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Free Instagram Scheduler 2023 [The Ultimate List]

Streamlining Your Posting: A Guide to the Best Free Instagram Scheduling Tools

Free Instagram Scheduler

Do you want to schedule your post and consistently post the content on your Instagram account? This article is here to help. This article provides you with the top free Instagram schedulers to simplify your posting on Instagram.

You may not have a lot of time to devote to uploading content and planning for future uploads if you are someone who is actively working to improve the online reputation of their company. You’ll need an automated system to upload your brand’s content not just at the optimal moment, when your target audience is most likely to be online, but also so that you can forget about it until it’s ready to go.

This is where the free Instagram scheduler comes in. If you want to save time and make posting to Instagram simpler, try using a free scheduling service. This is so because a tool of this kind can also provide advice on how to edit and curate content that is suitable for your business.

Unfortunately, though, working in this field is not always a picnic in the park. The bad side is that it might make you vulnerable to identity theft from sketchy businesses. It’s not only that they want to make a sale of something that isn’t valuable to you.

Reading articles like the one you’re reading now is the greatest approach to avoiding this problem and avoiding dealing with bogus firms. In this article, I am going to show you the top free Instagram schedulers you can use without paying a dime.

Top 20 Free Instagram Schedulers [App & Tools] In 2022

1. SproutSocial — Best Free Instagram Scheduler Effective for Scheduling Hashtag Tracking

SproutSocial Homepage

  • Free Option: 30 days free trial

This Instagram scheduler is helpful not only for scheduling posts but also for tracking data. SproutSocial is compatible with Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook in addition to Instagram for scheduling posts. It allows you to schedule posts in advance, manage comments, and keep tabs on hot hashtags.

2. Circleboom Publish — Best for Easy Scheduling of your Instagram Posts

Circleboom Publish Instagram Scheduler

  • Free Option: 14 days free trial

It’s an all-inclusive strategy that’s simple to use, and it can be used to schedule posts to a wide variety of social media platforms. This tool makes it possible to create original content and schedule its publication on Instagram. In addition, you can use Circleboom Publish to handle several Instagram accounts at once.

Circleboom Publish has an integrated Canva add-on, making it easy for users to design and publish their own custom graphics.

3. Onlypult — Best Free Instagram Scheduler for Content Automation

Onlypult Homepage

  • Free Option: 7 days free trial

If you’ve looked into automating your Instagram posts, you know that Onlypult is a reliable solution. Instagram, Facebook, WordPress, Pinterest, and even Linkedin are just a few of the social media platforms that it is compatible with. Keeping up with many social media identities at once is now a realistic option.

Trying out our Instagram schedule won’t cost you a penny for a whole week. Make the most of this opening to improve the efficiency of your no-cost social media campaigns.

4. Planoly — Best for Scheduling Instagram Posts without Paying a Dime

Planoly Homepage

  • Free Option: 7 days free trial

Many people have spoken well about Planoly, so I thought I’d give it a go. My decision did not turn out to be a bad one. Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for more from the Instagram calendar. Planoly is a social media scheduling tool that works with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Planoly provides analytical tools that might help you get insight into your goals and perhaps make better decisions as a result.

The use of Planoly allows for the rapid and easy development of fresh ideas. There are many different templates, images, stickers, and other options to pick from. Because it can be used both online and as a mobile app, this tool can be used whenever and wherever it is most useful. You can test out Planoly without spending a dime for a whole week. Utilizing this Instagram scheduling feature, you can get a lot done in a short amount of time.

5. Crowdfire — Best for Unrestricted Scheduling of Instagram Posts

Crowdfire Homepage

  • Free Option: Unlimited Free Plan

Crowdfire is an additional powerful Instagram scheduling option. The program allows you to schedule posts in advance and automatically upload them to Instagram. It’s a no-cost tool that might make it easier to coordinate your many social media presences and the content you share on them.

Crowdfire allows for the simple importation of websites and blogs. The Crowdfire Chroma plugin makes it easier to share interesting posts on Instagram accounts. There are no fees associated with using the program.

6. Buffer — Best easy-to-Use Instagram Scheduler

Buffer Instagram Scheduler

  • Free Option: 14 days free trial

Buffer is a great Instagram scheduling app. The software makes it easier to share content on many platforms, including Instagram. In addition, there is a statistics segment for taking stock. Insta-stories can be easily scheduled and published using Buffer. Because of Buffer’s approach to user input and content improvement, users can create really original posts.

7. Hootsuite — Best for Scheduling and Creating Custom Instagram Content

Hootsuite Homepage

  • Free Option: 30 days free trial

Hootsuite has been lauded for its reliability and high standard of quality. This program allows you to upload photos and videos to Instagram. Using Hootsuite, you can make your own unique posts. You can do more than schedule posts in advance for Instagram and other social media platforms with this free tool.

