How to Get the Voyager Vehicle Mount in Tower of Fantasy

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As a tech and gaming enthusiast, I‘m always searching for the rarest loot and most badass rides in any open world game. In Tower of Fantasy, that undisputed trophy belongs to the Voyager Vehicle – a sleek, futuristic motorcycle that looks incredibly cool and travels at breakneck speeds.

But epic mounts like the Voyager don‘t come easy. After pouring over 50+ hours into Tower of Fantasy since launch, today I‘ll be sharing everything I‘ve learned about obtaining this coveted vehicle.

Consider this your definitive guide to getting the Voyager and joining the ranks of elite riders in the world of Aida!

Why Every Player Wants the Voyager Vehicle

Before we dive into the nitty gritty details, let‘s first talk about why this ride is so desirable:

  • One of the fastest mounts in the game – perfect for efficiently traversing the large open world areas
  • A boost ability for an extra burst of speed when you need it
  • Incredibly sleek, futuristic design – this thing just oozes sci-fi coolness!
  • Provides an extremely smooth and enjoyable riding experience
  • The rarity and difficulty in obtaining the Voyager also make it a status symbol

As you can see, beyond just aesthetics, the Voyager has very practical advantages over other mounts. The speed and handling give you a huge mobility edge for exploration, questing, grinding, and more.

But that power comes at a cost – obtaining a Voyager Vehicle requires an enormous amount of time and luck.

Let‘s break down exactly why it‘s so difficult:

  • You need to collect 4 different rare components
  • Some parts like the Voyager Thruster have absurdly low drop rates (less than 1%)
  • Components are scattered across the world and locked behind quest chains
  • Requires tens of hours farming bosses and getting lucky with drops

Despite the grind, going through the journey to get a Voyager will make finally riding one all the sweeter. The effort invested makes it feel like truly earning an epic mount.

Now let‘s get into the step-by-step process so you can start working toward your own Voyager Vehicle!

Voyager Component #1: Loot Seaforth Dock Supply Pod

The first component we‘ll tackle is the Voyager Control Station. This is likely the easiest one to obtain.

It can be found inside a supply pod in Seaforth Dock:

Map location of the supply pod in Seaforth Dock

Head to the coordinates -432, -125 and you‘ll spot the pod next to the docked ship.

Interact with the electronic lock on the supply pod and input the passcode 3594.

Now loot the unlocked pod to claim the Voyager Control Station! One down, three to go.

Voyager Component #2: Grind the Four Powers for the Thruster

By far, the most painful and soul-crushing component to farm is the Voyager Thruster. This very rare drop comes from defeating the Four Powers world bosses.

As a baseline, expect to grind these bosses for 10+ hours before getting the Thruster. Due to the less than 1% drop rate, you‘ll likely have to defeat them upwards of 100 times!

Here are the spawn locations for each of the Four Powers:

Boss Location
Hethlu Ravager Port, outside Cetus Island near -674.0, -933.8
Smoli -670.3, -824.1
Okka Small Stronghold near -696.6, -720.9
Sendrys Small Stronghold near -420.0, -766.4

I‘d recommend fighting them in order starting from Hethlu and moving clockwise to spread out cooldown timers.

Here are some tips to boost your odds of getting the Thruster to drop:

  • Fight in co-op so you can take down bosses faster
  • Equip drop rate boosting matrices if you have them
  • Check after each fight – don‘t assume you‘ll see a special notification for the drop
  • Keep at it routinely during daily play sessions

The Voyager Thruster will test your patience, but eventually your perseverance will pay off!

Voyager Components #3 and #4: Hyena Faction Quests

The final two Voyager pieces both come from completing quests related to the Hyena faction:

  • Voyager Engine
  • Voyager Hull

Here‘s a quick rundown of the process:

  1. Finish the "Hyena‘s Banges Base" introductory questline
  2. Obtain ingredients to craft an Iced Strawberry Soda for a Hyena member
  3. Turn in the soda at Hyena‘s Navia Base to receive Console Components
  4. Use Console Components to unlock supply pods scattered around the world

Let‘s go through each step:

Complete the Hyena‘s Banges Base Questline

You‘ll need to finish this short pre-requisite quest that explores the Hyena‘s gang hideout in Banges.

It provides backstory on the faction and unlocks the next part involving their Navia base.

Craft an Iced Strawberry Soda

After finishing up in Banges, you‘ll be tasked with creating a gift for one of the Hyena members.

Gather the following ingredients:

  • 15 Strawberries
  • Honey
  • Carbonated Water

Combine them in your inventory to craft an Iced Strawberry Soda.

Receive Console Components in Navia

Next, head to the Navia Hyena Base located at -444, -589:

Map location of Hyena Navia Base

Turn in the Iced Strawberry Soda to the named NPC Morgley. In return, you‘ll receive the key Console Components you need.

Unlock Supply Pods Around the World

Now for the tricky part. You‘ll have to locate and unlock four supply pods scattered around the world.

Each pod requires reaching a tower or terminal and inputting a specific passcode found back in the Hyena documents.

Here are the locations and passcodes:

Pod # Location Passcode
1 Tower at -768.1, -574.5 5972
2 Tower at -457.4, -340.7 Repair with components
3 Tower inside hideout at -258.4, -537.9 Terminal inside
4 Ecological park at -444.3, -589.2 N/A

Open all four pods to receive Engine parts from the first three and the final Hull piece from the fourth.

Whew, the hard part is over! Now let‘s combine everything.

Assembling the Completed Voyager Vehicle

Once you‘ve obtained all four components:

  • Voyager Control Station
  • Voyager Thruster
  • Voyager Engine
  • Voyager Hull

Navigate to your Backpack and select the "Mount" tab. Interact with the Voyager Vehicle icon to combine the parts.

This will permanently add the Voyager to your collection!

Equip it at a Mount point and you‘ll now be able to summon your very own shiny futuristic motorcycle anytime.

Tips for Mastering the Voyager

Now that you‘ve conquered the quest for the Voyager Vehicle, here are some tips for making the most of your new set of wheels:

  • The Voyager mount has a sprint ability – use it strategically to cover huge distances quickly!
  • Dashing right before a jump will give you a speed boost in the air.
  • Since stamina doesn‘t drain while riding, you can use mounted combat to your advantage versus tough enemies.
  • The Voyager truly shines in open world areas – take it into wilderness zones whenever possible.

Cruising the vast landscapes of Aida on the Voyager feels incredible. This ride provides the perfect mix of speed, handling, and style.

I hope this detailed guide has prepared you to earn your own Voyager Vehicle mount in Tower of Fantasy. Though it requires a ton of patience and luck, the payoff is well worth it.

Soon you‘ll be joining fellow Voyager riders as we speed across the land chasing the next horizon. Together, let‘s fully explore all that Aida has to offer!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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