How to Fix "We weren‘t able to install the app (0x80070057)" in Minecraft

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Let me guess. You‘re excited to play Minecraft, you clicked to install it, and bam—you get hit with the dreaded "We weren‘t able to install the app (0x80070057)" error.

Don‘t you worry my friend. I‘ve been there, and I know how frustrating it can be. But we‘ll get this sorted out.

In this guide, I‘ll be with you every step of the way to fix error 0x80070057 and get you successfully installing and playing Minecraft. We‘ll cover:

  • What‘s causing the "We weren‘t able to install" error and why it happens
  • How to troubleshoot step-by-step and fix it
  • Advanced tips for avoiding installation issues
  • Frequently asked questions about 0x80070057

By the end, you‘ll be rocking out in your Minecraft worlds, error-free. This I promise you. Let‘s do this!

What is Error 0x80070057 and Why Does It Happen?

First, let‘s demystify this confusing error code.

The full message you‘ll see is:

"We weren‘t able to install the app (0x80070057)."

The 0x80070057 part is the hex error code, which translates to a "FILE_SYSTEM_CORRUPT" error in Windows.

In plain English, it means something went wrong when Windows tried to install the Minecraft files on your PC‘s storage system.

This error usually appears when trying to install Minecraft for Windows 10/11 from

Two Common Causes

Through troubleshooting, I‘ve narrowed it down to two likely causes:

1. You‘re not signed into the Xbox app or Microsoft Store.

To install Minecraft for Windows 10 or 11, you need to be logged into the Xbox app and Microsoft Store using the same Microsoft account. If you aren‘t signed into either, the installer crashes.

2. You don‘t have enough free disk space.

Minecraft requires at least 2 GB of free space to install properly. If your drive is too full, the installer fails.

So in summary, not being signed into the correct Microsoft apps or having insufficient hard drive space are what‘s triggering this error.

Why Microsoft Account Sign-In is Required

You might be wondering—why does Minecraft require you to sign into Microsoft apps to install?

Well, Minecraft for Windows 10 and 11 is deeply integrated with Xbox Live services for cross-platform multiplayer and account management.

Your Xbox profile ties together your Minecraft authentication, skins, worlds, marketplace purchases, and more across devices.

Signing into the Xbox app and Microsoft Store connects these needed Xbox services during Minecraft installation. If you aren‘t signed in, those connections fail, throwing error 0x80070057.

Hopefully that demystifies what‘s going on behind the scenes when you install Minecraft! Now let‘s get into how to actually fix this pesky error.

How to Fix 0x80070057 When Installing Minecraft

Here are the step-by-step solutions I‘ve found works to correctly install Minecraft and eliminate error 0x80070057 in the process:

Fix 1: Sign Into the Xbox App and Microsoft Store

The first troubleshooting step is to ensure you‘re signed into the Xbox app and Microsoft Store with the same Microsoft account before installing Minecraft.

Here are the detailed steps to sign in on Windows 10 or 11:

Sign Into the Xbox App

  1. Press the Windows key and search for "Xbox" to open the Xbox app.

  2. Click on your profile icon in the top right corner.

Xbox App profile icon

  1. Select "Sign in" from the menu.

  2. Enter your Microsoft account email and password.

Make sure this is the account you‘ll use for the Microsoft Store too.

  1. Once signed in, minimize the Xbox app but leave it running in the background.

Sign Into the Microsoft Store

  1. Open the Microsoft Store app on your PC – find it in the Start Menu or search for it.

  2. Click the profile icon in the top right corner.

Microsoft Store sign in

  1. Choose "Sign in" from the menu.

  2. Use the same Microsoft account you signed into the Xbox app with.

  3. Minimize the Microsoft Store, but keep it open.

With both apps signed in under one account, you‘ve connected the services needed for a smooth Minecraft installation.

Try Installing Minecraft Again

Now attempt installing Minecraft again with the apps signed in:

  1. Visit and click "Download for Windows 10/11".

  2. When asked, save the MinecraftInstaller.exe file.

  3. Run the .exe to launch the installer.

  4. Complete the installation prompts.

Minecraft should now install successfully without error 0x80070057!

Signing into the Xbox and Microsoft apps first is the most common fix. But if it still doesn‘t work, move on to Fix 2.

Fix 2: Install the Windows 7/8 Minecraft Launcher

If signing into the Xbox and Microsoft stores doesn‘t eliminate error 0x80070057, an alternative solution is to install the Minecraft launcher designed for Windows 7/8 instead.

