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10 Best Proxy Scrapers of 2023

Proxy Scrapers

Do you need the top proxy scrapers that you can use to scrape web proxies without breaking the bank? This article provides you with the best free proxy scrapers.

When it comes to finding free proxies for your marketing campaigns, a proxy scraper is an invaluable tool.

There are aspects of proxy scrapers that are not covered by this definition.

In order to find servers that can be used as proxies, certain proxy scrapers do port scans.

Proxy scrapers not only collect this information but also use testing tools to ensure that the proxies they provide really function.

Proxy scrapers are automated programs that scour the web in search of working proxies and make that information readily accessible to the public.

Even though most websites would automatically ban any free proxy you try to use, you should be aware that this is not always the case.

To bypass anti-spam measures on Google and other prominent websites, you can utilize one of the numerous free proxies available online.

But they are hard to come by and still not entirely trustworthy.

Given that the free proxies you are utilizing may suddenly become inactive or corrupt, you must remain vigilant in your search for replacements.

Proxy scrapers have a lot going for them, but one of my favorite features is the ability to filter out proxies that don’t satisfy particular requirements.

Below are the top free proxy scrapers.

10 Best Free Proxy Scrapers in 2023

1. Bright Data

Bright Data proxy Scrapers

  • Free Option: 7-day free trial

How do I mention proxy scrapers without having Bright Data on the list? Bright Data, without a doubt, is one of the best and most reliable proxy scrapers in the world.

Bright Data’s database of over 40 million residential Internet Protocols (IP) makes it a major participant in the industry.

Bright Data presents itself as one of the currently known oldest and fastest free proxy scraper services available today. Trustworthy and secure.

Proxy servers support every protocol, from HTTP(S) through SOCKS5. The ASN standard is also supported.

The vendor provides mobile internet protocol (IP) volume alongside the original internet protocol (IP).

You have the option of selecting the unlock type if a hundred percent success is required.

What you will gain from using Bright Data proxy scraper:

  • You will enjoy a 7-day free trial to get to know how the tool works before deciding to commit
  • You are guaranteed proxy protocols, such as SOCKS5, HTTP and HTTPS
  • You will enjoy data scraping in real-time
  • 100% anonymity assurance to help you bypass blocking when web-scraping

2. Apify

Apify for proxy Scrapers

  • Free Option: FREE

If there is one specific thing I have always loved about Apify, it is the fact that this tool is always available to serve your proxy needs without you paying a dime.

This web-based scraper for proxies looks through several free proxy sites at once

Alternatively, it could run each proxy through its paces against a predetermined target and timeout, returning only those that succeed.

If you’re looking for dedicated proxy servers for scraping the web, Apify Proxy has you covered with a vast pool of internet protocol addresses, clever proxy rotation, and proxies from both home and data center locations.

In addition, Apify’s cutting-edge browser fingerprinting research is going to render your site-scraping bots undetectable if you operate them on their platform.

What you will gain from using Apify proxy scraper:

  • You wouldn’t have to spend a dime as it is totally free
  • You will be completely anonymous using their bot
  • You will enjoy a vast pool of IP addresses, all at your disposal
  • It provides you with both dedicated and residential proxies

3. ScraperAPI

ScraperAPI for proxy Scrapers

  • Free Option: 5000 free API credits for 7 days

If you ask me how my experience of web scraping has been with ScraperAPI, I will say 100% simple and easy!

Naturally, web scraping is complex. But the good news is that with ScraperAPI, you’re going to enjoy the simplicity it presents.

What’s more with ScraperAPI? Once you register, you’re given a whooping 5000 API credits valid for 7 days.

That’s not all. Even after enjoying the free API credits, if you decide not to upgrade to their premium, you can still stay on their generous free plan and enjoy 1000 free API credits with a maximum of 5 concurrent connections.

