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16 Best Places to Buy Instagram Accounts in 2023

Instagram Growth Shortcut: A Guide to the Best Platforms for Purchasing Established Instagram Accounts


Do you want to buy legit Instagram accounts with real followers? This article will put you through the best places to buy Instagram accounts.

There are many reasons why people want to buy Instagram accounts. It isn’t easy to grow an Instagram account from scratch. So many people do not have the time and effort to dedicate to doing such; thus, buying an already established account is a good alternative.

We all know that having a good number of followers is one of the major ways of gaining exposure and relevance on Instagram. Thus, such accounts have a massive following and are well placed to help you achieve whatever you want. Some brands find this as a good way to move their businesses forward.

However, buying an Instagram account is not as straightforward as you may think. There are risks involved. That is why it is necessary that you make proper research to find the best places to buy genuine Instagram accounts that won’t put you in trouble with the social media platform.

Therefore, to ease your burden, I have done a bit of research on my own and have discovered some great places where you can buy genuine Instagram accounts. You will find them below in no particular order.

Best Places to Buy Instagram Accounts

1. AppSally

Buy Instagram Accounts for AppSally

I wasn’t surprised when I found out that you can purchase Instagram accounts from AppSally. They are also one of the top choices for purchasing real Instagram followers and other services. This shows how versatile they are. You will find different kinds of Instagram accounts available for purchase on their site.

If you want an account with a massive number of followers or one with a decent following, AppSally has got you covered. Their prices are quite affordable, and the transaction process is fast and reliable.

2. Fameswap

Buy Instagram Accounts for Fameswap

Fameswap is one of the most secure grounds to purchase Instagram accounts. Many people highly regard it. And there are great stories from those who have bought Instagram accounts from the site. Their services are secure and fast, and they have guidelines in place to ensure clients’ safety.

If you want to buy an Instagram account on Fameswap, you don’t need to be afraid of any security issues as they ensure all dealings are made through a trusted process. Aside from purchasing an account, you can also sell on the site.

3. 123accs

Buy Instagram Accounts for 123accs

As I said earlier, buying an Instagram account is not a straightforward business, reason why you need to research well. After surfing the internet for the best places to buy an Instagram account, I discovered that 123accs is a good place for those who want to lay their hands on well-established Instagram accounts. Whatever your field of interest is, 123accs will get you a suitable Instagram account.

If you are interested in accounts that are wrought around niches such as PPI and CPA, then I strongly suggest you buy from 123accs. And if you are looking for an Instagram account that has seen a lot of years which you intend to use for a short time, you will find it at 123accs.

4. ACC Farm

Buy Instagram Accounts for ACC Farm

Another great place to purchase Instagram accounts is ACC Farm. They ensure that the Instagram account you are purchasing is loaded with authentic followers. There are many reasons why I believe ACC Farm is a great place to buy Instagram accounts; aside from that, they offer accounts with genuine Instagram followers. They have a good customer support system, assure safety, and deliver instantly.

When I checked ACC Farm’s website to see what it looked like, I found an interesting collection of Instagram accounts that are up for purchase and at different prices. The price differences are mainly due to the accounts having a different number of followers and a few other factors. Thus, if you want to buy an account with a higher number of followers, it will cost you pretty much.

5. Viral Instas

Buy Instagram Accounts for Viral Instas

If you want to buy an Instagram account with a huge following, Viral Instas is the right place for you. I am talking about accounts with followers numbering as low as 4,000 and as high as 251,000.

And one interesting thing is that Viral Instas does not stop at just offering you Instagram accounts; they go on to do some extensive work on the account you are interested in, such as providing you with stats about follower count and some of their recent activities. This could help you in selecting wisely.

6. Social Tradia

Buy Instagram Accounts for Social Tradia

Social Tradia is another new name on the lips of many who have used their services or have stumbled on them on the internet. They are one of the credible places to buy genuine Instagram accounts. They provide brands and individuals with profiles that have been thoroughly checked and well-placed. They will get you an account at $40,000 for 1 million followers.

Social Tradia allows you to test your new account for 24 hours. This way, you can verify if the account meets your requirements and expectations. If it doesn’t, you are entitled to change your decision and find another suitable account. Thus, if you want to buy an Instagram account with a crazy number of followers, Social Tradia is one of the best places.

7. Insta Sale

Buy Instagram Accounts for Insta Sale

I have a friend who recently purchased an Instagram account to expand his brand’s visibility from Insta Sale’s platform, and he has glowing remarks about his experience. The said account was genuine, the transaction was fast, and has enjoyed steady success so far using it. I’m only saying this not to make a brand look good, but because customer testimonies are important when deciding where to obtain services in this advanced internet age.

Insta Sale is a platform where you can buy and sell Instagram accounts. When you visit their website, click on the ‘view listings’ tab to get an overview of what they have in store. And one of the advantages of trading on Insta Sale is that the platform is free.

Their transactions are rapid, and both buyer and seller can quickly close a deal as far as they are satisfied. There is nothing to worry about as the platform ensures privacy when it comes to personal information. Lastly, their support team is always on hand to assist in case of any unwanted development.

8. Too Fame

Buy Instagram Accounts for Too Fame

Too Fame has been described as one of the best places to purchase legit Instagram accounts. Aside from that, you can also sell your account on the platform. You will find a live chat on their website, which will readily come in handy at any time. Too Fame assures that the Instagram accounts they offer have been thoroughly verified, all have many followers, and are authentic.

They also offer quick delivery, including a seven-day money-back guarantee. The company has been in existence for over five years now and thus, is versed in the trading of Instagram accounts. And when it comes to transparency, Too Fame has got my vote. You will find enough info about the establishment on their site.

