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TOP 15 Facebook Proxies to Unblock FB in 2023

Facebook Proxies

Do you want to manage multiple Facebook accounts and have unrestricted access to the use of bots? This article provides you with top Facebook proxies to help you carry out these tasks easily.

When it comes to social media, Facebook is by far the most popular. Every day, millions of individuals worldwide use it to stay in touch with friends and expand their businesses by identifying and reaching out to new potential clients.

The best way to use Facebook is to create a large following. But it’s a difficult task because it necessitates a lot of time and work. Facebook is aware of this and penalizes accounts that utilize bots, so many use automation to expand their businesses.

However, there’s a way around the ban if you employ automation. You can fool Facebook’s algorithm by using proxies. They’re a great way to get around Facebook’s security measures.

Today, I will talk about the finest Facebook proxies for unblocking Facebook and for usage with FB bots. Let’s get started now!


1. Bright Data

Bright Data Residential Proxies

When it comes to Facebook proxies, Bright Data is the best. As a Facebook user, you can use Bright Data to manage and unblock your numerous Facebook accounts. It is most effective for Facebook anti-bans and manages Facebook captchas without any limitation.

It offers you an IP pool size of over 72 million with a cost charge of 300 USD per 20 gigabytes. Without a doubt, Facebook users have significantly benefited from Bright Data’s static residential proxies.

This service has a lot to offer, and it allows you to keep your current Facebook IP address for as long as you choose. The fact that this Facebook proxy is fast, secure, and makes you anonymous is exactly what you need. T

here are over 110K IP addresses in the Bright Data IP pool, and you can use any currency you like. You can also start with 40 Gigabytes of bandwidth and pay as little as 500 USD monthly.

2. InstantProxies

Instantproxies Overview

Do you want to avoid Facebook proxies flags? InstantProxies helps you with just that, as well as helping you run successful Facebook marketing campaigns using Facebook bots. As far as Facebook is concerned, InstantProxies gives you the privilege to access Facebook without getting banned. It does this through its private proxies that enable you to manage several Facebook accounts via one server.

InstantProxies is available to Facebook individuals, professionals, and businesses. For Facebook individuals, it enables them to have unrestricted access to Facebook without fear of a ban. For Facebook professionals, you will be able to manage multiple Facebook accounts using one server.

For Facebook businesses, it enables them to carry out market research and Facebook web scrapping through its web-based proxy service. If you desire to manage and access multiple Facebook accounts, boost Facebook followers, and effectively run Facebook marketing campaigns, you should consider using InstantProxies.

What I love most about them is that they allow you to test their services before making a purchase. With InstantProxies, you can get 10 Facebook IPs for 10 USD. This offer comes with 2 multiple cities, 4 subnets, unlimited bandwidth, elite anonymity, control panel, chat support, and instant setup, all for 10 USD! Because of their low prices and good quality, InstantProxies will become a firm favorite amongst online users desiring Facebook proxies.

To accommodate as many simultaneous connections as possible, all of their proxies are hosted on dedicated proxy servers. As a result, your Facebook internet connection will be steady. In addition, the bandwidth is unrestricted.

It’s important to note that they test their Facebook proxies before they sell them, which is an unusual characteristic in this market. This means that you can verify all of your needs prior to making a single investment.

3. High Proxies

High Proxies Dada Center Overview

If you need the best data center proxies to manage your Facebook account, I recommend High Proxies. They have made a name for themselves among thousands and millions of Facebook users. This is because their Facebook proxies are of the highest quality. If you want to have a safe Facebook connection as well as mask your Facebook IPs while surfing the site?

High Proxies has got you covered. They are reliable when it comes to Facebook account management. Facebook can easily detect and ban data center proxies. This is why it's paramount to use data center proxies of high quality.

This is where High Proxies come in handy. Their Facebook proxies speed has fast 1Gbps XEON servers with about 32 gigabytes of RAM. Personally, I will suggest you use their social media proxies for your Facebook. This is because the proxies uptime is quite impressive and well secured, and reliable.

With High Proxies, you can get your Facebook proxy starting at 2.30 USD per proxy monthly. With their undetectable Facebook proxies, High Proxies set a new standard. XEON servers with 32 Gigabytes of RAM are used to host their tested and high-quality Facebook proxies. You can rely on them to keep your Facebook connection safe.

4. Soax

Soax Mobile Proxies Overview

If you need a reliable mobile proxy for your Facebook management, you should try Soax. Soax helps you surf the Facebook web anonymously without getting caught or blocked. It offers one of the most reliable Facebook proxies that you can use from different cities, states, and countries. It’s amazing how Soax works as a Facebook proxy on a mobile device.

For the best service, they have a large pool of Facebook IP addresses that they continually monitor for problematic IPs. Since a Peer-to-Peer network sources all of the addresses, you don’t have to be concerned about your Facebook account being blacklisted.

In addition, you can select from a variety of different nations, states, locations, and mobile networks for your IP address. Because of this, their Facebook proxies are undetected.

