Unlocking the Mysterious Water Ball Apple Puzzle in Genshin Impact

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As a long-time gamer and Genshin Impact enthusiast, I love tackling the creative puzzles woven into this massive open world. The latest 3.8 update brought an intriguing new brain teaser – the mystical Water Ball Apple Puzzle hidden in the Veluriyam Mirage realm. At first glance, this puzzle seems basic: simply place some apples on a table, right? Not so fast. I learned through extensive trial and error that solving this puzzle requires quitting and reloading your game multiple times.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll explain how to unravel the obscure solution for this clever puzzle based on my experience mastering all of Genshin‘s head-scratching challenges. Follow these tips to snag the Exquisite Chest rewards before moving on to conquer the many other puzzles awaiting across Teyvat!

Demystifying Genshin Impact‘s Perplexing Puzzles

As an avid gamer and content creator focused on Genshin Impact, I‘ve come to admire the masterful puzzle design woven into many aspects of this game. The developers at miHoYo have shown an incredible knack for creating brain teasers that often subvert expectations.

Rather than following standard video game logic, solutions frequently require experimentation, abstract thinking, and even walking away temporarily. I‘ve lost count of the times I‘ve exclaimed "aha!" after finally cracking a confounding Genshin puzzle.

The Water Ball Apple Puzzle continues this tradition with a solution that isn‘t obvious up front. But that‘s part of the fun – overcoming the challenge feels so rewarding when you secure the precious loot inside those Exquisite Chests.

In this guide, I‘ll draw upon my experience deciphering all kinds of puzzles across Teyvat‘s many mystical realms. Let‘s break down the steps to tame this tricky test and claim your rightful prizes.

Overview of New Content in Version 3.8

Before diving into the specifics of the Water Ball Apple Puzzle, let‘s briefly explore the major new additions introduced in Genshin Impact‘s version 3.8 update:

  • Veluriyam Mirage – This sprawling desert realm filled with ruins and secrets is the centerpiece of the update. It has dozens of quests and puzzles to uncover.
  • Character Outfits – Both Klee and Kaeya received stylish new 5-star costumes inspired by ancient cultures.
  • Hangout Events – Kaeya and Razor each got new Hangout routes continuing their personal storylines.
  • The Excavation Note – Major new story quest following the Academia and Scarlet King investigating ruins.
  • HoYoverse x Ufotable Collab – Anime studio Ufotable produced a lavish cinematic trailer.

This massive update brings a ton of fresh adventures to Genshin Impact. And the Water Ball Apple Puzzle is just one of many mysterious waiting to be solved across the deserts of the Veluriyam Mirage. Time to put on our thinking caps and get started!

Where to Find the Water Ball Apple Puzzle

The Water Ball Apple Puzzle can be found in the southern section of the Silver Bottle Courtyard within the Veluriyam Mirage realm. Reach it by teleporting to the Statue of the Seven and heading south past the ruins.

Look for a stone table with a glowing blue ball of water floating above it. There are also several apples scattered around the table. A conspicuous Exquisite Chest sits right next to the table, just begging to be opened!

Location Within Silver Bottle Courtyard, Veluriyam Mirage
Unlocks At Adventure Rank 18+ after completing "Song of the Dragon and Freedom" quest
Chest Type Exquisite Chest
Estimated Drop Rates Artifacts (18%), Talent Books (14%), Mora (12%), Primogems (10%)

Now let‘s dive into cracking the puzzle itself and claiming the sweet loot within that chest!

Step-by-Step Walkthrough to Solve the Puzzle

Follow these steps carefully to successfully solve the Water Ball Apple Puzzle:

Step 1) Place the First Apple on the Table

  • Approach the stone table and pick up one of the nearby apples.
  • Gently set the apple down fully on the table‘s surface. You‘ll hear a soft clicking sound when positioned correctly.

Placing the first apple on the puzzle table.

Step 2) Completely Quit Genshin Impact

  • Open the Pause Menu and select Return to Desktop/Home Screen to fully quit the game.
  • This resets the puzzle state so your upcoming apple placements will register properly.

Step 3) Relaunch Genshin Impact

  • Launch the game again from your platform‘s menu and wait for it to load back up.
  • Make your way back to the Silver Bottle Courtyard in the Veluriyam Mirage region.

Step 4) Place the Second Apple on the Table

  • Pick up another apple near the table.
  • Carefully set it down next to the first apple on the stone surface.
  • You should hear the soft click again indicating the apple was placed correctly.

Placing the second apple on the puzzle table.

Step 5) Quit the Game Again

  • Return to the main menu of your platform via the Pause Menu to reset the puzzle once more.

