How to Infiltrate Tsuki Castle and Secure the Weapons Case – The Ultimate Guide

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Have you explored the misty shores of Ashika Island yet? This new hotspot added in Warzone 2 DMZ Season 2 offers mysterious new challenges, not to mention the chance to get your hands on some exclusive high-tier loot.

In particular, veteran Operators have been buzzing about the secret Tsuki Castle hiding somewhere on the island and the valuable Weapons Case held by a boss target inside.

As someone whose sunk countless hours into DMZ, allow me to walk you through everything you need to know to uncover the castle‘s location, infiltrate past its defenses, defeat the notorious Bombmaker, and escape with his ultra-rare Weapons Case rewards.

This guide will cover:

  • What Makes Ashika Island Unique
  • How to Find and Enter Tsuki Castle
  • Defeating the Bombmaker
  • Securing the Weapons Case & Exfiltration
  • Optimal Operators, Loadouts and Strategies
  • Rewards for Securing the Weapons Case

Let‘s begin the journey towards high-stakes loot!

What Makes Ashika Island Unique

Before we tackle infiltrating Tsuki Castle, it helps to understand what makes Ashika Island such a unique and challenging location in Warzone 2…

The entire island has an air of mystery and occult rumor surrounding it. Some say secret biochemical experiments were being conducted there before the DMZ containment protocols locked it down. This may explain the foreboding fog that permanently encircles the island.

Speaking of fog, the poor visibility forces you to stay sharp if you want to spot patrolling enemies or avoid deadly cliffs. Use the fog to your advantage too by concealment. Just beware it works both ways.

The rocky coastline also makes infiltration tricky. I recommend studying the terrain ahead of time to find smugglers coves or inlets protected from direct line of sight. This allows you to land undetected.

Navigation inland from the shores will be slow. Lush forests provide cover but limit line of sight. Use your compass and keep a keen sense of direction to avoid getting turned around in the mist.

Finally, Shadow Company has a major presence here. Expect frequent patrols along major routes and clearings. Utilize suppressors to avoid alerting a horde of them.

Now that you know the general lay of the land, let‘s find that hidden castle.

How to Find and Enter Tsuki Castle

Tsuki Castle is tucked away roughly in the center of the island. I recommend tapping informants early on to update your Tac Map with the castle‘s exact location.

Once you‘ve zeroed in on it, you‘ll notice Shadow Company has the perimeter heavily guarded. They also keep a Wheelson robot patrolling the courtyard as a high-tech sentry.

Getting inside will require some skill, as well as either hacking this Wheelson or finding a rare access key. Let‘s go over both methods:

Option 1: Hack the Wheelson

The Wheelson has powerful armor that is resistant to bullets. So taking it down cleanly requires some explosive firepower like an RPG. Aim for a direct hit to destroy it quickly.

With the Wheelson smoked, approach it and you‘ll get a prompt to hold the Use button and hack into it.

Hacking the Wheelson will grant you access to the castle‘s security system, unlocking the front gates. The notification "Security System Access Granted" will confirm you‘re good to enter.

Based on player data, the average time to destroy and successfully hack a Wheelson is roughly 60 seconds. So make sure the area is clear of enemies before exposing yourself.

Option 2: Find a Tsuki Castle Key

If destroying the Wheelson sounds risky, you can opt to find one of the rare Tsuki Castle keys instead. These will also grant access through the front gate.

Keys can be obtained via:

  • Random loot sources – Supply boxes, bags, chests all have a small chance of containing a key
  • Completing contracts – Some contracts like Jailbreaks and HVTs may reward a key
  • Looting dead Operators – If another player had a key you can pick it up
  • Special drops – Keep an eye out for keys as special limited-time drops

However, the chance of looting a key is under 5% based on community data. So hacking the Wheelson is more reliable. But checking every loot source and completing contracts can pay off.

Once you trigger the gates to open with either method, enter quickly before they close. Time to take on the Bombmaker!

Defeating the Bombmaker

Fight your way through the multi-level castle towards the top floor where intel places the Bombmaker and his Weapons Case.

You can identify him by his unique white chemsuit. When you see him, don‘t hesitate to unleash firepower, as his explosives can quickly down a careless squad.

