8 Best YouTube Proxies for YouTube Automation


Are you looking for the best YouTube proxy provider for your marketing campaign? read our expert reviews and get to know the best and most reliable YouTube proxies on the market to use based on your budget.

as a YouTube content creator, you might not need YouTube proxies. However, online influencers and marketers face some restrictions online. Thus, they need YouTube proxies to evade geo-restrictions while watching videos. Proxy is the best tool to use and goes beyond limitations.

These are simply intermediaries linking the server and YouTube. They do this by hiding your IP addresses so that you can perfectly circumnavigate YouTube videos without someone detecting and tracking you. But why should marketers use proxies to unblock YouTube videos?

Why Use Proxies to Unblock YouTube

There are various reasons you should use YouTube proxies. As a marketer, here are some of the advantages of using proxies online:

1. Scraping Data

youtube Scraping Data

YouTube proxies are vital in collecting information about a specific keyword of a niche on a website. This mainly works well on a banned website.

 2. Bypassing restrictions


You can also access YouTube while in school, significantly since the administration has restricted the usage. Thus YouTube proxies are essential in bypassing such limits even at the workplace.

3. Surfing from different regions

hange your current IP addresses

You can use YouTube proxies to change your current IP addresses and places you in different locations or areas. Thus you can easily access YouTube from another region when your country is restricted.

4. YouTube automation

YouTube automation

Proxies act as the shield, mainly when marketers use them to increase video views with the im of getting more revenues. This is against YouTube API, and since it's strict, it can block you. You can also manipulate video ranking and scraping data, automating following and subscriber count.

Though YouTube is again such activities and can block you, the algorithm won't detect you, and you can get work done effortlessly when YouTube proxies.

Best YouTube Proxies Recommend

1. Bright Data

Bright Data overview

Bright Data, formerly known as Luminati, is a popular proxy provider that often beats its competitors. This is due to the substantial IP addresses and good coverage worldwide. They have the most considerable proxy servers on the market. Primarily, Bright Data offers residential, Datacenter, ISP, and mobile proxies. Besides that, their proxies come with a browser extension and proxy manager to ease the tasks.

They claim that their IP addresses are gathered from different regions and countries. Thus, you can access any region without hitches. Their proxies are perfect for web data extraction, market research, web testing, search engine results crawling, and also, you can request a custom package like YouTube proxies. Bright Data is an undisputed industry leader when it comes to YouTube proxies. Bright Data is the most reliable company, flexible, fully compliant, and efficient.

Bright Data has the fastest residential proxies on the market and offers unlimited bandwidth. This, coupled with high anonymity online, makes them the perfect choice as the YouTube proxies. You can even use their proxies to develop targeting adverts on YouTube and other marketing materials.

They have excellent customer care, and they are fully transparent on their website. They also assign you a dedicated account manager who can help you tailor the solutions to meet your data collection goals.

2. Soax

Soax overview

Soax is a well-known YouTube proxy provider on the market. It has built a strong reputation among the customers for a long time. It specializes in providing residential, mobile, and datacenter proxies. Their simple UI is something else that customers love. They claim that their residential proxies have high speed and excellent performance, backconnect rotating proxies, and also offer geo-targeting features.

You can filter the proxies up to the ISP level from its dashboard. Thus, these proxies suit marketing research, price monitoring, website availability, SEO, brand protection, and YouTube data collection. Therefore, it is a perfect choice as a YouTube proxy provider.

Soax has proxies that cover almost all corners of the world. Their pricing is flexible but guarantees 100% anonymity and security with only whitelisted IPs. Hence a highly reliable YouTube proxy provider with 24/7 customer support. They have refined the pricing, which has enabled them to get excellent customer ratings on Trustpilot.

3. Smartproxy

Smartproxy overview

Smartproxy is another company that offers different proxies. They have packages covering datacenter, residential, dedicated datacenter proxies. They also have numerous browser extensions and proxy address generator tools. So, suppose you want to conduct market research in scraping data, ad verification, affiliate marketing, SEO, or travel fare.

In that case, SmartProxy is the best choice for you. and when you want YouTube proxies for social media automation or retail purposes, you are at the right place. They cover everything.

Smartproxy stands out from the rest because they even have a smart scraper tool that can help you collect and sort data effortlessly. This is good, especially when doing market research on YouTube or a website. Their proxies can help you evade geo-targeting restrictions, scale your business and save time to do something else.

Their residential IP addresses are private and hard to detect. These proxies also have comprehensive coverage. The pricing is friendly, and their site offers 24/7 customer support services. SmartProxy even has an advanced anonymous proxy rotation package to keep you safe and unblock YouTube restrictions.

4. Shifter

Shifter overview

The shifter is a great choice when it comes to automating YouTube activities. It was initially known as the Microleaves. They have highly successful residential proxies. They also guarantee you unlimited bandwidth, a nice feature as a YouTube proxy provider.

They claim that they are the most prominent proxy network globally with instant access to residential and datacenter IPs. The customer support is available 24/7 and promises you money back within 3 days if they fail to deliver proxies.

Shifter proxies are perfect for all use cases, including YouTube automation, ad verification, price comparison, brand protection, YouTube data scraping, SEO, property testing, online shopping, and sales intelligence. Both residential and datacenter proxies are fast and support HTTP(S) and socks protocols. They offer unlimited sessions and advanced control panels.

