Who is Chris Bumstead (Cbum)? All About This Champion Bodybuilder‘s Age, Height, Weight and Career

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Chris "Cbum" Bumstead has dominated the Classic Physique division in recent years, earning the prestigious title of Mr. Olympia 3 times since 2018. With his larger-than-life personality, commanding stage presence, and one of the most aesthetic physiques in bodybuilding today, he has become a popular icon and influencer in the fitness world. But who exactly is Chris Bumstead? In this comprehensive profile, we‘ll find out everything about this champ – from his background and body stats to training regimen, contest history, relationships, business ventures and unique legacy in the sport. Let‘s get to know Cbum!

Introduction to Bodybuilding‘s Biggest Star

In case you‘re new to the professional bodybuilding circuit, Chris Bumstead is a 27-year-old IFBB Pro hailing from Canada. He was born on February 2, 1995 in Ottawa, Ontario and burst onto the scene in his late teens, earning his Pro Card by 21.

Standing tall at 6’1” and competing around 230 pounds, Cbum has the ideal frame for Classic Physique. This division favors more proportional, aesthetic muscle development compared to the hulked-out mass monsters in the Open category.

Just a few of Bumstead‘s impressive accomplishments so far:

  • 3x Mr. Olympia Classic Physique Champion (2018, 2019, 2021)
  • Over 14 million Instagram followers as of 2023
  • 2.8 million YouTube subscribers on his popular vlog channel
  • Founder of successful supplement company Raw Nutrition
  • Owner of fitness apparel brand Cbum Fitness

At only 27 years young, the man has already achieved what most pros take a whole career to accomplish. He has dominated his division and become a global star who influences millions in the fitness industry. But Cbum didn’t get to the pinnacle of bodybuilding fame overnight…

Early Life and Introduction to Training

Born in Ottawa, Canada, Chris Bumstead first started weight training in high school. His sister was dating a bodybuilder named Iain Valliere at the time.

Seeing Bumstead‘s impressive genetic potential, Valliere took the scrawny freshman under his wing. He began coaching him in the gym with the goal of getting him into competition shape eventually.

Thanks to his mentor’s guidance, Cbum started entering regional amateur shows in Ontario as a teenager. He quickly realized he had a knack for bodybuilding by winning his weight class at his very first contest.

By age 19, Chris was ready to take the next step by competing as an IFBB Men‘s Physique competitor. He continued to hone his craft over the next few years, adding more size to his 6’1” frame.

Just two years after his debut, Bumstead achieved the ultimate milestone for any natural bodybuilder – earning his IFBB Pro Card. He won first place at the 2016 IFBB North American Championships to finally turn pro.

Switching to Classic Physique and Early Pro Shows

Now a newly minted Pro, Cbum decided to make the switch from Men’s Physique to the more prestigious Classic Physique division.

This class better suited his taller, more proportional build compared to the smaller, aesthetic-focused Men’s Physique competitors. After packing on more size in the offseason, he was ready to test himself against the world’s best.

Cbum made an impressive statement by taking 2nd Place at his first Mr. Olympia in 2017. Although he came up short against champion Breon Ansley, he proved he could hang with the division‘s elite.

After another year of fine-tuning his physique, Bumstead returned to the 2018 Olympia looking sharper and bigger than ever. This time, he beat out Ansley to earn his first Mr. O title in dominating fashion.

Claiming Bodybuilding’s Top Prize: The Mr. Olympia

By earning the coveted Mr. Olympia title in 2018, Chris Bumstead etched his name alongside legends like Arnold, Haney, Coleman, and Cutler. But Cbum was just getting started…

In 2019, he successfully defended his crown against a stacked lineup including Ansley, Terrence Ruffin, and George Peterson. His back was particularly outstanding, featuring ridiculous width, density, and a Christmas tree like no other.

Bumstead seemed poised to win his 3rd straight Mr. O in 2020 before a serious back injury disrupted his plans. A herniated disc forced him to withdraw from the Olympia just weeks before the show.

After recovering in 2021, a bigger, better Cbum returned to reclaim Olympia gold once again. He edged out runner-up Ruffin and recaptured his title as the world‘s top Classic Physique athlete.

Adding a 3rd Sandow to his trophy case cemented his status as one of the greatest in IFBB history. And at just 27 years of age, his reign may only just be beginning…

Training Style and Workout Regimen

So how does Cbum build that award-winning physique? His training style is centered around progressive overload and high volume to maximally stimulate muscle growth. Like most Pros, he trains each major body part twice per week.