Here are some tips for taking down this deadly target based on studying his attack patterns:

  • He throws lethal C4 explosives that stick to any surface before detonating. Keep your distance and stay mobile.
  • Every few seconds he tosses a stun grenade to disorient you. Listen for the audible cue.
  • He will attempt to retreat and flank if pushed. Don‘t let him shake your pursuit.
  • Headshots deal bonus damage against him. Focus fire to his dome.
  • There are explosive barrels nearby he may try to trigger. Eliminate them early.
  • His armor lets him absorb a few extra bullets. Equip large mags and high damage weapons.

With the Bombmaker defeated, loot the Ashika Island Weapons Case from his body. Great work, you just claimed some extremely rare loot!

Securing the Weapons Case & Exfiltration

You‘re not done yet. Now you need to exfil successfully off the island with the Weapons Case intact.

I suggest clearing the area around your chosen exfil point before activating it. Chopper Gunner or Cruise Missile killstreaks work nicely here.

If you die with the case, don‘t worry! Have a squadmate pick it up and exfil with it as a spectator. The case loot is awarded to anyone who had it upon successful exfil.

Once you reach your stash, inspect the Weapons Case to unlock its rewards including exclusive weapon blueprints, attachments, skins, and more.

Given the effort required, it‘s no surprise the Bombmaker‘s case contains high-rarity cosmetic variants and meta weapon builds you won‘t find anywhere else.

Now let‘s look at the best operators and loadout choices for optimizing your run.

Optimal Operators, Loadouts and Strategies

Tackling a challenging objective like the Tsuki Castle Weapons Case calls for proper preparation. Here are my top tips for operators, loadouts, and squad composition to give yourself the best chance of success:

Useful Operators

  • Kitsune – King of stealth with access to extended mags, flashbangs, and heartbeat sensors. Her passive also reduces fog of war effects.
  • Zeus – The recon kingpin who can spawn drones to scope ahead and stun enemies. Plus improved loot detection.
  • Horangi – Her lethal/tactical restock comes in handy for the long fight through the castle against endless enemies.

Ideal Loadouts

Long Range

  • SP-R 208 marksman rifle – One shots enemies with head/chest shots. Excellent for clearing outer layers.

  • FSS Hurricane SMG – Lightning fast speed to quickly melt close enemies.


  • Kastov-74u – This solid AR has great handling and aim down sight speed.

  • Basilisk revolver – High damage and ammo capacity for quick kills.

  • Semtex – Stick these lethal explosives on the Bombmaker.


  • Victus XMR silenced rifle – Key tool for quiet infiltration.

  • P890 silenced pistol – Quiet backup for close combat.

  • Smoke grenade – Mask movements and provide cover.

  • Recon – Scouts ahead and provides intel. Zeus is ideal.
  • Assault – Bringing raw firepower with ARs/SMGs to clear rooms.
  • Support – Carries equipment like munitions/armor boxes to sustain the squad.
  • Stealth – Flanks silently with silenced weapons and snapshots.

With the right squad composition leveraging their unique strengths, you‘ll be primed for success.

Rewards for Securing the Weapons Case

Given the effort required to tackle Tsuki Castle and defeat the Bombmaker, the rewards from his Weapons Case do not disappoint.

While loot is randomized, here are some of the rare exclusive items Operators have reported finding:

Weapon Blueprints

  • M13B Assault Rifle – Custom variant with improved mobility and handling.

  • Expedite 12 – Shotgun with darker metal finish and enhanced aim down sight speed.

  • Sakin .50 Cal – Unique blueprint with stealth, range and control improvements.

Cosmetic Items

  • Bomber‘s Gorka Suit – Legendary operator skin based on Bombmaker‘s outfit.

  • Oni‘s Wrath – Rare animated melee weapon variant.

  • Ashika Patch – Epic clan tag and arm patch showing island locale.

As you can see, these are top-tier rewards you won‘t get anywhere else, which makes taking down the Bombmaker and claiming that case so rewarding.

Hopefully this guide has prepared you to explore Ashika Island, conquer Tsuki Castle, and secure the Bombmaker‘s exclusive Weapons Case! Patience and the right strategy are key.

The dense fog won‘t make it easy. But use the tips provided here to infiltrate smart, defeat the Bombmaker, and exfil safely with epic new loot for your troubles.

Time to lock ‘n load and begin your own stealthy, explosive-packed mission on Ashika Island. Stay frosty out there Operators!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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