5. The Social Proxy

The Social Proxy for Mobile Proxies

This is one of the best Facebook proxy providers offering premium Facebook service. This service ensures you are well protected and kept anonymous while surfing Facebook. The Social Proxy offers mobile proxies that you can use to automate and manage your Facebook account.

What’s more interesting about these Facebook proxies it provides is that they ensure you are completely kept anonymous and undetected to Facebook. Without a doubt, The Social Proxy is an exception to the rule when it comes to mobile proxies.

They have some of the most affordable Facebook proxies available. However, this does not imply that they provide shoddy service. Actually, you receive a premium service that works and is undetectable to Facebook.

6. Shifter

Shifter overview

Shifter is the next Facebook proxy on this list. Unlike the previous ones like Bright Data and Soax, which offer bandwidth, Shifter does not offer such. The fact that it isn’t metered makes it provides you with ports instead of bandwidth.

However, this does not deter them from providing top-notch Facebook services. If you want a Facebook proxy to get the job done regarding Facebook automation, you should try Shifter.

With Shifter’s proxies, you can access HTTPS, SOCKS5, and social media sites like Facebook. Using Facebook proxies for all-around growth is a great way to maximize their potential. You can get their Facebook service for 125 USD per port. Its pool of IPs ranges from over 31+ million, making it one of the most formidable Facebook proxies providers in the industry.

7. Smartproxy

Smartproxy Homepage

Smartproxy is the finest home proxy for Facebook, according to my tests. Because they provide superior Facebook proxies that are impossible to detect, you can put your trust in them when it comes to Facebook management without question. They use clever evasion tactics to conceal your IP address and provide a fast and secure connection so that they can’t be detected by Facebook.

Smartproxy’s cost is another perk of using the service. With just 75 USD, you can acquire a month’s worth of 5 Gigabytes of bandwidth. With Smartproxy, you can gain access to over 10 million Facebook proxies and an IP rotation time of 30 minutes.

8. Proxy-Seller

Proxy-Seller Overview

Proxy-Seller offers datacenter IP type. When it comes to authentic Facebook proxies, you can always count on them. They are one of the most reliable data center proxy providers you can trust for Facebook proxies. What differentiates Proxy-Seller from other Facebook proxies offers numerous IP address variations.

Look no further than Proxy-Seller if you want a Facebook proxy that provides various payment options, rental periods, and low prices all in one package. Proxy-Seller has a few distinctive features that stand out from the rest. It is, without a doubt, one of the most used Facebook proxies.

9. ProxyRack

ProxyRack Residential Proxies

The next facebook proxy on this list is ProxyRack. It is one of the leading Facebook proxies providers. With ProxyRack, you can get effective Facebook proxies to help you mask your IP address as you browse the site.

One of the reasons I recommend ProxyRack for your Facebook proxies is that it provides safe and secure proxies for your Facebook account. Using an unsafe and insecure proxy can lead to your private details being exposed. With ProxyRack, no one can spy on your Facebook traffic.

Additionally, ProxyRack provides both datacenter and residential proxies with more than 5 million and 20,000 IP addresses, respectively. This number surpasses the number of IPs you will need for your Facebook, irrespective of the situation. They have a few phone lines that you can use to get in touch with them for customer support in case you’re experiencing difficulties with their Facebook proxies.

10. Hydraproxy

HydraProxy Overview

Hydraproxy is one of the leading residential proxy providers. They specialize in providing effective proxies for your Facebook account. In case you are wondering why you need them for your Facebook proxies, they offer a massive pool of over five million residential IPs, which is more than enough of what you need for your Facebook.

In addition to providing your adequate Facebook proxy services, Hydraproxy has no minimum monetary obligation. It provides you with a vast proxy pool of residential and mobile IP addresses to utilize without additional hidden fees. Small businesses may prefer the lower costs of this service provider, which is dependent on bandwidth usage.

11. Blazing SEO

Blazing Seo Residential Proxies Overview

One of the most solid providers of Facebook proxies is Blazing SEO. They pride themselves on the fact that they offer high-quality residential IPs that you can use for your Facebook account.  Due to Facebook's ability to promote dissent, it is restricted in China and Russia. Iran and North Korea have many inaccessible websites. However, this can be avoided.

You can get around these restrictions and use the internet as you choose by using a proxy service. This is where Blazing SEO comes in handy. It can help you bypass Facebook blocks in order to ensure safe and secure surfing while keeping you anonymous. I recommend them for effective Facebook management and IP masking.

12. Proxy-Cheap

Proxy-Cheap Overview

Proxy-Cheap offers dedicated proxies that are useful for Facebook accounts. There is a reason why I recommend this Facebook proxies provider. It is highly functional and practically cheap to use. No other companies come close to Proxy-Cheap in terms of proxy affordability.

They’re my number for automating and managing my Facebook account. Without a doubt, Proxy-Cheap residential proxies remain one of the best to help you stay anonymous on the Facebook platform. Their 30-minute session IP timeout is amazing.

