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Which is better WordPress or Blogger

A lot of writers have accounts at both WordPress and Blogger, and post their entries to both sites. Both are relatively easy to set up and the editing platforms are state of the art. Both editing platforms support HTML and visual entry, video, photo, and easy links. Both Blogger and WordPress have templates that allow for a custom layout, with various fonts, colors, avator photos and other biographical features. Both sites offer a variety of widgets and add-ons to enhance your advanced web publishing, editing and statistical analysis capabilities. Both Blogger and AdSense have extensive help pages and help forums where just about any question will have an answer to go with it. Both sites have excellent, customizable spam and troll controls, to insure that the user has the power that you need to keep comments to your blog under control.

• Benefits of Blogger 

Blogger allows for Google AdSense ads, if you set up an account with AdSense. The ad blocks can be set up in a limited range of colors, and with various locations on the page. Google AdSense ads pay very little per view, but pay pretty well when legitimate viewers click on them. Some ads pay more than others. But you have to reach $100 before you can request payment. This can take a long time. Unless you have about 20,000 views a month, with many legitimate clicks on your ads, adsense will take time to generate money.

For adding photos to your blog, Yahoo flickerphotos has linked with Google to allow you to place your photo directly in your blog, using the “blog this photo” command at Yahoo. For uploading, managing, and posting photos, this is an excellent and seamless process for uploaded and open stock photos.

Blogger has many add ons, from hit counters and statistics to photo albums, and audio clips. There is also a direct link to Google Reader, Picasa albums and more advance web mastering and design tools.

Overall, Blogger was a bit harder to set up than WordPress, which is much more intuitive. Google has a large network of free and fee based products and features that can be overwhelming for the beginning blogger, but the help forums and pages will get any blogger up and running in no time.

• Benefits Of WordPress 

WordPress has a soothing, elegant design and dashboard layout that is just more comfortable on the eyes than Google Blogger. The WordPress dashboard is directly loaded with more of the features and tools that bloggers refer to.

WordPress also has easy to use beginning, intermediate, and advanced features for editing in HTML or in visual format, for adding videos and photos, and for uploading and storing photos at the site.

WordPress recently aligned with PicAPP to provide free acess to stock photos from the best photojournalists in the industry.

The WordPress statistical counter is far superior in it’s location right on the dashboard, and for providing the ability to look at the count in days, weeks or months. There is also the most excellent “Askimet” Spam control program which catches spam and holds it for review before it winds up in the blog comments.

For laborious drafting, writing, laying out and editing, WordPress is easier to work with, and easier on the eyes. WordPress has outstanding spam control, statistical data collection, and a full toolkit right on the dashboard. Blogger allows a writer direct access to the Google arsenal of services and products, and includes seamless photo management and posting through Yahoo FlickrPhoto.

Overall, WordPress is my personal favorite.

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