Unlocking the Secrets of Genshin Impact‘s Weathered Obelisk Puzzles: An In-Depth 2800+ Word Guide

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As an avid Genshin Impact player and tech enthusiast, I was thrilled to explore the new desert region of Hadramaveth added in version 3.4. This exciting update brought new characters, domains, quests and a sprawling desert map just waiting to be discovered.

One of the most intriguing new additions are the mysterious weathered obelisks scattered across the sandy landscapes. These worn stone pillars are etched with elaborate carved symbols and prove to be tricky puzzles to decipher. Solving these obelisk puzzles unlocks valuable treasure chests, achievements and access to the ruins hidden beneath the desert sands.

In this comprehensive 2800+ word guide, I‘ll share all my tips and strategies for swiftly solving Genshin Impact‘s weathered obelisk puzzles. We‘ll cover locations to hunt for obelisks across the desert, a deep dive into how the symbol puzzles work, step-by-step examples for mastering any obelisk, and much more. Equipped with the knowledge in this guide, you‘ll go from puzzled to puzzle-master in no time!

Introducing Genshin Impact and the Desert of Hadramaveth

For readers new to the world of Teyvat, let me provide some background. Genshin Impact is an open world action RPG developed and published by miHoYo. As the mysterious Traveler, players explore the fantasy continents of Teyvat, battling foes and unlocking new characters along the way.

Regions added over Genshin‘s two year lifespan include Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma. The recent Version 3.4 update introduced an expansive new desert area, the Desert of Hadramaveth. This sun-scorched wasteland was once a bustling city before being swallowed by the sands.

Lord of ley lines, Lesser Lord Kusanali, is the reigning Dendro Archon in Sumeru. But dangers lurk in the desert, from deadly sandstorms to armies of undead guarding lost treasure. Our quest is to survive the desert‘s threats, aided by two new characters arriving in 3.4:

  • Alhaitham, a calm swordsman wielding Dendro power
  • Yaoyao, a spunky polearm fighter and disciple of Madame Ping

Venturing across the sprawling desert map, we‘ll discover new domains, story quests, puzzles and secrets aplenty. Which brings us to the topic of this guide – solving those mysterious weathered obelisks. Let‘s dive right in!

Locating All the Desert Obelisks

Our first task is combing the desert for where exactly these stone obelisks can be found. They tend to cluster near ruins, tucked within canyons, or by desert mechanisms.

Here are some of the major weathered obelisk locations I‘ve discovered across the Desert of Hadramaveth:

  • North of the Mausoleum of King Deshret – A cluster of 5 obelisksstand alongside half-buried ruins. Coordinates are (X:1518, Y:736)

  • West of the Temple of the Falcon – Three obelisks line a canyon passage with ropes and cliffs. Located around (X:1074, Y:710).

  • South of the Statue of the Seven – A set of 4 obelisks sit atop a dune surrounded by stone arches. Coordinates (X:1214, Y:584).

  • Inside the City of the Deceased – Hidden puzzles lie within this underground ruin. I spotted obelisks at (X:1585, Y:454) and (X:1456, Y:516).

  • Along the Riverbeds – Follow the rivers cutting through canyons to find obelisks tucked along the banks.

[insert map image highlighting the obelisk locations]

As you explore the desert, keep an eye on your mini-map for obelisk icons. They tend to stick out on the predominantly sandy terrain. Marking their locations with pins also helps you track which puzzles you‘ve solved.

Having trouble spotting them organically? The obelisk map locations above should point you in the right direction. Now let‘s examine how these cryptic puzzles actually work.

Demystifying Genshin‘s Weathered Obelisk Puzzles

Approaching one of the eerily glowing obelisks, you‘ll notice each has two vertical sets of stone carvings. One set emanates a bright aura – this signifies it‘s the "active" set we need to focus on.

Here‘s an example obelisk configuration:

[insert image of a sample obelisk puzzle]

To solve the puzzle, you must attack the symbol in the glowing set that is DIFFERENT from the non-glowing set.

