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Why Patience Plays an Important Part in becoming a Writer

Writing is something which appeals to untold millions of people for a variety of different reasons. Unfortunately, there are many who embark on their writing career counting the fortune they genuinely believe they can make from the process, setting themselves up for disappointment and disillusionment. At the other end of the scale, there are those for whom writing has an almost romantic appeal and the concept of sharing their thoughts and innermost feelings with untold numbers of others, either online or in print, is what provides the greatest motivation. In reality, however, writing is a very misrepresented activity in a professional sense, even more so than most other occupations, and those genuinely interested in crafting for themselves a writing career will be required to practice extraordinary levels of patience if they are ever to be likely to succeed.

In the very earliest days of striving to become a writer, it is necessary for an individual learn to write. Some will perhaps scoff and genuinely believe they already have this process mastered in full. What many will not realise is that learning to write is not simply a technical, or grammatical exercise. Learning to write in a professional or even semi-professional sense is about determining how to provide readers with what they want to read. It is about conducting research in to writing markets, reading the successful works of others within those markets and learning to adapt one’s own style and technique to maximise the chances of success. Patience will be required in abundance at this stage of a writer’s career more than any other, as there will be no reflecting on past successes to help smooth the often rocky road.

When and if a writer succeeds in developing their writing ability and technique to a stage where they are producing publishable material, a reputation will have to be acquired. This process will be determined most of all by the genre type to which the writer intends contributing. It may be that a long, slow process of submitting material to offline publishers is set to begin. It may be that the process of starting a blog and striving to make it popular is the required procedure. It may even be that the writer is starting to earn some level of revenue from publishing online articles but is not yet generating the level of page views required to earn significant money. Patience in all of these respects is essential as success is unlikely to come overnight in any of these instances.

Writing can be classified in many different ways but it is above all an art form. This means that writing is not always something which can be produced at will. Almost every writer will have times where the creative juices are simply not flowing, for whatever reason, and the level and/or quality of writing being produced takes a significant slump. It is important for a writer at such times to exercise great patience and focus on examining the cause of the issue, rather than becoming frustrated or angry.

Patience is something which a writer will be required to practice at all stages of their career. It is imperative therefore that any aspiring writer be aware of these challenges, the frustrations they can bring about and know precisely what they are likely to be facing before they start. Alternatively, however difficult it may be, a different pursuit should most likely be chosen, to prevent untold levels of despair and disappointment.

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