You can also use them to unlock YouTube from country to major cities. They have been on the marketing since 2012 and guarantee you 99.99% uptime. The pricing is based on the ports but is generally friendly. The proxies are designed to meet all your needs with various applications. You can rely on them to view the materials restricted by YouTube.

5. Proxy-Seller

Proxy-seller overview

Proxy-Seller is a company specializing in offering private socks and HTTPS proxies. These proxies are best for social network automation, SEO data scraping, online gaming, internet browsing, and many other usages.

Thus, Proxy-Seller is a good choice if you want to gather complete information and data from YouTube. This is one of the best companies, though it sounds pretty new. They have to build a strong reputation among their existing clients due to high-quality proxies.

These proxies are compatible with SOCKS5 and HTTPS protocols and come with 2-factor authentication for extra security. Thus, they always keep your data protected and hide your IP address effectively. The fact is that the more you purchase, the cheaper the price becomes. This makes us side with them while considering their affordability.

With Proxy-Seller company, YouTube can never be hard to get right. It increases your success chances and keeps you safe and secured. They also claim that their elite proxies ensure a high anonymity level, good coverage, and certainly excellent speed.

So, if you are restricted from accessing YouTube or any other website, this is the option you are looking for. You can select an IP address from their pool and enjoy a 1Gb/s  speed channel with 24/7 customer support. They also offer a refund but only within 24 hours upon purchase.

6. SquidProxies

Squid Proxies overview

SquidProxies is also a reliable company that sells YouTube proxies. They specialize in private and shared proxies on the market. These are highly anonymous proxies that are perfect for all purposes. They believe that serious proxies imply serious marketing.

SquidProxies has a super-fast server ensuring clients enjoy dedicated speed and unlimited bandwidth. No ads, no configuration is needed but highly anonymous at an affordable price. Their proxies are highly compatible with all browsers and come with multiple IP subnets guaranteeing your access up to cities level in the US.

SquidProxies have non-sequential IP addresses, which is a good feature for unlocking restricted YouTube content and guarantees you access anytime 24/7. Customer support is also another perfect thing we can't fail to mention. Thus, SquidProxies servers provide varying privacy, functionality, and security depending on your needs.

SquidProxies is your best choice if you are looking for high-quality YouTube proxies. This is because these proxies operate flawlessly. They support HTTP(S) protocols, and their website is secure and has a simple UI.

7. HighProxies

HighProxies overview

HighProxies is a well-known company that offers different proxies on the market. They have divided their proxies into different specific packages to meet all your needs. They have social media, private, shared, and classified AD proxies on their website. This means they have YouTube proxies under social media packages.

They have servers in different locations, and their proxies are compatible with all browsers supporting HTTP(S) protocols. They promise that their social media and private proxies are highly anonymous and offer Virgin IP addresses and dedicated IP addresses exclusively made for you. They guarantee you 99.99% uptime and affordable pricing on all the packages. Their customer supports service is available 24/7.

HighProxies comes with many advanced features that make them stand out as the best YouTube proxy provider on the market. These features include multiple cloud infrastructures, multiple datacenters for high availability and replication, high security, and unlimited resources.

They allow up to 100 concurrent threads per proxy. Meaning they do not restrict their bandwidth usage. The above features make this company the best provider of YouTube proxies on the market. The reviews and customer rating is excellent, and they also guarantee you money back when they fail to deliver their promises.

8. Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies overview

Storm Proxies is last on your list, and we highly recommend YouTube proxies. They offer datacenter and residential backconnect proxies with instant access upon payment. These proxies are optimized for fast multi-threaded tools and high-speed performance. There is no hidden cost in their packages but guarantee unlimited bandwidth. Browser with no limits at all.

The rotating residential backconnect proxies changes IP address in a range of 3 to 15 minutes, if you have an ideal task requiring large IP addresses like scraping data, traffic bots, and bulk account registration as well as SEO tools or YouTube automation, then select their USA, EU or a combination of the two for better results.

But when you need high-speed fixed IP addresses, their private dedicated proxies are optimized for that task. They also have general private dedicated proxies and specialized proxies on their website.

Storm Proxies guarantees you high anonymity as they sue unique technology that keeps you hidden. They also offer 24/7 premium customer support, and when their services are not up to your need, they have 24 hours money-back guarantee.

Otherwise, their proxies are affordable and charged per port, limiting customers' port usage to one device. Residential proxies are also good besides private proxies for unlocking restricted YouTube content.


1. Is it safe to use a free YouTube proxy?

Among the choice you need to make online is deciding between free and paid proxies. Free proxies are available to the public hence vulnerable to abuse. Therefore, they are easily detected, and various websites are likely to ban them. It is rare to find a reliable free proxy online today.

2. Is VPN better than YouTube proxy?

Youtube proxy is better than VPNs. However, they are all capable of unblocking restricted websites at almost the same cost.

3. Is YouTube allowed to use proxies?

Though allowed, YouTube frown on the use of proxies on their website. Select a trusted and reliable provider from the above list because YouTube automation using proxies is undoubtedly against YouTube API.


Youtube proxies are vital regarding marketing on social media platforms like YouTube. Though risky, reliable proxies can improvise business results. They bring exponential growth to your businesses and marketing strategies, but you should always be keen when selecting a provider on the market.

The above list consists of reliable YouTube proxies providers. They all guarantee you high anonymity and access to restricted or geo-targeted sites without detection. Practice your due diligence before committing yourself to a package.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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