Those who have accounts on many social networking sites can use the app’s consolidated control panel to monitor and respond to activity across all of their profiles. Make sure you are aware of what your rivals are up to. You can get feedback on how well your presentation is shaping out, and collaborating with others is simplified. This is handy if you operate in a team where various employees are responsible for different aspects of the business, but everyone needs access to the social media account.

8. Sendible — Best for Scheduling and Managing Instagram Posts

Sendible Homepage

  • Free Option: 14 days free trial

It’s a breeze to keep track of all your social media profiles with Sendible, including Instagram. Sendible is a great tool for easing teamwork.

Make sure your content will appear well on Instagram by using this previewer. Individuals might use it to rapidly come up with new article ideas. Users can use Sendible to simultaneously share multiple updates across many social media platforms.

9. Iconosquare — Best for Brands to Schedule Instagram Content for Free

Iconosquare Homepage

  • Free Option: 14 days free trial

Iconosquare might be useful for both large organizations and small businesses, as well as for individuals working on their own. It offers a free 14-day trial to new clients, following which they can choose between three different price levels (29 USD, 59 USD, and Agency; contact them for a tailored estimate) to keep using the service. Use the included management tools and statistics to boost your profile’s exposure on sites like Instagram and Facebook.

The capability to manage several Instagram profiles from one dashboard is the best feature of this free scheduling app. Your posts will go live instantly, and automated enhancements like user tags, geolocation, and optimum posting times can be added to them. If you care about having an effect at the right time, then this is the company for you to collaborate with.

10. Postcron— Best Free Instagram Scheduler for Easy Post Scheduling

Postcron Homepage

  • Free Option: 7 days free trial

Postcron is a useful tool for automatically adding a watermark to your Instagram images. You can now add Instagram filters, faces, geotags, and stickers to your stories.

11. Flick — Best for Scheduling Instagram Posts in Advance

Flick Instagram Scheduler

  • Free Option: 7 days free trial

Flick is the best free option for Instagram scheduling. You can schedule postings in advance, and the creators even provide tips on how to make better use of hashtags. If you’re going to produce top-notch content, you should also take the time to choose appropriate hashtags.

In these sorts of predicaments, Flick comes in handy. With their help, you can track and evaluate your hashtags, saving the most effective ones for later usage, and constantly adjusting your hashtag strategy to increase your content’s exposure.

12. Agorapulse — Best for Scheduling Instagram Posts on Multiple Instagram

Agorapulse Homepage

  • Free Option: 30 days free trial

If you want to keep track of many Instagram accounts at once, Agorapulse is an excellent scheduling tool to use. Use this tool to publish several articles simultaneously with little effort. Using the “user tagging” feature, you can also include the participation of other users in your own posts.

Be sure to include relevant places in your submission. Agorapulse makes it easier to create, revise, and share content using hashtags. Labels are a great way to categorize your followers and keep track of who is who.

13. ViralTag — Best for Convenient Content Scheduling

  • Free Option: 14 days free trial

ViralTag is a free Instagram scheduling tool that can help businesses, consumers, and organizations. There is a two-week free trial and monthly costs ranging from 24 USD for individuals to 79 USD for businesses.

It includes helpful add-ons like Google Analytics, resizable messages and images, and specialist tools for assembling visual content. They can make it easier to share an unlimited number of posts and repurpose old content.

14. Agorapulse — User-friendly Post Scheduler

Agorapulse Homepage

  • Free Option: 30 days free trial

If you want to handle many Instagram accounts at once, Agorapulse is a great scheduler to use. Use this tool to publish several articles simultaneously with little effort. Using the “user tagging” feature, you can also include the participation of other users in your own posts.

Make sure your submission has proper location information. Agorapulse makes it easier to create, revise, and share content using hashtags. Labels are a great way to categorize your followers and keep track of who is who.

15. Tailwind — 100% Free Instagram Post Scheduler

Tailwind Instagram Scheduler

  • Free Option: Unlimited Free Plan

Using Tailwind’s scheduling feature, you can upload content to Instagram whenever it’s most convenient for you. The Instagram pin design templates are available ahead of time. Our Instagram scheduler makes it simple to make changes to your content as you create it.

Discovering and re-using the creative content being posted on Instagram by others is made possible by the Tailwind app. Unlimited access to Tailwind’s features and advantages is possible because of the program’s indefinitely free trial.

16. SocialBee — Suitable for Managing Multiple Instagram Accounts

SocialBee Homepage

  • Free Option: 14 days free trial

SocialBee is a tool you can use to manage and distribute your content across various social media platforms. You are free to request as many changes to your content as you want.

Some of the automation options provided by SocialBee include integration with tools like Zapier, Pocket, and RSS. Content for many accounts can be submitted or edited simultaneously. To use SocialBee won’t cost you a dime.

