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Why every Freelancer needs to take a Break

Freelancing can be really demanding. On top of all the requests coming in from existing clients and the need to seek out new opportunities, freelancers are often left holding down the home front as well. Because of the theoretical flexibility built into freelancing, a lot can end up on the average freelancer’s plate.

This is exactly why it is important for every freelancer to break away from the demands of work. The following are a few more reasons in favor of planning your vacation now.

Time to Reassess Your Priorities

Freelancers can get so caught up in completed their assigned tasks that it is not difficult to loose sight of the bigger picture. Before moving into the life of a full time freelancer, there were undoubtedly goals and aspirations that accompanied the shift in focus. Somewhere along the line though, those goals may have been pushed to the side, in favor of things that were more pressing. The trouble with operating on autopilot though is that there may never be enough time to plan for other life goals or even business goals. Taking a break creates that time.

Time to Unwind

Freelancing is a fast pace work environment. Everyone has a deadline and everyone is important so it becomes the job of the freelancer to make it all happen to keep everything in balance. This can get pretty stressful and every freelancer deserves some time to simply unwind and relax.

Time to Enjoy Family and Friends

Freelance work can start to creep into your personal time and before you know it you can become more unavailable to your family and friends than you were at a traditional job. This is especially a threat because freelancers typically work from home and therefore they are ‘always on’. The ability to stick to a work schedule and put things in place to stop losing time to your client’s demands can help to keep things in check, but sooner or later every freelancer needs a break.

Time to Work on Personal Projects

It is important for freelancers to have personal projects because they provide an outlet for freedom of expression and also create opportunities to get back to what attracted you to freelancing in the first place. One of the dangers of turning a hobby into a business is the risk of losing the enjoyment derived from completing the work. Your hobby may eventually become more like a chore. Personal projects help to reignite that spark of interest to remember what you love about what you do everyday.

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