To ensure that only tested and working Facebook proxies are delivered to you, the IPs are provided with enhanced rotation; also, anonymity is ensured for each one of them. It remains one of the easiest and cheapest rotating proxy networks to use for your Facebook.

You will enjoy the fact that automated social media tools and sneaker bots are compatible with them. With their residential proxies, Facebook will find your IP address difficult to identify and hence difficult to block.

13. BuyProxies

Buy Proxies Overview

If you want effective and quality anonymity on Facebook, look no further than BuyProxies. There isn't much for me to say about them, but they remain my go-to for risk-free Facebook proxies purchases. This is because they offer a refund if you aren’t 100% satisfied with their level of anonymity within 24 hours of making the purchase.

This is a good deal for your Facebook management and anonymity. They are also useful for managing multiple Facebook without any restriction.

You will find their Private Proxies compatible with Facebook. I love them because they are reliable, cheap, and fast. BuyProxies integrates well with the API for Firefox & Chrome. There’s a lot to like about their Facebook service. For starters, they offer unlimited bandwidth, a wide range of locations, and API integration.

Using their API integration, you can quickly and easily read proxies from ‘.txt’ files directly from your running scripts. Their Facebook proxies are also guaranteed to be original, so there isn’t the fear of purchasing hacked or scraped proxies from them.

14. SquidProxies

SquidProxies Overview

This Facebook proxy provider is trustworthy. It is a provider of private proxies with excellent customer service. SquidProxies is one of the best choices when it comes to Facebook proxies. Many BHW members use its Facebook proxies because they are well-known.

One of the best anonymous HTTP/HTTPS proxies can be found at SquidProxies. And this is exactly what you need to stay anonymous on Facebook. As a result of their high-quality Facebook proxies, people are able to use any of the most popular online browsers, including Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and many more.

Both HTTP and HTTPS web protocols are supported, as well as high levels of anonymity. You can utilize them with Facebook to promote your products and services.  SquidProxies servers for Facebook automation have proven extremely reliable and successful for many customers. So, if you’re looking for Scrapebox-specific proxies, this is the best place to go!

15. ProxyGuys

ProxyGuys Overview

ProxyGuys remains the best 4G/5G mobile proxies provider. Its flexible payment method makes it one of the most used Facebook proxies providers among many Facebook users. They have over 25 locations in the US. They are most useful if you want a good internet speed as you surf the Facebook web.

If you want a Facebook proxy provider you can trust in terms of speed and fast IPs changing, then ProxyGuys is the best for you. With its reliable limitless IP changes and location changes, you are assured of having your IP completely undetectable, which is what you need to bypass Facebook blocks and restrictions.

The fact that they support both 4G and 5G proxies makes their speed pretty amazing. ProxyGuy offers 4G LTE proxies that are used for search engine optimization, ad-verification, data scraping, and sneaker sites. That's not all: ProxyGuys has just launched its first-ever 5G proxy network. As compared to 4G LTE, 5G is a quicker, more secure, and more efficient system.

The major benefit of having ProxyGuys is that it provides limitless instant location change, limitless bandwidth, and limitless instant IP changes. With its various payment options, ProxyGuys is one of the proxy service providers you can trust for trustworthy mobile proxies. I recommend them for your Facebook proxies.


Q. Do You Need A Proxy For Each One Of Your Facebook Accounts?

You can’t automate more than two accounts with one proxy.

Q. Which Proxies are the Best for Automating Facebook Posts?

The finest proxies are residential and mobile because they rely on bandwidth and have a large pool of IP addresses. Residential and mobile are ideal because they are reasonably priced and provide excellent connectivity. Residential proxies are anonymous and speedier when compared to others.

Q. Is it OK to use proxies on Facebook?

Fake accounts and proxies aren’t welcome on Facebook. Using proxies is illegal, and they do everything they can to prevent it. To get around content restrictions, you can utilize proxies. Note that in order to avoid detection, you need to use a premium proxy service.

Q. When Should I Use Facebook Proxies?

A sophisticated anti-spam mechanism is in place on Facebook that monitors any odd activity. Facebook discourages the use of bots and prohibits the creation of an excessive number of Facebook accounts by a single person. As a result of too many requests coming from the same IP address, Facebook considers this to be abusive and often blocks them.

In addition, it uses IP addresses to link accounts and enforces blocks. In order to avoid blocking by Facebook, you’ll need to use Facebook proxies while using a bot or if you wish to manage numerous Facebook accounts.


That is all about Facebook proxies. The best Facebook proxies can be found in this list of top Facebook proxies. Each service has been thoroughly reviewed and proven to work. They provide better connectivity and help you complete any task, producing no hassles. They are completely trustworthy and reliable.

Therefore, you don’t have to be scared of purchasing what can put your account at risk. It is advisable to see how each of these proxies works so as to know which one suits your demand and needs.

Kalle Hallden

Written by Kalle Hallden

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