What you will gain from using ScraperAPI proxy scraper:

  • Aside from its 5000 free API credits, if you decide to upgrade to their premium and later find that you’re not happy with the service, you can request a refund. The service offers a 7-day no-questions-asked refund policy.
  • Even if you’re scraping a website that’s strong at detecting bots, with ScraperAPI, you will remain completely detected with its anti-bot bypassing.
  • It provides dedicated support with an account manager assigned to you to ensure you are happy and joyfully meet your scraping target with no difficulty.

4. GSA Proxy Scraper

GSA Proxy Scraper for proxy Scrapers

  • Free Option: Free version available for download (allows you to scrape up to 300 proxies and test up to 10 proxies at a time)

When it comes to scraping proxies, GSA Proxy Scraper is among the top options. It can be used on PCs running Microsoft’s Windows OS.

It’s easy to use and allows you to efficiently test hundreds of free proxies in a short amount of time.

You can acquire free proxies from GSA Proxy Scraper, which have been scraped from hundreds of different sources.

Given that GSA Proxy Scraper automatically scrapes proxies for its own proxy usage, you won’t need to manually add any proxies to it.

You can filter out unnecessary proxies, rate websites, and simulate Google Page rates with the help of GSA Proxy Scraper’s built-in utility.

You’ll find that a port scanner is an invaluable resource for discovering private, high-quality free proxies that aren’t listed anywhere else.

What you will gain from using GSA Proxy scraper:

  • It is easy to use
  • With a couple of clicks, you can easily collect and test tens of thousands of proxies in no time.
  • It has a Smart-Tagging function that makes it simple to generate proxy tags that will automatically filter proxies according to the parameters you provide.

5. ScrapingBee

ScrapingBee for proxy Scrapers

  • Free Option: 1000 free API calls with 10 concurrent requests

I tried many other services before discovering ScrapingBee, but I have stuck with it since then.

Since I started utilizing the API, I have never seen any kind of service disruption or execution latency.

The instructions for using them are straightforward, and they include examples in any language you can use. All you have to do is incorporate the information the ScrapingBee request builder generates into your own code.

I only had one issue, and with their excellent help, it was fixed within 24 hours.

Quick responses from support, including assistance with formulating elaborate scraping requests.

They don’t just leave you hanging when you enlist their assistance; instead, they provide you with suggested safeguards and JS scripts that can successfully scrape even the most obscure data.

What you will gain from using ScrapingBee proxy scraper:

  • ScrapingBee has great speed
  • You will get to enjoy ScrapingBee’s easy interface, greater documentation, and more user-friendly price structures.
  • Their customer support system is highly professional and ready to help you with any issue you may have with their service.

6. ProxyScrape

ProxyScrape for proxy Scrapers

  • Free Option: Free

ProxyScrape is a well-known website for online scraping; it provides a basic set of proxy prices along with easy sorting options like masking your IP address and SSL encryption.

ProxyScrape is among the greatest services I have used since it offers unique proxies that have never been utilized before, in addition to other benefits, such as dedicated proxies and residential proxies, and because it is very devoted to its clientele.

What you will gain from using ProxyScrape proxy scraper:

  • You are guaranteed 99% of uptime
  • You will enjoy limitless concurrent connections
  • Speed and reliability are topnotch
  • Its quality and performance are standard
  • Above all, it is totally free to use

7. Agenty

Agenty for proxy Scrapers

  • Free option: a 14-day free trial with 100 pages free

Agenty is a cloud-based SaaS service that provides a cloud-based data scraping tool for experts and enterprises.

This application can take unstructured online data and transform it into a spreadsheet that can be read by a computer.

Even if the information you need is protected behind a login wall, the most cutting-edge point-and-click interface makes it as easy as clicking a few buttons to access it.

As a result of the platform’s efficiency and scalability, users can analyze thousands of URLs simultaneously or on a predetermined timetable and obtain access to millions of rows of data for a wide variety of applications.