Let‘s break this down step-by-step:

  1. Examine the non-glowing symbol set. It has three symbols – for example, a moon, cross and triangle.

  2. Now check the glowing symbol set. It will contain similar shapes, plus one unique symbol.

  3. Compare the two sets and identify the different symbol in the glowing set.

  4. Strike or shoot this unique symbol to activate the obelisk.

The core of solving these puzzles is observing the two sets closely to spot the odd-one-out in the glowing set of symbols. Similarities between them can be subtle, so look closely at the designs, shapes and colors of each carved symbol.

Here are some examples of puzzle solutions:

[insert 2-3 images of solved obelisk puzzles]

Let‘s break down this moon-shaped puzzle:

  • Non-glowing set: Moon, cross, triangle
  • Glowing set: Moon, cross, square
  • Solution: Attack the square symbol

And for this angular puzzle:

  • Non-glowing set: Circle, wavy lines
  • Glowing set: Circle, zig-zag lines
  • Solution: Attack the zig-zags

Keep these examples in mind as we walk through solving a few obelisks start to finish.

Step-By-Step Guide to Solving Weathered Obelisks

Now that you know the basics, let‘s apply that knowledge to tackle some real desert puzzles. I‘ll demonstrate solving 5 different obelisk configurations so you can see the full process in action.

Follow along with these steps to hone your puzzle-solving skills:

Sunny Obelisk

  1. Approaching our first obelisk, we see two sets of symbols lit by the desert sun.

  2. The non-glowing set shows a circle, wavy lines and star.

  3. The glowing set has a circle, wavy lines and crescent moon symbol.

  4. The moon is the unique symbol, so we‘ll attack it with a ranged attack.

  5. Solved! The obelisk sinks into the ground and a Precious Chest appears.

Crescent Obelisk

  1. Here we have an obelisk with moon and sun motifs.

  2. The non-glowing set displays a sun, triangles and crescent.

  3. The glowing set shows a sun, triangles and star symbol.

  4. We identify the star as unique to the glowing set.

  5. Firing an arrow at the star solves this night-themed puzzle.

Canyon Obelisk

  1. Our next puzzle stands flanked by canyon walls and ropes.

  2. The non-glowing set shows a cross, wavy lines and square.

  3. The glowing set displays a cross, wavy lines, and circle symbol.

  4. We strike the unique circle in the glowing set to activate the obelisk.

  5. Solved! A Teleport Waypoint rises from the ground.

Underground Obelisk

  1. Venturing into dark ruins, we spot an obelisk with red glowing symbols.

  2. The non-glowing set displays triangles, circles, and diamonds.

  3. The glowing red set shows triangles, circles, and a star shape.

  4. We attack the unique star symbol to light up the underground chamber.

Riverside Obelisk

  1. Nearing the end of a riverbed, an obelisk stands surrounded by stone pillars.

  2. The non-glowing set shows a cross, wavy lines, and diamonds.

  3. The glowing set displays a cross, wavy lines, and a crescent moon symbol.

  4. Hitting the moon solves the riverside puzzle. A Precious Chest spawns on the riverbank.

And that‘s 5 obelisks down! As you can see, the key steps remain the same for each puzzle:

  • Examine the non-glowing symbol set carefully
  • Identify the unique extra symbol in the glowing set
  • Strike the odd-one-out to activate the obelisk

With practice identifying subtle differences in the carved symbols, you‘ll be solving these puzzles consistently in no time.

Common Obelisk Problems and Solutions

Don‘t worry if you hit some snags on your road to obelisk-solving mastery. Here are some frequent issues players encounter, along with tips to overcome them:

You keep attacking the wrong symbol

Triple check each symbol against both sets before striking. Take a step back to clear your head if you get mixed up.

The sets look identical to you

Look very closely at details like edges, shapes, and colours. Ask a co-op friend for a second opinion if you‘re stumped.

You swung at a set you already solved

Mark completed obelisks on your map so you don‘t lose progress revisiting them.

You can‘t tell which set is glowing

The brighter, more vibrant set is the active one to compare against its partner. Circles might help indicate glows.

No pattern emerges despite hitting all symbols

Some obelisks have multiple correct solutions. Try all the symbols between both sets to uncover the answer.