Step 6) Launch Genshin Again and Return

  • Load back into your game and travel to the Silver Bottle Courtyard.

Step 7) Put Down the Final Third Apple

  • Take the last remaining apple and gently place it alongside the other two apples you previously set down.

Placing the final third apple on the puzzle table.

Step 8) Open the Unlocked Chest!

  • If done correctly, the Exquisite Chest will now be unlocked.
  • Interact with the chest to claim the loot and treasures within!

Why This Unconventional Method Works

If you‘re scratching your head wondering why this odd sequence actually works, let me explain the logic behind it.

The key is that fully quitting Genshin Impact and reloading your game essentially resets the state of this puzzle. Placing apples normally doesn‘t have a cumulative effect.

But by placing a single apple, resetting the game, placing another apple after reloading, and repeating once more, you fulfill the obscure requirements needed to unlock the chest.

The puzzle seems to be tracking your apple placements across separate game sessions. It‘s a rather ingenious approach that subverts what players would normally try. The Genshin developers clearly have a knack for keeping us on our toes!

Valuable Rewards Inside the Unlocked Chest

Solving this head-scratcher and unlocking the Exquisite Chest awards some fantastic treasures. Based on community data, here are the estimated drop rates for the chest:

Reward Drop Rate
Artifacts 18%
Talent Level-Up Materials 14%
Mora 12%
Primogems 10%
Hero‘s Wit 8%
Mystic Enhancement Ore 7%
Other materials 31%

The chance for 5-star Artifacts and character Ascension Materials makes it well worth the effort. And scoring those Primogems for Wishes is always a welcome bonus!

The valuable loot you earn definitely outweighs the few minutes spent on this puzzle. And it trains your brain for unraveling many more of Genshin‘s mysteries…

Additional Tricky Puzzles in Genshin Impact

The Water Ball Apple Puzzle is far from the only brain twister where the solution isn‘t straightforward. Here are a few other examples of clever puzzles that require outside-the-box thinking:

Constellation Activation Puzzles – These puzzles involve standing on floor tiles in a certain order to activate constellations. The kicker? You often have to re-do tiles because walking on one resets the others. Trial and error is key.

Elemental Monument Puzzles – Unlocking these monuments sometimes requires applying an element then moving away for a delayed reaction. Creative combinations are key.

Lights Out Puzzles – These tile puzzles seen in Enkanomiya will turn lights on or off when you touch a tile. You need to figure out the right sequence to turn them all on.

Rune Door Puzzles – Opening these ancient doors requires decoding runes by illuminating them in a specific order. But lighting them all up doesn‘t work – you need to find the right pattern.

As you can see, Genshin Impact is filled with puzzles that are far from straightforward. They test your perception, deduction skills, and willingness to experiment. It‘s so satisfying when the solution finally clicks and you reap the rewards!

What to Do If You Get Stuck

Don‘t sweat it if you hit roadblocks with the Water Ball Apple Puzzle or any other head-scratcher in Genshin Impact. Here are some tips if you need help:

  • Carefully re-read any clues in the area for hints, like patterns on the floor or text on tablets. Subtle details often contain the keys.
  • Draw out diagrams and visualize the puzzle to get a better sense of the mechanics. Having a reference helps narrow down theories.
  • Try testing one variation at a time instead of randomly attempting solutions. This gives better insights into cause and effect.
  • Take a break and come back with fresh eyes. Walking away for a bit can provide new perspective.
  • Search online guides from content creators (like me!) for tips, or consult communities for advice. Multiple minds can crack puzzles!

With persistence and some creative thinking, you‘ll overcome any obstacle. That sweet taste of victory in Genshin Impact makes it all worthwhile.

Conclusion: Trust Your Mind and Enjoy the Challenge

The Water Ball Apple Puzzle exemplifies the mystifying yet rewarding challenges woven throughout Genshin Impact. While solutions are rarely obvious at first glance, trusting your intellect and embracing an experimental mindset will see you through.

As you continue exploring the many mystical realms of Teyvat, don‘t hesitate to re-think assumptions and try inventive approaches when faced with roadblocks. The thrill of finally cracking a puzzle can‘t be matched.

I hope these tips help you snag the gleaming treasures within the Water Ball Apple chest, and provide a blueprint for unraveling many more puzzles on the horizon. Genshin Impact‘s magical worlds are filled with brain-tickling adventures waiting to be unlocked, if you have the patience and creativity to find the keys.

Thanks for reading this guide – now get out there, sharpen your mind, and collect some loot! Let me know if you need any other tips for tackling the myriad puzzles, quests, and challenges strewn across Teyvat on your travels. Stay tuned for more insider secrets from your fellow adventurer. The journey continues!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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