more natural it will feel. You‘ll be swooping around the open world in no time.

So get out there and earn those wings, my friend! With the Voyager Engine in hand, you‘re well on your way to ruling the skies. Let me know when you finally take that first incredible flight – we‘ll have to race sometime!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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