What you will gain from using Agenty proxy scraper:

  • Their cloud-hosted agents and in-house API make it possible to create cutting-edge online automation for mundane chores.
  • When you’re not online, you can still have data extracted by scheduling an agent to do so.
  • Securely transfer files to FTP, Dropbox, and S3 via their plugin-style connectors.

8. ScrapeStack

ScrapeStack for proxy Scrapers

  • Free Option: FREE with 100 free requests

In order to facilitate large-scale web page scraping without the need to manually handle geolocations, CAPTCHAs, or IP restrictions, ScrapeStack was developed to provide a straightforward REST API interface.

There are a number of important online scraping capabilities that are supported by this tool, including PUT/POST requests, geo-targets, configurable HTTP headers, JavaScript rendering, and the ability to employ premium residential proxies rather than datacenter proxies.

What you will gain from using ScrapeStack proxy scraper:

  • You will get to enjoy over 100 locations worldwide
  • It’s got millions of Ips and proxies you can choose from
  • Its infrastructure is rock-solid

9. CrawlBase

CrawlBase for proxy Scrapers

  • Free Option: 10-day free trial

CrawlBase proxy scraper enables you to easily find and carry out proxy tests for anonymous browsing, SEO, and web scraping.

CrawlBase is one of the few free proxy scrapers that commands vast usage of its service by renowned companies, such as Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Walmart, and eBay.

One thing I love regarding its service is the fact that it enables you to test and scrape a vast number of proxies from different sources.

That’s not all. Using CrawlBase proxy scraper, you can extract data or scrape proxies from proxy lists, search engines, and websites.

What’s more? You can as well run a reliability, anonymity, and speed test.

What you will gain from using CrawlBase proxy scraper:

  • Its advanced data extraction tools ensure you’re able to attain your web scraping goal with ease.
  • Using CrawlBase proxy scraper, you can easily scrape LinkedIn, Yahoo, Glassdoor, Yandex, and Scribd.

10. ZenRows

ZenRows for proxy Scrapers

  • Free Option: Free 1000 API credits

The ZenRows web scraping application programming interface and data scraping tool is the next wave of software for transforming unstructured HTML data into a more usable format.

There are additional superior options available in ZenRows Proxy Scraper for tailoring your own proxy scraping and testing to your exact specifications.

What I like the most about it is the fact that it enables you to configure automated checks to make sure your proxies are functioning correctly.

Also, you can use custom filters to exclude proxies that don’t satisfy certain requirements.

What you will gain from using ZenRows proxy scraper:

  • With ZenRows, you can manage your proxies thanks to its proxy management tool that help you filter out bad proxies as well as make necessary rotations.
  • You will get to enjoy the ability to create a custom proxy pool that meets your specific use cases.


Q. Is proxy scraper and scraping API the same?

There is a distinction between a proxy scraper and a scraping API. You can avoid detection by anti-scraping systems with the use of a Scraping API, which provides services like proxy rotation, Captcha solutions, and support for headless browsers. APIs that can be scraped are frequently referred to as proxy APIs. They are distinct from proxy scrapers, which scour the web for free proxies.

Q. Should I use free proxies?

You should give utilizing free proxies some serious consideration before doing so. You can use paid proxies, which are safer and more efficient than free ones. Proxy servers that are free to use are often insecure, unreliable, and incompatible with a wide variety of online services. Some of them even change HTML and consume JavaScript codes in order to monitor your online activity for advertising and other nefarious purposes.

Q. What type of proxies does a proxy scraper scrape?

The greatly relies on the proxy scraper tool you are using to scrape data. However, as with most proxy scrapers, you can scrape proxies such as SOCKS5, SOCKS4, HTTPS, and HTTP.


That concludes this article on free proxy scrapers. It is paramount to know the proxy scrapers on this list are 100% reliable, as they were carefully researched and reviewed before they made my list of best free proxy scrapers. You can make use of any of them to see how well they meet our scraping needs.

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