Here‘s an inside look at his intense workout regimen:


  • Heavy presses like incline bench, followed by isolation work
  • High reps on machines, cables, and dumbbells
  • Techniques like drop sets, partials and negatives
  • Total weekly volume: 25+ sets


  • Deadlifts and rack pulls for thickness
  • Lat pulldowns and rows for width
  • High reps on back machines with intense contractions
  • Rear delt work for that 3D look
  • Weekly volume: 30+ sets


  • Focus on side and rear delts to create cannonball look
  • Heavy presses alternated with high-rep cable work
  • Partial reps to destroy delts
  • 30+ weekly sets


  • High bar squats, leg presses, and hack squats
  • Leg extensions, lying leg curls, stiff deads
  • 30-40 sets per week with very high reps


  • Isolation curls, skullcrushers, pushdowns
  • Constant tension and extreme pump techniques
  • Weekly volume around 25 sets per arm

By training each muscle group frequently with higher volumes and focused intensity, Cbum sculpts an incredibly full yet proportional physique. He combines his rigorous lifting regimen with detailed nutrition, prioritizing sufficient protein intake and clean carbs around workouts. This precise formula enables him to consistently bring a polished package to the stage.

The Genetic Freak Behind His Physique

Make no mistake – while Cbum trains and diets with scientific precision, he was also blessed with world-class bodybuilding genetics. At a ripped 230 pounds and 6’1”, his structure is ideal for packing on size while maintaining aesthetics.

Renowned coach Matt Jansen, who has worked with greats like Phil Heath and William Bonac, had this to say:

"Cbum is an incredible talent genetically – he has muscle bellies and insertions that just can‘t be taught. His structure allows him to put on tremendous mass, especially in his back and shoulders. When you combine his gifted shape with his work ethic, you have the total package."

Bodybuilding analyst Nick Miller also commented:

"From a genetic standpoint, Bumstead is one of the best ever in Classic Physique. He has it all – the wide clavicles, tiny waist, round muscle bellies, and full muscle insertions. When his conditioning is on point, his physique flows incredibly well."

So while hard work got him here, Cbum was certainly dealt some premium cards at birth. His rare blend of structure, shape and muscle building abilities give him an edge in the sport.

Posing Routine and Stage Presence

Another integral aspect of competitive bodybuilding is the posing routine. Cbum has crafted his into an artistic, athletic spectacle that consistently wows the crowd.

He begins hitting classic mandatory poses, transitioning smoothly to highlight his strengths. As he settles into his back poses, the audience gasps at the uncanny V-taper and thickness.

Cbum suddenly explodes into an incredible most muscular, rippling with power. He exudes a calming confidence and connection with the crowd, like he was meant to be on stage.

The routine culminates in his signature "6-pack dance", abs undulating to the beat. As analyst Shawn Ray described, "Cbum has brought an excitement and showmanship to Classic Physique posing routines that we‘ve never seen before. He knows how to work the stage and crowd like a true champion."

Relationships and Personal Life

In October 2022, Cbum announced his engagement to his longtime girlfriend – IFBB Bikini Pro Courtney King. King is a former Ms. Olympia champion herself, so they possess a combined 5 Sandows between them!

The two originally met through bodybuilding circles and have been dating for a couple years. They often post affectionate photos together on social media, showing their shared lifestyle.

Earlier in his career, Bumstead was in a long term relationship with fitness model Hillary Leilani. His current coach Iain Valliere has mentored Cbum since he first started training as a teenager.

Outside the gym and competitions, Chris enjoys activities like snowboarding, wakeboarding, and riding dirt bikes. His two French Bulldog pups Rex and Louie frequently make cameos on his Instagram.

Massive Social Media Following and Business Success

A major source of Bumstead‘s fame and fortune stems from his enormous online following and fitness-related businesses. He boasts over 14 million loyal Instagram followers as of 2023.

His YouTube channel attracts over 2.8 million subscribers and millions of views per vlog episode. Fans love his transparent look into training, nutrition, contest prep and more.

Cbum has leveraged his influencer status to great success promoting supplement company Raw Nutrition. He also founded a popular athletic apparel brand called Cbum Fitness.

His supplements and merch generate 7-figure revenues, while partnerships with brands like Gymshark, Nobull, and Rockstar amplify his income. At 27, his estimated net worth already exceeds $10 million.

Legacy and Lasting Impact on Bodybuilding

It‘s clear that in just a few short years, Chris Bumstead has already cemented himself as an all-time great in Classic Physique. His 3 Olympia titles in 4 years mirrors Phil Heath‘s stretch of dominance from 2011-2017.

Analysts praise not only his physique, but his ambassadorship for the sport. Fitness commentator Ben Pakulski noted:

"Cbum is the total package – he has the looks, personality,training ethic and business drive we haven‘t seen since Arnold. He makes bodybuilding exciting and relevant again for a new generation."

At 27 years young, Bumstead appears poised to continue his reign for the long haul. But no matter how the rest of his career plays out, he has left an indelible mark on bodybuilding.

With his rare combination of genetic gifts, relentless work ethic, standout persona and triumph over adversity, Cbum represents everything great about this sport. He has set the standard for both competitive and social media success in this new era of fitfluencer stardom.

There will surely be new rivals emerging to challenge him soon. But make no mistake – Chris Bumstead is the man to beat for years to come. His disciplined commitment to constant progress reminds us all that anything great can be achieved with consistent, passionate effort.


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