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Social Media Marketing Strategy: The Complete Guide

Social Media Marketing in simple terms is the marketing of your company’s products or brand through Social Media. There are various social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. The main motive of companies or firms is to connect with customers, increase awareness of their brands and make …

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A/B Testing in Paid Social Marketing

In the world of paid social marketing, A/B testing allows users to test different variables against each other. The goal is to find the best combination of visuals, copy, timing, and more that drives your target audience to click, purchase, visit your website, or whatever else is baked into your …

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What is Social Media? 10 Definitions

When your main method of marketing communication involves interacting with other people, you can call it social. But is that social media? The answer is yes, and no. The term social media is refers to a very specific type of social marketing. It doesn’t necessarily have to take place on …

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Ten Reasons to Develop a Visual Content Strategy

Content marketing is not just about text. It embraces images, videos, infographics, slides and  other types of visuals. An effective visual content strategy supports your words and helps you educate, entice and inspire potential clients. Here are 10 reasons to use it. 1. Build Your Brand Identity Brand identity requires …

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Ten steps to starting your own business

It’s exciting when you’ve decided to start your own business. Statistic Brain says that 25 percent of small businesses fail in the first year and 50 percent within the first five years. A primary cause is lack of planning and following up on the details. Start your business the right …

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The Definition of Social Media in 10 Words

These days, social media is a part of almost everyone’s life. But have you ever stopped to think, “What is social media, really?” Why do we post so much about our lives online? What does it do for us, if anything? Well, today, we’re going to explore the definition of …

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