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What is Facebook

What is facebook? Facebook is an online social network that can hook you up with friends and other people who have similar likes and interest as you and live in your area. In our fast paced world, facebook is a way that you can keep up with friends and family members. You can upload videos and photos that others can see and print if they’d like.

If you just had a child, you can create a baby photo album for all the loved ones in your life who can’t be there to celebrate with you. No postage, no printing costs, just allow them access to your facebook site and they can drool over your newborn baby and print the pictures that they’d like.

Facebook is easy to join; all you need is a valid email address to register. You can peruse the sight to connect with other networks, companies, school, or interest groups that are already active on the site. Join these online communities to learn more about the people who live in the world that surrounds you.

You can keep your facebook site private if you’d like by setting your privacy controls so that only the people you choose can view your site. You can approve the profiles of friends and the people in their networks only. You set the limits so there are no worries that uninvited people will scan your site.

You can use your site as a blog as well. It’s easy to blog whatever interests you and give others access. It is also easy to navigate or search with Facebook. They have one of the best search applications that utilizes just about any piece of information to track the person or data that you are looking for.

You can also apply for jobs on facebook and potential employers like the site because they are able to look you up and learn more about you. But a word of caution, if you grant potential employers access to your site, don’t post stupid things like chug-a-lugging a case of beer, because that can be held against you and you may not get that coveted job you want.

Facebook is utilized at numerous universities by students and staff alike and has a slightly larger membership than myspace. And that is what facebook is. Join, have fun, but be smart, be safe!

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