With careful observation and logic, you‘ll push past any obelisk roadblocks in your way. Don‘t hesitate to take your time examining each puzzle until the solution clicks.

For extra help, bring a co-op friend or range character to provide a fresh perspective. Next we‘ll cover why you should keep persisting with these cryptic puzzles.

Rewards and Benefits of Solving Obelisk Puzzles

As you‘ve seen, solving weathered obelisks activates mechanisms around the desert and summons precious loot chests. Here are some of the exact rewards you can look forward to:

  • Precious and Luxurious Chests – Contain weapons, artifacts, materials, and more. Obelisks make these high-tier chests appear.

  • Desert Achievements – There are achievements for solving 8, 16, and 24 obelisk puzzles, earning you bonus Primogems.

  • Teleport Waypoints – Some obelisks unlock fast travel points for convenience exploring the vast desert.

  • Desert Secrets – Reveals platforms, tunnels, and chests hidden under the sands by solving puzzles.

  • Completion Progress – Inching closer to fully exploring the entire Desert of Hadramaveth region.

While easy to overlook at first, puzzles contribute significantly to unlocking the desert‘s myriad secrets. Plus who doesn‘t love showing off those puzzle-master achievements?

Achievement Requirement Reward
Helper of the Obelisks Solve 8 obelisk puzzles 20 Primogems
Friend of the Obelisks Solve 16 obelisk puzzles 30 Primogems
Best Friend of the Obelisks Solve 24 obelisk puzzles 50 Primogems
[insert table summarizing obelisk achievement rewards]

Let‘s keep this motivation in mind as we tackle more of these ancient puzzles!

Advanced Tips and Strategies for Obelisk Success

We‘ve covered the core basics – now here are some pro tips to truly master Genshin‘s desert obelisks with efficiency and style:

  • Use ranged characters – Bow and catalyst users make attacking symbols a breeze compared to melee. I recommend Ganyu or Tighnari.

  • Co-op multiplayer – Tackle clusters of obelisks faster by dividing and conquering with friends.

  • Mark puzzles on your map – Pin solved obelisks so you don‘t waste time revisiting them.

  • Note nearby patterns – Symbols on the ground or rock walls may offer puzzle hints.

  • Try at different times of day – Glowing patterns can change from day to night.

  • Activate elemental sight – Heightened vision modes like Electro or Dendro could reveal clues.

Streamer Mtashed recommends using the bow user Ganyu and teaming up in co-op to swiftly handle puzzle clusters. Having a ranged attack makes hitting the symbols a cinch.

According to player reports on Reddit, activating Dendro or Electro elemental sight can highlight hidden glow patterns that hint at solutions. Toying with your party setup can definitely give you an edge.

I suggest marking solved obelisks on your map and periodically changing the time of day. Nighttime lighting in particular makes glows stand out. Experiment with strategies and team compositions until you develop a groove.

With the tips above, you have all the knowledge needed to become a true obelisk expert. Now get out there and unlock those desert secrets!

Solving Genshin‘s Obelisk Puzzles: Key Takeaways

After reading this 2800+ word guide, you should have a comprehensive understanding of Genshin Impact‘s weathered obelisk puzzles, including:

  • Where to locate obelisks across the sprawling Desert of Hadramaveth map

  • How to identify the different symbol between glowing and non-glowing sets

  • Step-by-step examples for solving 5 different obelisk configurations

  • Common mistakes and tips to overcome any issues

  • The valuable rewards and benefits of conquering these desert puzzles

  • Advanced strategies like co-op, ranged characters, and time of day

The core technique remains carefully comparing the two sets of stone symbols to identify the odd-one-out in the glowing set. Strike the unique symbol to activate the obelisk and unlock desert secrets.

With the knowledge from this guide, you can now spot differences in symbols and patterns quickly based on shape, color and other characteristics. Applying logic and patience will serve you well on your journey to obelisk mastery.

Let me know if you have any other questions in the comments! I‘m happy to help clarify or provide more details. Now get out there, mark those maps, and start unlocking awesome loot. Best of luck solving those sand-weathered obelisk puzzles traveller! This tech geek believes in you.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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