How to Find the Yellow Pikmin Onion in Pikmin 4

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Hey friend! Welcome to the wondrous and fascinating world of Pikmin. If you‘re new to this delightful and strategic adventure series, let me bring you up to speed.

In Pikmin, you play as intrepid explorers who crash land on an alien planet and must cooperate with plant-like creatures called Pikmin to survive the environments and find your way home.

The core gameplay revolves around directing hordes of different colored Pikmin to solve puzzles, defeat enemies, collect artifacts and locate helpful tools. One essential goal early on is to find the variously colored Onion spaceships, which produce more Pikmin for your swarm.

In this guide, I‘ll walk you step-by-step through how to find the extremely useful Yellow Pikmin Onion in the upcoming Pikmin 4 adventure. Read on to become an expert!

An Introduction to Pikmin Colors and Abilities

Let‘s start with a quick overview of Pikmin types for some context. In all mainline Pikmin games so far, there have been five standard colors:

Red Pikmin: Resistant to fire and hot environments. Strong in combat.

Yellow Pikmin: Immune to electricity and can wield bomb rocks. Fast movers.

Blue Pikmin: Can breathe underwater and rescue drowning Pikmin. Average speed and strength.

Purple Pikmin: Slow but deal 10x standard damage when thrown. Can lift heavy objects.

White Pikmin: Small, fast and resistant to toxins. Great for finding hidden items.

As you can see, yellow Pikmin have a huge advantage in handling electrical obstacles, traps and explosives. Their speed also makes them nimble scouts and foragers.

Now let‘s jump into Pikmin 4 specifically!

Overview of Pikmin 4‘s Story and Gameplay

While details on Pikmin 4 are still scarce, it‘s likely it will continue the core gameplay loop and charming spirit of previous entries. Based on developer interviews and demo footage, we know:

  • You‘ll explore colorful alien environments like overgrown jungles and snowy tundras.

  • Combat with massive creatures and challenging environmental puzzles return.

  • Suit upgrades like jetpacks allow broader exploration.

  • A day/night cycle brings new strategies. Pikmin left behind at night get eaten!

  • Local co-op with friends is supported for the first time!

With all-new areas to explore in Pikmin 4, tracking down the yellow onion once again should be an early priority for its unique powers. Now let‘s get into the steps for actually finding it!

Step 1: Navigate to the Crackling Cauldron

Your search for the yellow onion begins in Sun-Speckled Terrace, a rocky region dotted with strange mushroom trees and buzzing insects. This area becomes available after clearing the Forest Navel region.

According to early gameplay leaks, the yellow onion is hidden deep in an area named the Crackling Cauldron. This volcanic valley is located along the northern cliffs of Sun-Speckled Terrace.

Use Blue Pikmin to cross rivers and Purple Pikmin to smash your way through stone walls until you reach a large cave entrance marked by steaming vents and electrocuted bulbear skeletons.

This ominous cave is the Crackling Cauldron – be ready for fire hazards! Don‘t let your Pikmin‘s leafs catch flame.

Step 2: Demolish the Sealed Entrance

The actual entrance to the onion chamber is blocked off, but thankfully Yellow Pikmin aren‘t required yet.

peer into the shadows and you‘ll spot a crumbling wall to the left. Break through it with your Purple Pikmin to reveal a tunnel.

Clear away the dirt mound at the end of the tunnel, and you‘ll uncover the sealed entrance to the onion room. Now the real fun begins!

Step 3: Defeat the Electrical Fence

The cracked entrance leads to a large chamber guarded by a sparking electrical fence. Luring nearby bulblax enemies away, rush your Red Pikmin under the fence so they can battle the bulblax safely.

While your Red army is distracted, gather up any Yellow Pikmin in the area near the electrical fence. Have them swarm and attack the fence – their rubber bodies will harmlessly absorb the shocks and disable the electricity.

Once it‘s powered down, call your Red Pikmin and Yellows through the opening to continue the search!

Step 4: Smash Through the Paper Barrier

Pass the disabled electrical trap, and you‘ll spot the glorious yellow onion! But there‘s one final obstacle – the onion is sealed behind a thick paper bag wall.

Rally 10 or more Yellow Pikmin and have them repeatedly headbutt the bag with their hard stalks. Their tiny bodies can eventually flatten the bag enough to squeeze through.

Keep slamming the bag down until there‘s a Pikmin-sized gap at the bottom to crawl under. Send a few scouts through first, then whistle the remaining swarm inside.

Step 5: Return Your Prize to Base

Hooray, you‘ve found the Yellow Onion! Now have your Pikmin hoist it up and carry it back through the caves and fences to your Onion landing zone base.

Set the onion down near your other colors, and it will plant itself in the ground, allowing you to pluck an unlimited number of yellow Pikmin!

Now that you‘ve got your yellow onion, here are some handy upgrades to prioritize at the Research Pod:

Mobility Bud: Reduces weight for +20% movement speed. Costs 5 fruit.

Fortified Stalk: Adds armor to resist 1.5x damage. 10 fruit.

Volt Proof Membrane: Immunity to all electrical damage. 15 fruit.

Bomb-Lugging Arms: Carry up to 5 bomb rocks. 20 fruit.

I recommend rushing Mobility Bud first. The speed boost makes yellows extremely nimble scouts perfect for quickly disarming traps and demolishing barriers!

Clever Yellow Pikmin Strategies and Uses

Here are some of my favorite tips for using yellow Pikmin abilities:

  • Send them to quickly claim bomb rocks to blast through shortcut walls.

  • Use them to fast pass electrical gates – especially if upgraded first.

  • Have them demolish electrical amplifier towers poweringpuzzles.

  • Use them to easily defeat Voltaic Crustiphants and Electrokinetics.

  • Their speed makes them ideal nectar/fruit foragers.

  • Assign them as scout leaders to safely trigger unknown traps.

  • Let them disarm explosive hazards like blast bombs on treasure chests.

In general, always keep a squad of Yellows separate to handle puzzles while your other Pikmin fight enemies and haul treasures. Their versatility will carry you through the game!

Early Game Guide: Rush for Yellows ASAP!

For experts seeking the fastest strategy, here is an optimal early game guide to rush the yellow onion quickly:

Day 1: Ignore fruits and treasures. Break down gates directly to landing zone with 50 Pikmin.

Day 2: Use purples to smash to yellow onion cave entrance. Grab 10 yellows by the fence.

Day 3: Disable fence, flatten paper bag. Carry onion back to base before sunset!

With yellow onion secured on day 3, you‘ll be in prime position to blitz through electrical barriers across the map. A daring speedrunner strategy!

Let me know if this initial walkthrough was helpful! I‘m happy to provide any other Pikmin tips. Now get out there and start strategizing how to best utilize your yellow Pikmin army! Wishing you safe travels and happy Pikmin organizing.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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