17. SEMrush — Powerful Instagram Post Scheduler

SEMrush Homepage

  • Free Option: 7 days free trial

The fact that SEMrush is a potent Instagram scheduler is not a secret. This useful app allows you to pre-schedule Instagram posts. With SEMrush, you can do all the required editing to your photos at once, making it easy to get them ready for Instagram. In addition, you can use this information to learn about your target audience’s age and geography, for example.

SEMrush employs the Urchin Tracking Module to track and analyze data. To help you keep tabs on your progress and make any required modifications, our Instagram scheduler sends you regular information in the form of PDF and email reports. Using SEMrush, you can monitor what your competitors are up to and use that information to shape your own strategies. During the demo period of 14 days, you will have access to every one of these options.

18. Smarter Queue — Free Tool for Easy Scheduling

Smarter Queue Instagram Scheduler

  • Free Option: 14 days free trial

Instagram users who want to stay organized might try using a scheduler like Smarter Queue to plan out when they’ll post photographs and videos. With this function, you can upload many images to a single status update. Thanks to Smarter Queue, you can easily customize your social media postings with the most relevant hashtags, emojis, GIFs, and captions.

To ensure that your articles are both unique and engaging, you can rely on the tools included in its extensive multimedia collection. Smarter Queue can be tested for free for 30 days. Smarter Queue is an inexpensive alternative to Instagram that offers many of the same features.

19. Plann — Best for Consistent Post Scheduling

Plann Instagram Scheduler

  • Free Option: Unlimited Free Plan

Plann markets itself as a “social media suite” that has an “Instagram scheduler,” allowing you to plan out your posts in advance and create a successful social media strategy. The platform has built-in tools like Canva that make it easy and inexpensive to produce high-quality, consistent content.

20. Combin Scheduler — Best Instagram Post Automation

Combin Instagram Scheduler

  • Free Option: Unlimited Free Plan

Without a doubt, Combin Scheduler is the best free Instagram scheduling tool out there. You can quickly organize your Instagram stories and posts with the help of Combin Scheduler and its straightforward way of preparing Instagram content. Simple strategies for boosting interaction with a post include using relevant hashtags and tagging other users in the post’s description.

Schedule all of your Instagram posts in advance using Combin Scheduler. You can make as many copies of an Instagram story as you want and tweak it until it’s perfect. One great thing about Combin Scheduler is that it is completely free to use.

Tips for Selecting the Best Instagram Scheduler for your Business

1. Consider the Technical Support

There will always be questions and problems while learning to use a brand-new tool. You should check the tool’s technical support to make sure it’s adequate. You can then utilize the gadget to its fullest extent, having a firm grasp on its utilization thanks to this.

2. Examine the pricing

The cost of an Instagram scheduler varies by service package. Look at the tools’ costs and features, and choose one that provides you the most bang for your buck. See whether they provide a free trial and respond well to questions and concerns.

3. Prioritize Good Features

Businesses might benefit greatly from using Instagram scheduling solutions that also include other social media management functions. In addition to scheduling and posting, tools like SocialBee provide social media statistics. As a bonus, you won’t have to juggle as many instruments to get the job done.

4. Consider the Tool’s Usability

Time-saving functionality is essential for any scheduling or publishing software you use. Pick a program that won’t drive you crazy to use to plan your Instagram posts in advance. Any software that takes too long to load, or has a confusing interface, is wasting your time.

You should try out the trial version and see whether the Instagram scheduler works for you before making a final decision. Because of its intuitive interface, Unbox Social is the go-to Instagram scheduling app.

5. Prioritize your Business Needs

There are a plethora of Instagram scheduler applications available, each with its unique set of advantages. Make a list of your company’s requirements before you begin your app search.

Make a list of everything you need to perform in the Instagram scheduler based on the marketing you conduct for your business.

Verify that everything associated with the scheduling and publication of your brand has been checked off. This might help you get a feel for what to look for in an Instagram scheduler tool.


Q. Can I automate my Instagram posting for free?

There is an option to have Instagram post stuff automatically. Using an Instagram post planner is the simplest method. Instagram and other social media networks can be updated automatically with the help of these apps.

Q. What should I consider when selecting Instagram schedulers?

Having the ability to customize your publishing timings is one of the most important features of a free Instagram scheduling tool.

Q. Does Instagram permit post scheduling?

Definitely! Thankfully, marketing solutions such as SproutSocial can make use of Instagram’s API to allow users to pre-schedule Instagram posts.


I take my time and do my research when reviewing Instagram scheduling tools like the ones you see above. Because of this, I make sure to carefully examine more than 2400 customer evaluations and 115 different free Instagram scheduling apps.

For the sake of making an educated decision about which tools to assess and suggest to you, I’ve included both positive and negative aspects of the schedulers in my evaluations.

You can see that there are a lot of options available, so don’t waste any time in your search for a business to add to your Instagram marketing plan by taking advantage of their free trials. Have fun!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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