9. Playerup

Buy Instagram Accounts for Playerup

Playerup is another great place where you can buy and sell Instagram accounts. The company believes that they have a convincing reputation to make you want to be part of their rich client list. They also say that the Instagram accounts offered for sale on their website have undergone rigorous verification and are genuine.

All you need to do is state your preferences, and they will find the perfect Instagram account for you. These preferences can include the number of followers, delivery time, and preferred niche.

Your preferences will, in the end, affect what you will pay for the account. Therefore, you need to be aware of such and ensure your preferences reflect your budget for it. Aside from that, there are Instagram accounts for sale listed on their websites that you can look at. You will find accounts with followers ranging from 10,000 and 50,000, which are priced at around $75. In my opinion, that is pretty fair.

10. Surgegram

Buy Instagram Accounts for Surgegram

Surgegram is yet another credible platform to buy Instagram accounts. They assure that their services are of top quality. Surgegram says they provide accounts with active and genuine followers that can gain you enough visibility, relevance, and therefore, grow your business. They also promise to deliver your purchases instantly.

A company that claims to have generated over $1,000,000 from the sale of authentic Instagram accounts must have something going well for them. Although there is no way to verify this, I have heard glowing remarks from some who said they had used their services. You will also find some great reviews on Trustpilot about their services. These are some of the reasons why I believe Surgegram is a platform worth their salt.

11. ACCS Market

Buy Instagram Accounts for ACCS Market

ACCS Market is one of the leading markets for purchasing Instagram accounts. You will find an extensive portfolio of Instagram accounts available for sale on their platform. Therefore, whatever your preferences are, you will find the right Instagram account for you. I have checked what ACCS Market stands for and all they do, and I can say that they are one of the most influential in the industry.

There aren’t many places like ACCS Market that ensure quality services and put their clients’ interests above any other. This is why they are well respected. Their prices are quite affordable, and aside from having a collection of Instagram accounts for sale, you can state your preferences, and they will find the exact account to match them.

12. Account Warehouse

Buy Instagram Accounts for Account Warehouse

If you are looking for a platform that deals in Instagram accounts, where the transactions are upfront and transparent, you will find Account Warehouse to be welcoming. Their transaction procedure contains four stages which are pretty easy to comprehend and undertake. The first thing you need to do is go through their portfolio of Instagram accounts up for purchase and choose the one you prefer.

After finding your preferred account, you can begin the transaction process. And one good thing is that they accept cryptocurrency as a payment option. And their delivery time is very impressive, to say the least. Account Warehouse assures that its portfolio solely contains Instagram accounts that come from genuine sources and have been thoroughly verified.

13. Freeway Social

Buy Instagram Accounts for Freeway Social

Account Warehouse is not the only transparent and upfront platform to purchase Instagram accounts; Freeway Social is another. They offer high-quality Instagram accounts to their clients.

At Freeway Social, you will find Instagram accounts from various niches, and all come with a different number of followers. This is very important because having enough followers help to foster trust from your audience if you are running a business.

And one good thing about purchasing an Instagram account from Freeway Social is that you can alter the account. You can alter the username, email, and password to make the account look truly yours.

14. Epic NPC

Buy Instagram Accounts for Epic NPC

Whether you want to buy or sell an Instagram account, you will find Epic NPC to be a great platform for that. They have a good portfolio of Instagram accounts on their website, and you can go through them to see which one meets your references.

You will find Instagram accounts with a varying number of followers and of different niches. Thus, your choices will depend on what field you are interested in and the number of followers you want.

15. Bulk Accounts Buy

Buy Instagram Accounts for Bulk Accounts Buy

If you are looking for an aged and authentic account, Bulk Accounts Buy is one of the best places I will gladly recommend. Bulk Accounts Buy has a subscription service that allows you to purchase many Instagram accounts at a specific price. And their delivery time is pretty impressive.

Their accounts are thoroughly checked. When you make a purchase and are not satisfied with it, Bulk Accounts Buy offers its clients a three-day replacement window. If you want to expand your business by managing more than one Instagram accounts, Bulk Accounts Buy will be a good place to achieve that.

16. E-flipo

Buy Instagram Accounts for E-flipo

E-flipo is among the best places to purchase Instagram accounts. You can also sell on the platform if you wish to. There are glowing reviews about E-flipo from those who have used their services in the past, and this is a pointer that they are reliable. The Instagram accounts that are up for sale on the platform have been thoroughly checked and have genuine followers. E-flipo’s payment systems are secure.

An added advantage you will get if you purchase an account from E-flipo is that they will provide you with an in-depth report that would help you improve the account’s fortunes. This way, you can verify if the account is even worth it or suitable for you before going through with the payment.


1. Is it possible to buy Instagram accounts?

Yes, it is possible. There are many places where you can purchase Instagram accounts. You can even find them on eBay.

2. Is it illegal to buy and sell Instagram accounts?

Judging by Instagram’s terms of use, it is illegal to buy and sell Instagram accounts. However, no rules and regulations govern or prevent the sale or purchase of such assets.

3. For how much can I buy an Instagram account?

Some factors influence the cost of Instagram accounts. An account with 20,000 followers will cost more than one with only 15,000 followers. Popular accounts will also cost more than those that are less popular.

4. Is it safe to buy Instagram accounts?

It is not entirely safe to buy an Instagram account. However, if you are careful, you won’t encounter any problems when purchasing an account. Ensure you research well before purchasing from any platform. Purchase Instagram accounts that you are sure to have a lot of genuine followers. Also, make sure the payments methods are safe and secure.


Buying an Instagram account can be very risky if you don’t know the right place to purchase such. That is why I have put together this list of some of the best places to buy Instagram accounts. Ensure you research well before making any purchase. Also, ensure the account you are buying has enough genuine followers.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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