I recommend this because the Windows 10/11 launcher occasionally has issues installing even when signed into the correct Microsoft apps.

The Windows 7/8 launcher avoids many of these headaches. Here‘s how to install it:

  1. Visit

  2. Click "Download for Windows 7/8" instead of Windows 10/11.

Download Windows 7/8 Minecraft

  1. When prompted, save the MinecraftInstaller.exe file.

  2. Run the .exe file to launch the installer.

  3. Complete the installation process.

The Windows 7/8 launcher should install smoothly without any 0x80070057 errors!

The only drawback is you won‘t get automatic updates to new Minecraft versions. But you can re-download the latest Windows 7/8 launcher when needed.

Double Check You Have Enough Disk Space

Before we move on, make sure you have sufficient storage space for Minecraft to install correctly.

It requires a minimum of 2 GB free space, but having 5 GB or more is ideal.

To check how much free space you have:

  1. Open File Explorer in Windows.

  2. Right click the C: drive.

  3. Select "Properties".

  4. Look at the available space shown.

If space is low, you‘ll need to free up room by:

  • Deleting temporary files
  • Removing unused programs
  • Backing up photos and videos elsewhere

Ensuring you have adequate hard drive space prevents the 0x80070057 error too.

Advanced Troubleshooting Tips

I want to share some additional tips to prevent headaches when installing and running Minecraft on Windows:

Use the Latest Launcher

Always download the newest available Minecraft launcher from Using an outdated version is asking for issues.

The latest launcher has bug fixes, compatibility updates, and support for newest Minecraft versions.

I suggest adding to your bookmarks bar for easy access.

Allow Minecraft Through Your Firewall and Antivirus

Your firewall and antivirus software could block parts of the Minecraft installation or launcher without the proper exceptions.

I recommend adding rules to allow Minecraft through them to prevent problems. Most have an interface to easily do this.

Launch Minecraft as Administrator

Right-click the Minecraft launcher shortcut, choose "Run as administrator", then launch the game.

This grants the launcher elevated permission which can prevent errors like 0x80070057.

Keep Your Windows and Drivers Updated

Having the latest Windows updates and device driver versions minimizes software bugs that can interfere with Minecraft installing correctly.

In Windows Update, click "Check for updates" regularly and install any available. Also update GPU drivers directly from NVIDIA or AMD.

Optimize Windows for Gaming

You can tweak Windows settings to get better Minecraft performance and stability:

  • Set power plan to "High performance"
  • Disable unnecessary visual effects
  • Close background apps
  • Update BIOS, chipset, and other system drivers

Optimizing Windows for gaming avoids glitches when running Minecraft.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about error 0x80070057 and installing Minecraft:

Why does Minecraft require you to sign into Microsoft apps to install on Windows 10/11?

It‘s because Minecraft integrates tightly with Xbox Live for cross-play, Minecraft account management, skins, worlds, and the in-game Marketplace. Signing into the Xbox and Microsoft stores connects these services.

What causes the 0x80070057 error when installing Minecraft?

The two main causes are not being signed into the Xbox app and Microsoft Store with the same account, or not having enough free disk space for Minecraft to install (at least 2 GB is required).

How can I tell if I‘m signed into the Xbox app?

Open the Xbox app and look for your profile gamerpic in the top right corner. If you see a default silhouette icon instead, you need to sign in.

Should I uninstall Minecraft before trying to reinstall it?

Yes, completely uninstall any existing Minecraft files before attempting to reinstall it. This can help resolve stubborn 0x80070057 errors.

Does downloading the Windows 7/8 launcher allow cross-platform play with Xbox/mobile players?

Yes! The Windows 7/8 launcher can still connect to Xbox Live for full cross-platform multiplayer with any device. The core game experience is the same.

Closing Thoughts

Dealing with error 0x80070057 or other installation issues when trying to play Minecraft can really dampen the fun.

Hopefully after following this guide, you now have the knowledge to vanquish error 0x80070057 for good and finally start enjoying playing Minecraft!

To quickly recap, the solutions are:

  • Sign into the Xbox app and Microsoft Store first
  • Download the Windows 7/8 launcher if needed
  • Check you have enough disk space

Let me know if any other Minecraft installation issues pop up. I‘m always happy to help a friend out! Game on!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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